Step into a world where compassion meets action, where dedicated individuals strive to create healthier communities one person at a time.

This is the realm of community health workers, where every interaction, every workshop, and every initiative contributes to the well-being of society.

Crafting a resume as a community health worker isn't just about listing qualifications; it's about weaving a narrative of your passion for public health and your commitment to making change happen.

In this guide, we present a community health worker resume sample featuring a candidate with 6 months of transformative internship experience.

This sample not only guides you in creating a compelling resume but also ensures compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), increasing your chances of joining the ranks of those who bring positive change to communities far and wide.

Take a look at the sample:

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Feddrick Roger
Community Health Worker
Dedicated community health worker intern with a passion for improving public health outcomes. Assisted in conducting community health assessments and played a pivotal role in developing and implementing impactful health programs and workshops. Proficient in health coaching, data analysis, and resource distribution, committed to fostering healthier communities through collaboration and outreach.
Data Analysis Health Education Resource Management Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Community Outreach Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Boston Health Department
Community Health Worker Intern
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    • Assisted in conducting community health assessments, gathering vital data on local health disparities, and identifying areas in need of intervention
    • Collaborated with healthcare professionals to develop and implement community health programs, including organizing health education workshops and wellness events
    • Conducted one-on-one health coaching sessions, empowering individuals to set and achieve personalized health goals, leading to improved overall well-being
    • Contributed to outreach initiatives by disseminating health information, distributing resources, and connecting community members to available healthcare services and resources
    • Compiled and maintained accurate health records, ensuring the secure and confidential handling of sensitive patient information in compliance with healthcare regulations
    • Participated in interdisciplinary team meetings, sharing insights and observations to develop comprehensive care plans and monitor progress in addressing community health needs
    University of Boston
    Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education & Promotion
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      • CGPA: 3.8/4.0
      • Honors College
      • Greyhound Ambassador | 2019-2020
      • Student member at InSOPHE and National SOPHE
      • Member of SoIndy (South Indy Quality of Life Project) Health and Wellness Team
      • Treasurer | XYZ Student Organization
      • Case Study Competition 2020 | InSOPHE Fall Conference
      • Volunteer at Health Assessment Day | University of Boston
      • CPR/First Aid/AED certified

      Constructing an effective community health worker resume requires a structured format that effectively communicates your qualifications and practical experience.

      Our sample adheres to a reverse chronological format, beginning with the most recent experiences.

      The summary section offers a concise glimpse into your skills and aspirations as a community health worker.

      It highlights your commitment to promoting preventive care, wellness, and community engagement, positioning you as a candidate dedicated to improving public health.

      The experience section elaborates on your 6 months of internship experience, spotlighting your contributions and achievements during your hands-on training.

      Each entry emphasizes responsibilities, projects, and accomplishments while strategically incorporating industry-specific keywords for ATS optimization.

      This section not only showcases your practical knowledge but also positions you as a candidate capable of making an immediate impact in community health roles.

      The skills section showcases your technical competencies as a community health worker with skills like data analysis, health education, resource management and more.

      Education plays a vital role in your journey as a community health worker. Thus, listing your academic degrees, institutions, and graduation dates is important.

      Additionally, you can mention any relevant coursework, certifications, or honors that demonstrate your commitment to your field.

      Our ATS-friendly template ensures that your resume is correctly formatted, includes relevant keywords, and presents information for optimal ATS compatibility.

      As you utilize our sample and template to create your resume, remember to emphasize your passion for community health, your internship experience, and your dedication to improving the well-being of diverse populations.

      If you wish to make a similar resume for yourself, use Hiration’s ChatGPT-powered resume builder with 24x7 chat support.

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