What if the key to fine-tuning language in student resumes isn't doing more work, but just being smarter?

In the BC (Before ChatGPT) era of career services, you were bound to spend hours condensing your students' verbose resume language into concise, compelling narratives.

But, not anymore.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI chatbot based a large language model (LLM) by OpenAI, that you can use to enhance student resume language with triple the efficiency and half the effort.

It generates conversational responses that mimic human interaction based on the provided input, also known as "prompts".

To help you begin, here are 3 ways to enhance student resume language with ChatGPT, complete with examples and tips.

3 Ways for Counselors to Refine Language in Student Resumes via ChatGPT

3 Ways To Optimize Student Resume Language Using ChatGPT 3.5

1. Keyword Optimization for ATS Success

Unlocking student success starts with optimizing their resume language for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

With ChatGPT, enhancing student resumes with industry-specific keywords is a simple two-step process:

  1. Identify Key Terms: Start a dialogue with ChatGPT to identify relevant industry buzzwords and role-specific keywords. For example:
“Help me curate a list of [X no. of] keywords tailored for the role of [sales associate] in [XYZ] industry that will enhance the ATS-friendliness of a student's resume."

2. Integrate Keywords into Resume: Once you have a list of relevant terms, ask ChatGPT to strategically incorporate these terms into a student's resume. For instance:

“Now strategically integrate these keywords and industry jargon to enhance the resume’s ATS-friendliness. Here’s the student’s resume content: [Paste student resume content]

2. Effortless Bullet Transformation

Some student resumes come with lengthy paragraphs and vague narratives that don't paint a clear picture of their potential and accomplishments to employers.

You can tackle this easily with ChatGPT in 2 ways:

  1. Condense Lengthy Narratives: Ask GPT to condense lengthy paragraphs into impactful bullet points. You can prompt it with:
"Convert lengthy work experience narrative in this student’s resume into concise and compelling bullet points, following a cause-and-effect structure for maximum impact. Here are the contents of their internship/work experience: [Paste student’s internship/work experience contents]"

2. Expand Short Bullets: And if the bullet points in the student’s resume lack the oomph factor, ask ChatGPT to expand them or even complete the bullet on its own.

"Expand these short bullet points in the student’s resume, starting each point with a power verb followed by a cause-and-effect sentence structure. Here are the contents of their work experience: [Paste student’s work experience bullet points]"

3. Tailoring Language to Company Culture

If you are aware of which employer/company your student is targeting, you can leverage ChatGPT to align their resume language to the company’s cultural aspects.

You can include the company details in the prompt and ask GPT to tailor the resume language to match it.

“Refine the following content of a [enter student background] student’s resume language to match the cultural aspects of [XYZ] company which includes [Enter company details]. The student is aiming for the role of [enter role] in the [enter industry]”
Hiration pro tip:
If you are not satisfied with GPT’s response, you can ask it to make changes as per your requirement in the same thread. Remember, the most effective way of communicating with GPT is to engage in a dialogue, whilst being as specific as you can.
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ChatGPT Plus: The New Frontier

ChatGPT Plus, the new, paid version, based on the GPT-4 model, boasts even richer features with [1.7 trillion](https://the-decoder.com/gpt-4-has-a-trillion-parameters/) parameters, ensuring superior accuracy and coherence. It comes with:

  • Multimodal experiences
  • Voice interactions via Whisper
  • Real-time data access with 'Browse with Bing,'
  • Third-party plugin support including PDFs

Given these features, here are a few adjustments you can make in the prompt:

  • Direct GPT to verify real-time data and align students’ resume language with current industry standards
  • Upload the student's resume as a PDF and provide link(s) to target job roles to match the resume language

ChatGPT 🤝 Career Services

As seen, integrating ChatGPT into your workflow can make refining student resume language 3x more efficient and time-saving.

Having said that, we can also agree that ChatGPT is not exactly built to address the needs of career centers.

That’s where we come in.

Hiration is a platform designed exclusively for the unique needs of both career centers and their students, powered by the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT’s API.

With separate modules, students can refine interview skills, optimize resumes, enhance LinkedIn profiles, and craft compelling cover letters...

...While career centers enjoy a dedicated platform to monitor and control the entire process seamlessly.

And say goodbye to data privacy concerns and unpredictable outputs.

We comply with FERPA, GDPR, and CCPA, thus ensuring a secure and focused environment for career professionals.

Wish to see all this in action? Schedule a free demo with us at your convenience:

Let us embrace the era where AI becomes the catalyst for our ascent, seamlessly propelling us toward unprecendented growth and triumph!

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