As an HR manager, you play a crucial role in any organization, overseeing the recruitment, training, and development of employees.

The demand for skilled HR professionals is on the rise, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicting a 7% growth in HR jobs between 2021 and 2031.

What is the average HR manager salary?

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an HR manager is $79,639 in the United States, with the top 10% earning more than $208,000 per year.

These salaries vary based on factors such as the size of the organization, industry, and location. HR managers in large metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries compared to those working in smaller towns.

We will delve deeper into HR Manager salaries, exploring the factors that influence them and discussing the career prospects for HR professionals in the United States.

We will also provide insights on how you can increase your earning potential as an HR manager.

What are the Factors at Play for an HR Manager Salary?

How much do HR managers make? There is no universal answer to this as there are several factors that can alter an HR manager’s salary:

  • Experience: HR professionals with extensive experience tend to command higher salaries compared to those with limited experience.
  • Education: HR professionals holding advanced degrees, such as a Master's in HR or a related field, often enjoy higher salaries in comparison to those with only a bachelor's degree.
  • Industry: HR salaries exhibit variations based on the industry in which professionals operate. For instance, HR professionals employed in finance or technology sectors typically earn higher salaries than those in the nonprofit sector.
  • Location: HR salaries also fluctuate depending on the geographical location of the professional. HR professionals working in major cities or metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries than those in smaller towns or rural areas.
  • Company size: HR professionals employed by larger companies often receive higher salaries in contrast to their counterparts working for smaller organizations.
  • Job responsibilities: HR professionals holding positions with greater responsibilities or higher-level roles, such as HR manager or HR director, generally command higher salaries compared to those in entry-level positions.
  • Job demand: The demand for HR professionals within a specific area can influence salary levels. When there is a high demand for HR professionals, salaries tend to be higher.
  • Economic conditions: Economic conditions, such as the overall health of the job market, can also impact HR salaries. During times of economic growth, HR salaries may be higher, while during periods of economic downturn, salaries may be lower.

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HR Manager Salary as per Different Locations

Salaries for HR managers can vary significantly from location to location. The table below consists of HR salaries per different locations in the United States:

City/State Salary
Los Angeles $90,999
Chicago $86,408
Houston $88,863
New Jersey $83,397
New York $92,706
Ohio $66,394
Atlanta $78,820

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HR Manager Salary as per the Level of Expertise

As of May ‘23, Zip Recruiter stated that the average hourly pay for an entry-level HR manager in the United States is $22.35 an hour. Whereas, the per-hour wage of a senior HR manager or some of the top earners in this field goes up to $56 an hour.


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5 Steps to Boost Your HR Manager Salary

There are several strategies to enhance an HR manager's salary:

  1. Expand education and obtain certifications: HR managers can enhance their earning potential by pursuing advanced degrees or certifications, such as a Master's in Human Resources or a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. These credentials can provide leverage for negotiating higher salaries.

  2. Cultivate diverse skills and gain experience: HR managers who possess a versatile skill set and a broad range of experience can position themselves for higher salary negotiations. This may involve assuming additional responsibilities within the HR department or acquiring new skills through training and professional development initiatives.

  3. Engage in salary negotiation during the hiring process: When pursuing a new HR manager position, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the prevailing market rate for HR managers in the specific area. Armed with this information, one can enter salary negotiations confidently, aiming for a compensation package that reflects their education, skills, and experience.

  4. Pursue advancement opportunities: HR managers who demonstrate their value to the organization and take on additional leadership roles can potentially secure higher salaries as they progress in their careers. Seeking opportunities for advancement and showcasing leadership abilities can open doors for increased earning potential.

  5. Explore job transitions: If an HR manager has reached a salary plateau within their current organization, considering job transitions to companies that offer higher salaries may be necessary. Exploring new opportunities can lead to finding organizations willing to provide more competitive compensation packages.

By employing these strategies, HR managers can optimize their earning potential and work towards obtaining a higher salary.

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FAQs on HR Manager Salary

Q. How much does an HR manager make in the United States?

A. The salary of an HR manager in the United States typically ranges from $70,000 to $150,000 per year, depending on factors such as experience, location, company size, and industry.

Q. What state pays the highest salary for a hospital HR director or HR manager?

A. California is known to pay the highest salary for a hospital HR director or HR manager in the United States. The specific salary range can vary but is generally higher compared to other states due to factors such as the high cost of living and the competitive job market in the state.

Q. How to negotiate salary with an HR manager?

A. Clearly articulate your value, skills, and experience, and present a compelling case for why you deserve a higher salary based on your qualifications and the value you bring to the organization. Be prepared to engage in a respectful and collaborative conversation, emphasizing your accomplishments and demonstrating how you can contribute to the company's success.

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