How can you become a great manager?

Managing people is not easy, and no degree or certification can make you a good manager overnight. As a manager, you will require strong managerial skills and industry-specific knowledge to lead your team in the right direction.

You should be a good mentor for your team before considering yourself a good manager. Good managers do not always order to complete an assignment or operation, they make a plan, guide, lead, and help the team complete the task under a given timeline.

Improving your managerial and leadership skills can significantly affect your entire team's overall productivity and efficiency. Hence, we are focusing on providing you with some highly impactful tips in this guide to help you become a good manager.

Here you will get answers to a few fundamental questions about becoming a great manager in 2022:

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Characteristics of Good Managers

You can consider yourself a good manager if your team members do not hesitate to share their professional issues with you. A good manager tells the team members what to do and helps them find the best way to hit the target.

You can take a look at the significant traits of a good manager below:

Behavioral Traits

As a good manager, you should be kind and generous in leading, educating, and managing your team. These are some major behavioral traits you can acquire to become a good manager in 2022:

  • Caring
  • Coaching
  • Communicating
  • Development
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Fair Treatment
  • Fosters Innovation
  • Empowering & Motivating

Decisive Traits

Good managers have marvelous decision-making and problem-solving capabilities, with a strong foundation of technical knowledge. Hence, you must try polishing these below-given decisive traits to become a great manager:

  • Collaborative
  • Leadership
  • Growth-Oriented
  • Impact-Driven
  • Technical Capability
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Vision & Goal Setting

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Work on Management and Team Development Skills

Good managers deal with team management and leadership duties effectively. Hence, good management skills are essential to strengthen and improve your overall team performance. Though they help team members refine a solution, good managers ensure continuous development of their team's skills and capabilities.

You need to possess effective management skills to become the best manager in 2022.

Here you can see the essential responsibilities of great managers in a company:

Managing Processes

Processes can be defined as the specific actions taken by an individual or a company to achieve desired goals. You need to manage processes, identify inefficiencies, and address them appropriately to make your team more productive and efficient.

Managing People

Good managers know how to manage a team efficiently. They ensure proper management of direct reports, outside contractors, team members, and even superiors. Hence, people management skills play a vital role in upgrading your managerial position in a company as the best manager.

Managing Expectations

Good managers work as an active medium between company superiors and team members. You should know how to manage the expectations of your bosses with the practical work schedule and possible results under a given deadline. It will help them understand the hurdles and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Things to Avoid to Become a Great Manager

Apart from considering the things to acquire to become good managers, you might also want to know what to avoid becoming great managers. Here are some things that might restrict professionals from becoming good managers in 2022:


Micromanagement is a pain in the head for many employees worldwide. You can imagine the days when your manager used to sneak over your work and the things you uttered in your mouth at that moment. The point is, no one wants to be micromanaged these days.

Employees want the freedom to manage tasks their way. They want their managers to be confident about their skills and abilities to perform any task.

Don’t Serve Everything in Plate

Another quality of good managers is that they do not serve everything on the plate for their teams. Instead, they educate their teams to polish their skills and learn new methodologies to do any work effectively on their own.

Poor Planning

Poor planning might also affect the overall productivity of your team. Many managers lack the capabilities to define goals and fail to lead the team on the right track to get desired results.

In such conditions, the team works with no vision and lacks enthusiasm as they can not see their target.

Egoistic Mindset

Some managers have egoistic mindsets and believe that they are in charge, have brilliant ideas, and know everything inside out.

These managers usually deviate from their path of productivity and raise anguish and hate in the team members’ minds.

You must be open to suggestions and ideas to improve your approach for completing any assignment.

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Being professionals, we are entirely aware of office politics and partiality. Employees get demoralized if they already know the person who will be promoted next because of a close relationship with the manager.

Partialism sends wrong signals to employees and affects your workspace ecosystem negatively. Your employees will start believing that hard work and dedication do not pay back.

5 Habits You Can Incorporate to be a Good Manager

A good manager always thrives on the overall growth of every team member of the company. As a manager, you should acknowledge your team members with company goals and help them achieve that with ease.

We are listing 5 habits that you can adopt to be a good manager in 2022:

  • Work With Your Team, Not Above Them
  • Create an Inclusive and Positive Work Environment
  • Communicate feedback, goals, and expectations
  • Mentor Your Team Members
  • Practice Self-Awareness and Upgrade Your Leadership Skills

Key Takeaways

Good managers support the entire team to upgrade their skills and complete a task under a given time limit. Moreover, good managers also back the team up in front of upper-level managers if anything goes wrong. You can follow these key points to become a good manager in 2022:

  • Improve your behavioral traits to maintain a good communication within your team
  • Improve your decisive traits to lead your team towards the appropriate path
  • Avoid micromanagement in the team and let the team members manage their tasks as they want
  • You can guide your team members but do not serve them the solution of anything easily. Let them find the solution on their own.
  • Act like a leader not a boss to maintain a healthy working ecosystem in the team
  • Do not let office politics and favoritism demoralize your team members. Judge and promote every person by their work and efficiency

These are some essential points that will help you become a good manager. Apart from these qualities, you will need an impeccable manager resume to grab your desired manager job in 2022.

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