Are you passionate about skincare and beauty?

If so, a career as an esthetician might be the perfect fit for you. Estheticians are professionals trained in providing various skincare treatments, helping clients achieve healthier, glowing skin.

But beyond the joy of transforming someone's appearance, it's essential to understand the financial aspect of this rewarding profession.

In recent years, the esthetician profession has experienced remarkable growth, driven by the increasing demand for personalized skincare services, self-care, and wellness.

The job outlook for skincare specialists is expected to experience rapid growth of 17% by 2031, surpassing the average growth rate for most other occupations.

As for the average esthetician salary in the US, these professionals earn about $43,662 per annum. However, it's worth noting that several factors influence this figure, such as location, experience, specialization, and the work environment.

Intrigued? Read on to get more clarity on the following topics related to esthetician salary:

Who are Estheticians and How are They Different from Dermatologists?

Although estheticians and dermatologists both play important roles in skincare, they have distinct differences in terms of their training, scope of practice, and the nature of their work.

Estheticians, also known as skincare specialists or esthetician therapists, are professionals who specialize in providing various non-medical skincare treatments and services.

They typically work in spas, salons, or skincare clinics. Estheticians focus on improving the overall appearance and health of the skin through various treatments like facials, exfoliation, lasers, and makeup application.

They typically complete a state-approved esthetician program, which includes theoretical and practical training on skincare techniques, anatomy, and product knowledge.

On the other hand, dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating various skin conditions, including diseases, infections, and disorders.

They have extensive medical training, including completing medical school and a residency in dermatology, and are licensed to diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, and perform surgical procedures related to the skin.

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How Much Do Estheticians Make Depending on Various Factors?

Esthetician salaries are influenced by many factors such as geographic location, demand for skincare services, years of experience, seniority, work setting, and additional certifications.

Estheticians who strategically position themselves in high-demand areas, gain experience, work in desirable settings, and acquire specialized skills have the potential to earn higher salaries in this thriving industry.

Given below is a breakdown of these factors in detail:

Geographic Location and Demand

The geographic location of an esthetician greatly impacts their salary.

Areas with higher living costs or strong demand for skin care services often offer higher wages.

For instance, urban areas, tourist destinations, or regions with a high concentration of luxury spas and resorts tend to have a higher demand for estheticians, leading to potential salary increases.

Here are some of the best-paying US cities for estheticians:

Pittsburgh, PA $56,812
Chicago, IL $46,072
New York, NY $44,403
Charlotte, NC $42,825
Scottsdale, AZ $41,985
Denver, CO $41,425
Southlake, TX $41,058
Newport Beach, CA $39,603
Atlanta, GA $39,351

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Years of Experience and Seniority

Another factor that plays a significant role in determining an esthetician's salary is their experience in the industry.

As estheticians gain more years of experience, their skills and expertise grow, making them more valuable in the industry. With increased seniority, estheticians may have the opportunity to earn higher salaries or advance to supervisory or management positions.

Depending on the seniority, the average esthetician's salary can range between $33,000 and $50,000.

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Esthetician salary

Work Setting

The work setting is another factor that can greatly impact an esthetician's salary.

Estheticians working in upscale salons, luxury spas, or medical facilities often have the potential for higher earnings compared to those working in budget salons or non-specialized establishments.

Additionally, self-employed estheticians have the potential to earn more as they have greater control over their rates and client base.

Some of the top companies that pay high esthetician salaries include:

Lancaster General Health $60,821
Tioga Downs Casino $51,854
Jonathan Club $51,242
Dorsey Schools $51,169
Treasure Island Resort & Casino $50,477
Yaamava' Resort & Casino $50,166
Soothe $49,477
Penn National Gaming $49,110
Denver Public Schools $47,715
Sea Island $47,030

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Additional Certifications and Specialized Skills

Having additional certifications and specialized skills can significantly boost an esthetician's earning potential.

For instance, advanced training in areas like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments, or specific product lines can make an esthetician more marketable and enable them to charge higher rates for their specialized services.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Esthetician Salary

Given below are some tips that you can follow to enhance your earning potential and pave the way for a successful and lucrative career in esthetics:

  • Specialize in High-Demand Services: Consider focusing on specialized services that are in high demand, such as advanced laser skin care treatments, microblading, lash extensions, or laser hair removal. By becoming an expert in these sought-after services, you can command higher rates and attract a niche clientele.

  • Expand Your Skill Set: Continuously invest in your professional development by attending workshops, seminars, and advanced training programs. Acquiring new skills and certifications in areas like medical esthetics, advanced facial techniques, or specialized product lines can make you more marketable and enable you to offer a wider range of services, potentially leading to higher earnings.

  • Build a Loyal Clientele: Focus on providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with your clients. Offer personalized skincare recommendations, follow-up care, and loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits and client referrals. A loyal and satisfied client base can contribute to a steady stream of income and potential growth in your earnings.

  • Explore Self-Employment Opportunities: Consider the possibility of establishing your own esthetician business or working as a freelance esthetician. This allows you to set your own rates, control your schedule, and retain a larger portion of your earnings. However, keep in mind the additional responsibilities that come with self-employment, such as marketing, managing finances, and building a client base.

  • Network and Collaborate: Build connections within the industry by networking with other professionals, attending industry events, and joining esthetician associations. Collaborate with complementary businesses, such as hairstylists or makeup artists, to offer bundled services or cross-promotion, expanding your reach and potentially increasing your income.

  • Market Yourself: Develop a strong online presence through social media platforms and a professional website. Showcase your expertise, share educational content, and engage with potential clients. Effective marketing strategies can help attract new clients and increase your visibility, leading to higher earning opportunities.

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FAQs Related To Esthetician Salary

Given below are some frequently asked questions about esthetician salary:

What kind of estheticians make the most money?

Estheticians who specialize in advanced skincare treatments, such as medical esthetics, laser treatments, or cosmetic dermatology, have the potential to make the most money due to the high demand and specialized nature of these services.

Where do estheticians make the most money?

Estheticians typically have higher earning potential in metropolitan areas or regions with a strong demand for skincare services, such as major cities or upscale tourist destinations.

What is the salary for aesthetics in India?

The salary of estheticians in India can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, experience, and the type of establishment, but the average salary ranges between INR 1.5 lakh to INR 5 lakh per annum.

How much does an esthetician make in Canada?

The average salary for an esthetician in Canada ranges from CAD 30,000 to CAD 50,000 per year.

What is the average medical aesthetician's salary per hour?

The average hourly rate for medical aestheticians ranges between $22 and $28.

How much do estheticians make with their own business?

Self-employed estheticians have the potential to earn up to $52,100 per year running their own practice.

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