You applied for a job, got shortlisted, and now you have an interview scheduled. But you are continuously worrying about how long your interview will last.

Fret not; you aren’t alone in that situation. Many applicants often wonder over this pressing question: how long do interviews usually last?

If you have an idea about the duration of your interview, you can easily maximize your time spent with the interviewer and leave a lasting impression. Understanding the interview process can direct you to prepare well for the interview.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the duration of different types of interviews and how to maximize the time to stand a better chance at selection. Here are a few FAQs related to the pertinent question of how long do interviews last:

What Are the Different Stages in the Interview Process?

Recruiters put a lot of thought into the different parameters to judge a candidate and how to execute it successfully.

Generally speaking, every interview has three major stages as discussed below:

Pre-interview Stage

The pre-interview stage starts when the recruiters find a suitable candidate and reach out to them. In this stage, the recruiters will call you and talk a little to check your communication skills and suitability for the job. The pre-interview phase can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

The pre-interview step entails screening, during which the recruiting managers reduce their pool of prospects before choosing the best ones for an interview.


The next phase is the interview, where various companies keep different rounds of interviews. While the first round is the discussion round to assess the overall personality of the candidates, the second focuses on the candidates' technical knowledge wherever required.

The next round is generally the HR round, where they discuss salary and check the candidate's cultural fit. The sequence of the rounds completely varies based on the companies and the duration of each round ranges between 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Post-interview Stage

Once the interview is successfully conducted, the company decides whether the candidate will be selected or not, based on their performance in the interview.

The post-interview procedure involves the hiring manager informing the candidates about their selection via email or a call. Generally, companies wrap up their recruitment process within 5-7 days.

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How Long Are Interviews Usually?

Coming to the most important question of how long do job interviews last, the answer is, on average, the interviews last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It largely depends on which round you appear for and in which mode.

The interviewer may take the interview for 30 minutes if it is a preliminary round. If you appear for the technical round, the interview may last 45 minutes to one hour. The HR round also lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

Given below are the different types of interviews with their duration to help you maximize your interaction with the interviewer:

How Long Do Interviews Last Over a Phone Call?

The phone interview is the first interview that you encounter when you receive a call from the hiring manager. It is a part of the screening process where the hiring managers call you.

But how long do phone interviews last?

The phone interview should run around 15 minutes if the recruiter simply asks basic questions present on your resume. If they ask you further questions regarding your working style to see if you can fit well into the company culture and assess your skills, you can expect the interview to last up to 40 minutes.

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How Long Do Interviews Last Over Video Call?

Video interviews can be used as an alternative to telephonic interviews. Some companies prefer visually interacting with you to assess how you would react to particular questions and judge you based on them.

If you are interviewing for a remote job, then the preferred interview mode is through a video call.

But how long do video interviews last?

Based on the professional who is taking your interview and the interview round, you can expect the interview to last anywhere between 15 minutes to one and a half hours.

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How Long Do Interviews Last in Face-to-face Interviews?

Face-to-face or in-person interviews are carried out in an office setting. You have to reach the venue emailed by the recruiter before time. Once you have made yourself comfortable, the hiring manager will call you for the interview.

But how long does a typical in-person interview take?

In-person interviews generally last for at least 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how many employers are interviewing you. Even if the discussion is wrapped up in under an hour, you may be asked to meet coworkers to check your compatibility with the team.

How Long Do Interviews Last for a Technical Round?

Some profiles, such as software developers and engineering roles, require technical skills to excel at the job. Therefore, companies often conduct a technical round in which they can ask you to write the answers on paper or whiteboard.

The technical round interview lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. If the technical round is for a remote job, you will respond verbally to the technical questions.

Sometimes, you might receive a technical questionnaire via a secure website. Once you submit your answers, the experts will assess your technical abilities.

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How Long Do Interviews Last for Group Interviews?

During group interviews, the hiring manager or the panel will meet with you and several other candidates simultaneously. Companies often use group interviews to speed up the hiring process and learn more about how candidates interact with one another.

Depending on the number of participants, the group interviews typically last between one hour to one and a half hours.

How Long Do Interviews Last in an Assessment Interview?

Assessment interviews are another essential part of the hiring process. In some companies, hiring managers can offer you an assessment sheet that probes your personality and skills.

Organizations use assessment interviews to evaluate your critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and cognitive abilities. To assess how well you would fit into the business culture, they may also employ personality profiles like Myers-Briggs to establish your personality style.

How Long Do Interviews Last in an Open Hiring Interview?

The companies conduct open hiring interviews at job fairs. During these events' open hours, you can meet the interviewers at any time or even schedule an interview timing based on their availability. They hold a quick interview once the hiring managers examine your resume.

But how long does a job interview last in an open hiring scenario?

Open hiring interviews often last for about 30 to 60 minutes. They are short since hiring managers have to interview many candidates. On rare occasions, the hiring manager would make an employment offer right after the interview.

Open hiring interviews are an excellent opportunity for job seekers to make a strong network and connect with different companies.

How to Utilize the Interview Time Well?

Every minute in an interview counts; therefore, you must make good use of every minute. Interviewers do not like to spend more time on candidates who lack clarity of thoughts and knowledge base. Try to stick to what is asked instead of beating around the bush or getting diverted.

Given below are some points that you can keep in mind if you want to maximize the interview time:

  • Be prepared for the interview by checking your internet connection if it is online. In case of offline interviews, reach the venue on time with your resume, cover letter, notepad, etc., and dress appropriately.
  • Prepare the answers in advance and rehearse in front of friends and family so that you have answers to the probable questions during the interview.
  • Utilize the ‘do you have any questions’ moment carefully by writing down a few questions in advance that you can ask the interviewers once the opportunity comes.
  • Stay focussed on the topic and avoid asking irrelevant questions to the interviewers.

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What Does the Length of the Interview Suggest?

The interview length can fairly indicate how the interview went. Generally, the recruiters will inform you about the duration of the interview.

However, in some cases, the interview may stretch beyond the expected time. Stay relaxed as this is a good sign. An interview that has lasted beyond the stipulated time suggests that the interviewer was interested in knowing more about you.

On the contrary, if an interview lasted less than the specified time, chances are bleak that you would hear a call back from the company.

What does a 15 minute interview mean?

A 15 minute interview doesn't mean that the recruiter was not interested in knowing more about you. It is, in fact, the other way around.

Giving 15 minutes to assess a candidate is sufficient time for recruiters to check the candidates' general skills and decide if they are worth shortlisting for the interview rounds.

You will generally find a 15 minute interview in a pre interview phase.

What Does a 20 Minute Interview Mean?

Whether a 20 minute interview is good for you or not depends on the level of interview and company size. If the screening interview lasts 20 minutes, consider it a positive sign, as 15-20 minutes is enough time for recruiters to gauge a candidate’s ability for further interview rounds.

If the interview taken by someone from a higher management level went on for 20 minutes, nothing could be determined from it. Sometimes it might happen that the person interviewing you did not have much time and had to cut short the interview. However rare that is, it still happens.

In another case, within 20 minutes the interviewer could have decided what feedback they have to offer you. No matter the case, you can get an idea by observing the body language, gestures, and eye contact.

If they ask you about your availability for the next round of interviews, it might be a hint that they were impressed by your performance in the interview.

Is a 30 Minute Interview Good?

A 30 minute interview is the standard time for an interview. For most position levels, hiring managers would typically allot 30 minutes for an interview with a candidate.

You might be confident that your answers were accurate if you stayed for the entire 30 minutes.

However, based only on the duration, you cannot determine whether or not you will be contacted for a second interview. You must evaluate your responses to each question to see whether you impressed the interviewer or not.

How Do You Know if an Interview Went Badly?

Given below are some signs of a badly went interview:

  • If the interviewer's body language is poor, it clearly indicates that they have lost interest in your interview.
  • If the interview was cut short abruptly, except in case of an emergency, you are at no luck.
  • If the hiring manager did not attempt to sell the position to you or didn't sound much enthusiastic about having you in their company, then chances are high that you didn't perform well in the interview.
  • If the interviewer did not ask many questions in the interview, do not consider this as a sign that the person is super impressed. It could mean the opposite as well.
  • If the interviewer outright spoke that they have concerns regarding your skillset or experience, it means that your candidature does not sway them.

When to Send Follow-Up Email After Interview?

A day has passed, and you have heard no response from the company. It can be overwhelming to wait for a response once the interview is conducted successfully. You might start feeling anxious.

To save yourself from stress, you can send the first follow-up email thanking the hiring managers for the opportunity and reiterating your interest in the job. Studies have shown that 91% of the hiring managers like to receive a thank you email, but only 43% of the candidates send it.

If you do not hear any response from the hiring managers for a week, you can send a shorter email as a gentle reminder.

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Key Takeaways

Interviews conducted in both online and offline mode last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. If you have an interview coming up, you can keep these points in mind:

  • Pre-interview, interview, and post-interview are the three most essential parts of the recruitment process.
  • If you are appearing for the technical interview, be prepared to verbally demonstrate your technical skills or via a quick online test provided by the companies.
  • The in-person interview can last between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the interview stage.
  • Open hiring interviews are a fantastic way for job searchers to build a strong network and establish connections with several companies.
  • Prepare for the interview in advance by rehearing the answers and keeping some questions ready that you can ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.

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