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Exercise and Sports Resume Sample

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Enterprising and result-oriented Doctor of Physical Therapy with a demonstrated ability to contribute to physical therapy sessions and clinical operations. Skilled at conducting training programs with the supervision of experienced staff and providing support to therapists in attending patients. Adept at maintaining confidential data and records of patients.
St. Catherine University
Bachelor of Science, Major in Exercise and Sport Science
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    • Relevant Coursework (Optional):
    • Outpatient Physical Therapy I & II | Acute Care I & II | Outpatient Physical Therapy II | Rehabilitation I & II
    • Transitional Care I & II | Pediatrics | Complex Medical and Trauma Care | Advanced Clinical Practice I & II
    • GPA: 3.8/4.0
    Dept. of Physical Therapy
    Methodist Hospital
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      Patient Care & Intervention
      • Participated in multidisciplinary rehab rounds
      • Gained experience working at patients’ bedside, in the cardiac rehab unit, and wound clinic
      • Provided intervention to patients with a variety of orthopedic diagnoses
      Rehabilitation Care & Documentation
      • Presented in-service to peers on various running topics and related injuries
      • Became proficient with Lastword and Shorthand documentation systems
      • Worked one on one with an individual with Multiple Sclerosis over the course of 6 weeks
      • Developed home program addressing strength maintenance and functional limitations
      Assistant Physical Therapist
      Institute for Athletic Medicine
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        • Cared for patients in outpatient therapy setting and documented patient information using Epic
        • Delivered quality patient care to a diverse population, including Pediatric, ICU, and Cardiac Rehab units
        • Worked alongside hospital staff to coordinate treatment and discharge planning
        • Prepared and presented in-service to peers on the Fugl-Meyer assessment
        • Hosted free movies and sponsored musical events as part of working in the Social Events and Experience for Katies team
        • Created leadership awareness to assist students as part of the Leadership, Encouragement, Assistance and Development team
        • Acted as a Commuter Advisor and informed commuters of all the available resources and social opportunities on the campus
        • Assisted 3 leading physical therapists to conduct Spine Health Awareness drives across St. Paul while working for an NGO
        • Briefed attendees on therapy programs and assisted in operations
        • Maintained social media handles to spread awareness on drives
        KEY SKILLS
        • Physical Therapy: Pediatric Therapy Support, Physical Assessment, Strength Conditioning, Resistance Training, Recovery Session
        • Clinical Operations: CPR, Biomechanics, Injury Prevention
        • Dietary Analysis: Nutrition Plans, FFQ, 24-hour Dietary Recall Profile
        • Administrative Tasks: Case Management, Customer Service & Correspondence
        • Languages Known: English (native) French (fluent)

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