How to write a cover letter for resume?

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A cover letter is a formal document that you attach with your resume while applying for a job application. It helps you convince the hiring manager why you are the right fit for the role you are applying for.

You can explicitly showcase your skills and experiences in the cover letter complementing the information you have mentioned in your resume.

Mark Jackson
Data Analyst
15th March 2021

Donna Gem
Hiring Manager
Astral Global Services
57, Brooks Lane, San Francisco, CA

Re: Data Analyst at Astral Global Services

Dear Ms. Gem,

I am an enterprising and result-driven data analyst professional armed with Master of Science in Statistics from St. Lorenzo College. With a proven track record of deploying statistical methods to identify patterns and trends in data sets, I am extremely interested in a Data Analyst profile at Astral Global Services.

I am an avid go-getter with a true passion for working in the data-driven industry and it is for certain that my qualification and interests align with the practical and technical skills you seek. In my stint at ABC Ltd. as a Data Analyst Intern, I have gained technical expertise in collecting and interpreting data to make strategic decisions that meet an organization's needs. I also played an instrumental role in providing insightful reports using various statistical methods and provide useful suggestions to bolster business growth.

Owing to the value and the passion for excellence that Astral Global Services demonstrates has been nothing short of extraordinary. I am amazed by its relentless commitment to providing high-value and stalwart services to its clients since its establishment. It's astounding to witness the collaborative culture that encourages teamwork, coordination, and trust. Hence, I consider Astral Global services to be my most valued employer.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

Mark Jackson

Enclosures: Resume

Here are a few tips for you to write a cover letter for resume

Here's what you would find in this guide:

  • What is a cover letter for resume?
  • How to make a cover letter for resume?
  • Cover letter vs Resume
  • resume cover letter template

What is a Cover Letter for Resume

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Both cover letter and resume are your marketing tools to make an impact on the hiring manager to secure the job application you are interested in.

It might seem unnecessary to write a cover letter thinking that you are already providing a resume with enough information. A cover letter is optional, but you must send it until a recruiter explicitly mentions not sending one.

The Purpose of a Cover Letter

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  • The coveted space allows you to demonstrate your skills, experience, and knowledge in a more personal and detailed way.
  • It helps you cover the information you want the hiring manager to know about you, but you couldn't mention it in your resume.
  • It helps you exemplify your ability to do the job and your enthusiasm to work for the company.

If you are not sending one, you are significantly reducing your chances of getting hired.

Writing a cover letter specific to every company you are applying for can be challenging, but it's essential to take the pain if you want to get the job.

Before you start to write a cover letter, make sure you do a proper research about the company. This will help you design your cover letter efficiently by mentioning your skills that you know the employer might be seeking and set a good impression.

How to Make a Cover Letter for Resume

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A cover letter is usually a 3-4 paragraphs summary. Make sure you use this space to highlight how your skills and strengths align with the company's goals.

You can be direct and dynamic and explain why you would be a great addition to their team.

Long cover letters are often ignored, and I am sure you wouldn't want that to happen to your cover letter.

To-Do List Before You Start to Write a Cover Letter

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  • Read the job description carefully and find the right keywords for the job profile
  • Do a good research about the company to understand it's goals and vision
  • Research the hiring manager to address your cover letter to avoid sounding generic
  • Make a list of how your skills and experience can add a value to the company
  • Create an outline of the letter and Choose a professional cover letter template


Make your cover letter brief while including all the relevant points you feel are appropriate for the job position and the company. It should be short and straightforward enough for the hiring manager to read it at a glance.

Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

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  • Start your cover letter with a strong opening line to catch the recruiter's attention at a first instance
  • If you are referred by someone who works in the company, try to mention it in the first few sentences or two to create an impact
  • Make it clear why you want the job position and why you are enthusiastic about working with the company.
  • Do not go unreasonable with the flattery and avoid sounding desperate.


"When you don't get hired, it's usually not because of a lack of skills," says Gickman. "It's because people didn't believe your story, that you wanted the job, or that you knew what you were getting into."

Your cover letter must depict the best version of you that aligns with the company's goals and mission.

Cover Letter vs Resume

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Your cover letter and resume help you make the first impression on the hiring manager in the entire hiring process. While both are equally important, but there is a difference between the two.

Both documents serve different purposes. Make sure you know the right sense of each so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

Difference Between Cover Letter and a Resume

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  • A resume proves your worth by concrete numbers, while a cover letter demonstrates your potential in a story form
  • A resume summarizes your past professional experiences while your cover letter focuses on your future goals and visions.
  • A cover letter is an additional opportunity for those who want to make a career change to explain to the recruiter why you are making the shift and what skills you hold for the position.
  • Consider your cover letter as an opportunity to persuade the employer that you are the right fit for the position at hand.

In short, The resume itemizes your professional experience, education, skills, and other quantifiable information. While a cover letter highlights the qualifications, skills, and knowledge in a summary form to convince the employer that you are the person he is looking forward to hiring for the job position.

Hiration pro tip: Use numbers in your resume wherever possible and highlight it. You can mention the number of people you supervised, the percentage increase in sales, or, say, your efficiency and performance ratio in numbers.

Resume Cover Letter Template

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Whether it is a resume or a cover letter, make sure to use a professional template for both purposes.

An excellent professional template provides a framework you can adapt for different jobs. It is crucial to use ATS-friendly professional designs to make your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager's table.

Use well-structured sections and formatting to have a professional-looking structure to make the first impression right.

If you wish to have your cover letter and resume to be professional designed with proper formatting and the right keywords, you can get in touch with us, and we would love to help you out.

We have 20+ ATS-friendly design templates, and you can choose any that your think might work best for the job you are applying for.

Get them in 15+ designs. We can also help you pick the right template to craft a job winner cover letter and resume.

Hiration can also help you prepare for an interview and boost your confidence with an extensive database of 20,000+ interview questions and sample answers for 150+ work profiles.

You can also avail yourself of our Resume Review Service, where you can upload your existing academic resume on our Online Resume Builder and get insight from professionals on what changes you can make in your resume to make it shortlist-worthy.

Key Takeaways

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Here's a quick roundup of the Do's and Dont's of a cover letter for resume

  • Have a strong opening sentence and clarify in the first or two why you are enthusiastic about working with the company and what you bring to the table.
  • Be direct and dynamic and address how you can manage the challenges the employer is facing. This shows that you have adequate knowledge of the company.
  • Be succinct- Write your cover letter in a maximum of 3-4 paragraphs so that the recruiter can read your letter at a glance.
  • Don't go overboard with flattery or say anything that you don't mean.
  • Last and most important, Don't use a generic cover letter. Customize each cover letter specific to the job position.

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