Is a letter of recommendation important for job seekers?

No, but it can benefit you a lot, whether you are applying for a scholarship, internship, admission, or job.

A recommendation letter is written by your higher authority under whom you are working, i.e. a teacher writes it for a student, and a manager writes it for an employee.

So, how to ask for a letter of recommendation to boost your selection chances?

We are covering all the answers to such questions, including some basic ones like:

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is given to a recruiter from your former employer, professor or your coworkers to endorse your strengths and skills for applying for a job or admission at an educational institution.

In this letter, the writer outlines your characteristics, qualities, and achievements to support that you're the right candidate for the job.

In this competitive market, a good recommendation can drastically improve the candidate's chances of getting the job offer.

When to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation?

Though most recruiters prioritize references over recommendation letters, here is the list of some events when you can consider getting letters of recommendation:

  • Applying for a new role at a new company
  • Applying for a formal program
  • Applying for an in-house promotion

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Who to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation in an Email?

It is one of the most crucial parts of the process.

You should ask for a recommendation letter from someone, who knows you and has personal working experience with you as an individual such as your coworkers, or your former manager or even your former CEO.

And if you are asking for a recommendation letter for academic admission, you can ask a lecturer or teacher to write an academic recommendation letter.

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation?

You can ask for a recommendation letter in person if you have a fine and stable relationship with your seniors.

However, if you need a professional channel like email to ask for that, you can keep the following points in mind:

  • Use a short and catchy subject line
  • Remind them who you are
  • Be friendly and straight to the point
  • Make it hassle-free for them
  • Pin all the required information
  • Mention your timeline precisely

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Asking Letter of Recommendation

Asking for a recommendation letter is daunting, as your future depends on it. Hence, you need to handle this task with care.

We are helping to ease this process by listing some practical and effective points. You can remember these points while asking for a recommendation letter to get maximum benefits:

  • Do not wait till the last moment
  • Try to ask in person
  • Show appreciation while asking
  • Ask someone else if they’re not comfortable
  • Be grateful even if they decline
  • Use a professional and confident tone
  • Be clear about your requirements

Letter of Recommendation Request Letter Format

In case someone asks you to write a recommendation letter, you need to craft it in a professional format like any other official document.

You can follow the below-given format to craft a letter of recommendation as per the latest market standards:


As its name represents, it is the topmost part of your recommendation letter where you need to add the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your profile title
  • Your company name
  • Your contact information
  • Your company address & zip code

The header represents the writer’s details in a recommendation letter.


After mentioning the writer’s details in the header, you need to add the date of submission and receiver’s details, including:

  • Receiver’s name
  • Receiver's profile title
  • Targeted company name
  • Company address & zip code

If you are writing a personal recommendation letter, you can include a salutation like Dear Ms. Kean or Dear Ms. Galavan.

Apparently, if you are writing a general letter of reference, you can use ‘To Whom it May Concern’ or skip the salutation part.

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First Paragraph

The first paragraph of a recommendation letter elaborates on your connection with the person you are referring to. It includes details like why you recommend the person, how you know that person, and your qualifications to refer the person for further studies or employment.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph comprises details about the individual you are writing about. It includes information like what makes that person qualified for the applied position, what value that person can add to the institute or organization, and why you recommend that person.

Third Paragraph

This paragraph includes details about the referred individual’s skills and how they match the applied position. Being a writer, you will need the job description and the individual’s resume to write this paragraph appropriately.


In the last paragraph, you need to show why you recommend the individual. In this part, you can use words like 'recommended without reservation' or 'strongly recommended' to reinforce your endorsement.

Sign Off

You can sign off your recommendation letter with the line expressing your phone number again and stating that the reader can contact you in case of any confusion or queries.

You can end your reference letter with the following details given below:

Recommender Name
Company name

Key Takeaways

Asking someone to write a recommendation letter can be tricky, as a strong recommendation from higher authorities can boost your selection chances. However, not everyone will be willing to recommend you for something.

Here are some points that you must always remember before asking for a recommendation:

  • Ask your former co-workers or manager for a recommendation letter
  • Check your calender and ask for a recommendation early, so that you get the letter on time.
  • Be polite and accept rejections if someone is not interested in writing a recommendation letter
  • Choose a close acquaintance to ask for writing a reference letter

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