As a sports agent, having a dynamic and attention-grabbing resume is critical to securing top talent and standing out in a crowded field.

Did you know that the global sports market grew from $486.61 billion in 2022 to $512.14 billion in 2023?

This figure represents the growing demand for talented professionals in sports management and underscores the need for an exceptional resume.

In this guide, we will feature a resume that effectively highlights the latest industry trends and best practices in sports management and combines business acumen, negotiation skills, and deep knowledge of the sports industry to showcase a candidate's ability to succeed in this field.

So without further ado, here's a sample sports agent resume that is designed specifically for freshers who are looking to break into the sports management industry:

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Harry Keith
Sports Agent
Enterprising sports management undergraduate possessing skills in negotiating with sports clubs to gain profitable financial contracts for athletes. Adept at strategizing media appearances and public relations to improve visibility and income potential. Proficient in managing all aspects of athletes' careers to secure opportunities and ensure maximum career growth.
• Talent Management • Contract Negotiation • Athlete Education • Media Relation • Sponsorship Outreach
• Transport Management • Issue Resolution • Customer Servicing • Inventory Control
Language: English (native), Spanish (fluent)
Sports Agent - Intern
Hype Management
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    Talent Management & Media Relations
    • Managed ~3 university athletes and represented them to 10+ sports clubs for acquiring contracts
    • Developed portfolios for 10+ student-athletes and uploaded them on university website to maximize talent discovery
    • Implemented marketing strategies and media appearances to maximize exposure and improve income potential
    Athlete Education & Outreach
    • Fostered healthy relationship with sports department of universities to provide essential facilities to athletes
    • Educated amateur athletes about legal contracts and financial matters to improve their decision-making process
    • Oversaw transportation and logistics for ~5 athletes and reached out to sports brands to acquire sponsorships
    Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
    University of California
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      • GPA: 3.6/4.0
      • Captain of Men's Basketball team | Trevecca Nazarene University | Sep '19 - Present
      • Training 20 hours per week for upcoming basketball tournaments while successfully managing course curriculum
      • Assisting the coaching staff to conduct daily team activities for improving team cohesiveness
      • Leading 20+ student-athletes to successfully participate and win various events, and educating them about NCAA regulations
      • Member of Futuro Club | Trevecca Nazarene University | May '20 - Present
      • Organizing weekly wellness camps to promote physical fitness, safety, and wellness of the students at the university
      • Conducting online 45 minutes physical activity sessions daily to keep students active at home
      • Encouraging students to participate in events such as marathons and cyclings that support adapted physical education
      • Volunteer at Health First NGO | Nashville, TN | Jul '19 - Feb '20
      • Provided athletic training and care to migrated children and motivated them to take up sports as a career option
      • Recipient of Christian Athlete Awards: Brooke Eakes and Jay Benard | Aug '21
      • Dean's List for 4 semesters | Dec '19 - Sep '21
      • Received the Person Scholarship | Nov '19
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        Client Servicing & Issue Resolution
        • Aided 50+ guests in a friendly and professional manner on a daily basis and guided them to their respective tables
        • Assisted the guests to resolve minor problems and directed them to restaurant managers for complex problems
        Inventory Control & Food Preparation
        • Executed cleaning of stock station, dining area, and restrooms in compliance with health & safety standards
        • Performed washing & cutting of vegetables to prepare foods by utilizing slicer, dicer, and other equipment

        A good sports agent resume needs to highlight your unique selling proposition and showcase your skills, experiences, and achievements. Our featured sports agent resume is designed to do just that. Let's break down the different sections and explain why they work well:

        • Summary: The summary section is the first thing a hiring manager sees, and it should grab their attention. Our sample resume includes a clear and concise summary that emphasizes the candidate's unique selling proposition, such as their passion for sports and their experience in sports management. This section helps the candidate stand out from other applicants and encourages the hiring manager to read on.

        • Skills: The skills section is where you list any relevant skills that you have. Our featured resume includes skills such as contract negotiation, marketing, and event management, which are all critical skills for a sports agent.

        • Internship Experience: The internship experience section is a critical part of any resume, but it's especially important for freshers. Our sample resume includes internship experience that demonstrates the candidate's skills and experience in talent management, media relations, athele education, and more.

        • Education: The education section is where you showcase your academic achievements. Our featured sports agent resume highlights the candidate's degree in sports management, which is a valuable credential in the industry.

        • Leadership and Community Involvement: This section in a resume can be an excellent way to showcase your skills and experiences beyond the workplace. Our featured sports agent resume includes a strong leadership and community involvement section that highlights the candidate's leadership skills, community engagement, and dedication to helping others.

        Overall, our featured sports agent resume works well because it's tailored specifically for freshers in the sports management industry. It highlights relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a clear and concise way, and it uses industry-specific keywords and action verbs to help it stand out.

        By following this format, you can create a standout sports agent resume that catches the recruiters' attention and helps you land your dream job in sports management.

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