Are data analysts in demand in the USA?

The demand for data analysts is increasing rapidly with advancements in technology and the emergence of new businesses worldwide.

Currently, more than 87,627 data analysts are working in the United States. These figures might motivate many fresh computer science graduates to become data analysts in 2022.

Data analysis is helping businesses to provide precise solutions and effective services globally.

If you are also willing to become a data analyst in 2022, we are here to clear all your doubts related to getting a junior data analyst job, which includes:

Entry Level Data Analyst Job Description

A job description can offer you many benefits while applying for a junior data analyst job in 2022.

You will know all the job requirements and profile-centric keywords to use in your resume from a data analyst job description.

You can see an entry level data analyst job description example below to get a clear idea of data analysts’ fundamental duties:

We seek a data analyst to help our developers deal with research projects that report to stakeholders on how to engage users via the company's digital storytelling tool. As a data analyst at our company, you will deal with the product analysis and data analysis tasks of the company's research projects to improve our official application and simplify internal data sets. The perfect fit for this role will have out-of-the-box thinking, problem-solving, detail orientation, and revolutionary proposals.

Entry Level Data Analyst Responsibilities

As an entry level data analyst at our company, you will be:

  • Informing strategies via data-driven decisions
  • Identifying internal stakeholder requirements and delivering desired reports
  • Working cross-functionally to own various projects
  • Working on multiple projects at a time while maintaining their timelines
  • Exploring modern methods to analyze data and create user segments
  • Implementing Innovative tools for a better understanding of content health and user behavior
  • Creating proposals and documentation for different projects
  • Manipulating big data sets with the help of advanced level SQL, visualization tools, Excel/Google sheets, etc.
  • Developing ML models to analyze data and gain deeper insights
  • Analyze user lifecycle and report the results to key stakeholders
  • Developing automation to improve the workflow for data analysis and other required systems

Data Analyst Career Path

As a data analyst, you can get the following profile titles at different levels at your career path:

  • Junior Data Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Insurance Claims Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Chief Data Officer

How to Get an Entry Level Data Analyst Job?

You can start your business analysis career by enrolling for a bachelor’s degree in computer science and polishing your data analytics skills.

We are showcasing the data analyst career path US below to help you move ahead in the right direction:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in CS
  • Get foundational Data Analysis knowledge
  • Get a Data Analytics certificate after graduation
  • Build a strong Data Analysis portfolio
  • Apply for an entry-level data analyst job

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Education Required to Get an Entry Level Data Analyst Job

You should have an acceptable exposure to programming languages if you want to get a junior data analyst job in the United States.

Hence, we advise you to enroll in a bachelor’s degree course in computer science after high school as a step ahead of becoming a data analyst.

You can start your career with a bachelor’s degree. However, you will need a master’s degree if you want to bag an upper-level data analyst job in the future.

Top 10 Computer Science Colleges in the US

Here is the list of ten best computer science degree colleges in the United States. You can enroll in any of them to apply for an entry level data analyst job after graduation:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University | Stanford, CA
  • Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA
  • California Institute of Technology | Pasadena, CA
  • Princeton University | Princeton, NJ
  • Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA
  • Harvard University | Cambridge, MA
  • Yale University | New Haven, CT
  • Duke University | Durham, NC
  • Columbia University | New York, NY

Certificates Required for an Entry Level Data Analyst Job

Technical data analysis certification will help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants for entry level data analyst jobs.

The data analysis certificates will polish your skills and teach you modern data analysis methodologies to perform well in your first job.

You can prove your worth as a data analyst by getting a technical data analysis certificate in your portfolio.

Top 10 Certificates for Entry Level Data Analyst Job

We are listing some effective certifications that will make you eligible to apply for data analytics jobs in 2022.

You can apply for any of these data analysis certifications after completing your graduation in computer science:

Entry Level Data Analyst Salary

The average entry level data analyst salary in the United States is $24.04 per hour. However, many factors like professional experience, company location, certifications, etc., affect data analyst salaries in the United States.

Highest Paying Cities for Entry Level Data Analysts in the US

Here you can see how location affects the salary for data analysts in the United States:

City Name Average Data Analyst Salary Per Hour
New York, NY $27.53
Boston, MA $27.48
San Diego, CA $25.71
Ashburn, VA $25.28
Philadelphia, PA $25.13
Austin, TX $24.96
Poway, CA $23.02
Lyndhurst, NJ $22.83
Springfield, IL $22.69

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Key Takeaways

Many people are confused about how they can start their data analysis career and bag an entry level data analyst job. If you are also struggling with similar queries, you can follow these steps and apply for a junior data analyst job in 2022:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any similar stream
  • Learn the fundamentals of data analytics from online sources
  • Get a technical data analysis certificate after graduation
  • Polish your data analysis skills and build a strong portfolio
  • Apply for an entry level data analyst job and prepare for interview

After getting your educational degree and certificates, you will need a professional data analyst resume and cover letter to apply for your desired job.

You can use Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Platform to build your resume, cover letter, and even portfolio for your entry level data analyst job application.

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