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Cover letters are the cherry toppings to your resume without a doubt!

And there is no arguing that it is the best companion for your resume during the job application process.

To apply for a job in technical fields like data science you need to make the best use of cover letters as it is not only restricted for use by other professionals in the field of marketing, sales, advertising, etc.

As a data science professional, you need a data scientist cover letter to elaborate on the information listed in your resume.

Read on to get more insights into how the perfect data scientist cover letter can be crafted with the help of tips and data scientist cover letter examples from our professionals.

You will also find answers to some of the most common questions asked around cover letters and data science profiles:

How to Create a Technical Data Scientist Cover Letter

Your data scientist cover letter should be drafted to give an insight into your data scientist resume by elaborating important points and details.

Writing a cover letter is an easy task!

The tricky part is trying to figure out what to include and avoid while ensuring that none of the important points are skipped.

Read on to check out what all information needs to be included in a cover letter for data scientist professionals.

What to Include in Your Data Scientist Cover Letter

Every information you enter in your cover letter should be of the utmost importance and significance.

You should also keep the following tips in mind while drafting your cover letter for data scientist job:

  • Draft your cover letter on 1 page
  • Limit your word count to 500-600 words
  • Pick a design that is the same as your resume template design
  • Choose professional fonts like Aria and Calibri
  • Use 10-12 font size

While drafting a cover letter, one must simply ensure that the right kind of information is included in a suitable format to highlight all the important details.


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The Header of Your Data Scientist Cover Letter

The top section of your cover letter should include your name, profile title, and contact details as shown in the example below:

Header Example
Name: Ronald P. Flynn
Profile Title: Data Scientist
Phone Number: (111) 222 3333
Email Address: ronald@hiration[dot]com
Location: San Francisco, CA
Website Links: www.linkedin[dot]com/in/ronaldp

Adding the right contact details is a must because the hiring managers need to have the means to reach out to you for any possible shortlist or interview.

Here is a snapshot from one of our many data scientist cover letter examples illustrating the ideal way to frame the resume header:


Salutation in Your Data Science Cover Letter

Avoid starting your salutations with generic phrases such as "To whom it may concern" as it is no longer considered professional.

It is always better to find out the name of the addressee and use an appropriate title before their names, such as Mr., Ms., or Dr.

For example: "Mr. Hudson" or "Ms. Evelyn."

Doing so will signify that you have done your part of the research before sending out the cover letter and indicate the contribution of your personal touch while drafting the data science cover letter.

Start your data scientist cover letter by addressing the hiring manager as shown in the given snapshot:


From the example, you can see that only the required information is included in the greetings and is void of any unnecessary details.

Opening Paragraph of Your Data Scientist Cover Letter

Start your cover letter by stating your interest in the job profile and highlighting your strongest attributes and excellence in the targeted profile to stand out as a qualified applicant.

Doing so will make it easier for the recruiters to identify you as a suitable applicant for the said post and raise your chances of being shortlisted.

Data Scientist Cover Letter Opening Paragraph Example:

I am a detail-oriented Data Science Manager with a 5+ years track record of spearheading teams for diverse organizations and growth ventures. I am extremely interested in the profile of Data Science Manager at XYZ Inc with a keen interest in other relevant profiles around client interaction.

Highlight Your Technical Credentials and Skills

Stating your expertise in the data science domain can significantly have a positive impact on any job application.

Highlight your strongest attributes!

You might want to mention your excellent analytical skills or your advanced knowledge of statistics to be identified right away as the best applicant for the vacant job.

Limit your data scientist cover letter to 3-4 paragraphs and specify only the most significant contributions and achievements of yours over the years of professional experience.

Highlight your achievement figures and contributions for the recruiters to recognize your caliber right away. Doing so can help you make a positive impact on recruiters during job applications.

Example: In my earlier stint as a Data Analytics Consultant at Hornbill Consultancy, I deployed SGD, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, etc. for classification models and boosted the average click rate by 40%.

You can also list some of the major skills that every data scientist is required to possess as it can boost your chances of being identified as the perfect candidate for the vacant job profile.

And while doing so, ensure that you add relevant keywords and key phrases that communicate your technical skills and expertise.

This will ensure that your cover letter for data scientist job gets past the applicant tracking system without fail.

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Wrap Up Your Cover Letter for Data Scientist

Always end your data scientist cover letter on a positive note!

A short expression of appreciation for the hiring manager or potential employer can reflect your courtesy so practice doing so while wrapping up your cover letter.

You should mention all the values you can add to the organization if selected and leave a positive impression while doing the same.

For example, you can include your excellent communication skills, advanced understanding of data querying languages, etc., and how it can benefit the company.

You need to convey the message that you are looking forward to hearing from the hiring manager or potential employer for further face-to-face interviews or meetings.

Here is a closing paragraph that shows an applicant's confidence and eagerness to continue with the application process:


Once your last paragraph is drafted, you can close your resume by signing off with your official name as shown in the example given below:


Keep in mind that there are many other capable professionals targeting the same job profile as yours and it is of the utmost importance for every hiring manager to shortlist the best among the best.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Data Science Oriented Cover Letter

While it is important to know what to include in your data scientist cover letter, it is also very important that you know what to avoid while drafting your cover letter.

Since most of your details are listed in your data science resume, your cover letter needs to be framed with only those points that can add value to the information that has already been listed.

Once you are familiar with what to add and what to avoid in your cover letter for data science, you can rest assured and look forward to hearing from the hiring managers.

Always remember the following points while drafting your cover letter for data scientist job:

  • Always use the right cover letter format
  • Maintain a short and crisp cover letter
  • Avoid listing excessive industry jargon
  • Include new content to avoid repetition
  • Quantify your major contributions and achievements
  • Conduct some research about the targeted company

Hiration Pro Tip: Always draft your cover letters on one page while keeping them short and crisp. Include new content that reflects points from the resume and make sure to quantify your achievements.

Practice a subtle presentation of your points and avoid excessive flattery while addressing the recruiter or the targeted company.

Always remember that more is less and the best way to be identified as a suitable candidate for any job profile is by presenting oneself as a professional.

Ways to Describe Data Science Skills in Your Cover Letter

Given below are some most common skills that every recruiter looks for in a data scientist cover letter:

  • Mastery of algorithms and machine learning techniques
  • Mastery of applied statistics
  • Proficiency in programming
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Proficiency in the most common data science toolkits
  • Experience with data visualization tools

Meanwhile, ensure that you are familiar with some of the following programming languages, toolkits, and visualization tools to become a data scientist:

Programming Languages Toolkits Data Visualization Tools
Python NumPy Tableau
R Pandas Looker
SQL SciPy Zoho Analytics
Scala Keras Sisense
Julia Matplotlib IBM Cognos Analytics
JavaScript Jupyter Notebooks Qlik Sense
Java Python IDE Domo
C/C++ GitHub Microsoft Power BI

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How Important Is It to Write a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is important during a job application as it fills up any gaps left in your resume.

You cannot elaborate on certain points in a cover letter for entry level data scientist but with the help of a cover letter all those details left out while drafting a resume can be covered.

By elaborating certain points on a cover letter for data scientist you can give an in-depth description of what your role was/is and throw the spotlight on your core skills or potential.

Doing so can make the recruiters identify you as a suitable candidate and hence raise your chances of getting shortlisted for interviews.

All the while always keep in mind that not every recruiter requires you to send a cover letter with your resume. Look out for instructions that explicitly ask you to steer clear of sending cover letters and avoid sending out one in such cases.

When to Include a Cover Letter for Data Scientist Job Profile

Before you send out a data scientist cover letter with your resume check if the recruiters have mentioned anything about including or avoiding cover letters.

For a data scientist profile, you can send a cover letter only if the following condition applies:

  • The job you are applying for is your dream job
  • You have a personal connection or a referral from someone in the company
  • You have crossed paths or been involved with the organization in the past

Having said that you should avoid sending out a cover letter if:

  • you have no intention to customize your cover letter
  • you do not have anything significant to elaborate

Strictly avoid a cover letter for data scientist job if the recruiters have mentioned the same in the job post.

A senior data scientist cover letter should be a compelling document that contains only valuable information that has been skipped in your resume.

Therefore, include a data scientist cover letter only when you have valid points to highlight.

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Data Scientist Cover Letter Sample

Tips & Guides
Ronald P. Flynn
Data Scientist
15th December 2021

Donna Gem
Hiring Manager
Click Global Services
57, Brooks Lane, San Francisco, CA

Re: Suitability for Data Scientist at Click Global Services

Dear Ms. Gem,

I am thrilled to submit my application for the post of Data Scientist at Click Global Services in response to the vacancy posted on LinkedIn. Being an individual with a lifetime passion for relational mathematics and data processing, I thrive on collating data and analyzing it to produce insightful data-driven strategic business solutions. I believe my experience of 5+ years in the field coupled with my Bachelor's degree in Data Science from Boston University would make me an apt candidate for the post.

I am currently working as a Data Scientist at Positronix Financial Services where I am creating data models and conducting predictive analysis to efficiently understand consumer behavior w.r.t the latest trends that enhanced our market share from 17% to 26%. Moreover, I am collaborating with a team of 5 data scientists to employ ML algorithms to assess the pricing of products as part of identifying improvement opportunities that significantly reduced costs by USD 5 mn.

Being inspired by Click Global Services' incessant endeavors to become trendsetters in the field of business solutions, I believe associating with it would work as a catalyst for my professional growth. I am confident that my expertise will be an attribute worth investing in to find opportunities for the company to perform at its highest by forecasting profits and analyzing trends.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

Ronald P. Flynn

Enclosure: Resume

The given data scientist cover letter sample is one of our many data scientist cover letter examples that can easily get past the ATS.

Every detail you add to your entry level or senior data scientist cover letter should communicate your efficiency to the recruiters.

Hiration's Cover Letter Builder

Hiration's online cover letter builder helps you to create the best cover letter that reflects the positive points of your resume.

The following features are made available for you to enhance your cover letter:

  • 10+ cover letter designs
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Make the best use of Hiration’s Resume and Cover Letter Builder and give yourself the chance to outshine any other average applicant.

Key Points

  • Always draft a cover letter using the right format and include only those points that need to be elaborated.
  • The header of your cover letter should contain only the important information and be void of unnecessary details.
  • Your opening line and the closing line should be curated perfectly to leave a positive impression on the recruiters.
  • Place your keywords and key phrases strategically to get past the ATS.
  • Avoid sending out a cover letter if the recruiters mention the same during vacant job posts.

You can customize your data scientist cover letter from Hiration's Online Cover Letter Builder with the assistance of resume experts and make use of the 24x7 chat support.

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