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Getting a charge nurse job can be tricky in 2023 as there are many individuals looking for jobs in similar profiles. However, there is no job scarcity in this career niche.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3,000,000 jobs of registered nurse has been encountered in 2021 across the entire USA.

There are hundreds of applicants that are applying for the same post that you are applying for.

They all have the necessary qualifications.

Then what will set you apart from other applicants?

A charge nurse resume.


A charge nurse cover letter.

To bag a job of your dreams you need to have a charge nurse resume that qualifies the 7 seconds scrutinizing rule of a recruiter.

Be patient.

We are here to help you with creating a unique charge nurse resume.

Let us start.

This 2021 charge nurse resume blog will walk you through:

What is a charge nurse resume?

A charge nurse resume is a document that contains the information required to apply for a job.

It includes name, contact details, work experience, educational qualifications, licenses, certifications, etc.

This document is sought by recruiters to scrutinize applicants that possess the necessary qualifications or other parameters set by the organization.

It helps the recruiter to short-list the right set of potential candidates for the interview round.

What is the best format for a charge nurse resume?

The resume formats are broadly classified into three types:

We suggest using the reverse chronological or hybrid format for a charge nurse resume.

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Template for a charge nurse resume

There are a number of different templates available online.

But choosing a template that is soothing to the eyes while being professionally subtle is a smart move.

You can use one of many charge nurse resume templates available online to make your resume outline before getting started.

Charge nurse resume sample

Here is the complete sample of a charge nurse resume that would help you to curate your own.

Alfie Jonas
Charge Nurse
3+ years experienced BLS certified registered nursing professional possessing hands-on experience in providing primary and advance patient care. Adept at managing and updating patients' vitals regularly in the medical records. Proficient in communicating with staff and patient to solve their problems. Adhering to the HIPPA standards as well as the policies and procedures laid out by the organization in dispensing the utmost level of medical care.
  • Patient Care
  • Medication
  • Nebulizer Treatment
  • Medical Record Management
  • Issue Resolution
  • Compliance
  • Patient Instruction
  • Appointments
  • Staff Meeting Management
  • Referrals
  • Wound Care
  • MS Excel Advance
  • MS Word
  • Registered Nurse | License No. RN98076 | National Council Licensure Examination | Nov '17
  • BLS Certification | American Red Cross | Jun '17
Charge Nurse
Sunshine Hospital
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    The Sunshine is one of the USA's largest multi-super specialty institutes with over 2500 medical staff
    Patient Care & Medical Records
    • Gathering data relevant to the patient’s individual needs and age group
    • Obtaining vital information and updating the medical record comprising:
    • Weight, Medication profile, Immunization record, Allergies, etc.
    • Implementing the Plan of Care as developed by the provider

    Policies & Procedures
    • Communicating problems involving medical staff and patients to the designated management personnel
    • Complying with hospital policy for receiving doctor’s orders, including verbal and phone
    • Explaining discharge instructions as directed and handing out information sheets

    Medical Documentation & Cost Management
    • Documenting appointments with accurate patient information
    • Scheduling staff meetings on a regular basis for the entire department
    • Documenting and recommending physician and agency referrals
    • Handling assigned projects under the direction of the department supervisor in maintaining production costs under required standards
    Nurse Assistant
    Wallstreet Hospital
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the leading hospitals in maternity and infant care with 11 branches in the USA
      Primary Care & Medication
      • Dispensed and monitored medications administered to the newborn babies
      • Maintained medical records of patients and recorded their vitals regularly
      • Assisted Senior Nurse in the dressing and primary care of pregnant ladies

      Policy Compliance & Health Record Management
      • Participated in the development & implementation of policies, practices, and standards of health service
      • Facilitated health room operations and maintenance of health records
      Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)
      California University
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.72/4.0
        • Mentioned in Dean's List | Sep '18

        What sections to include in a charge nurse resume?

        Sections in a resume help to highlight the information and make it look crisp and lucid.

        Here is a list of sections that you can include in your charge nurse resume.

        • Header
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Technical Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • License & Certification
        • Internships
        • Educational Details
        • Extra Curricular Activities
        • Additional Information

        How to create an ATS-friendly professional experience section of a charge nurse resume?

        The professional experience section of a charge nurse resume is probably the first thing the recruiter looks at after the summary.

        It is imperative that this section is curated thoughtfully.

        Here are a few tips on creating a professional experience section.

        • Write one-liner bullet points instead of a paragraph
        • Use power verbs and action words to begin a bullet point
        • Create a bullet point using the STAR method i.e Situation, Task, Action, Result
        • Quantify the points by providing rough figures wherever possible
        • Try to include keywords from the charge nurse job description provided
        • Bold the important keywords to highlight them
        • Club the similar bullet-points under a heading to enhance its readability

        Have a look at the example below:


        What skills should be added to a charge nurse resume?

        Before adding the skills to your resume, have a good read of the nurse job description. It indicates the recruiters how well you can apply your skills to provide optimum patient care.

        Recruiters often insert those keywords in the ATS that are present in the job posting.

        Here are a few key skills that you can add to your charge nurse resume.

        • Patient Care
        • Medication
        • Epidural Analgesia
        • IV Conscious Sedation
        • Medical Record Management
        • Patient Assessment
        • CPR
        • BLS
        • Staff Development

        Apart from these, you can also add quintessential soft skills such as:

        • Communication
        • Problem-solving
        • Time Management
        • Decision Making
        Hiration pro tip:

        Add skills that you genuinely possess.

        Add technical skills to your charge nurse resume such as:

        • MS Word
        • MS Excel
        • MS Excel Advance
        • Medical Software

        Have a look at the skills section of a charge nurse resume


        How to add an internship to a charge nurse resume?

        The internship section of an entry-level position holds the same relevance as the professional experience section in the experienced position.

        It should be created the same as the professional experience section.

        Have a look at the internship section example below:


        How to write an intriguing summary section?

        The summary section should be well thought out. It should contain the keywords mentioned in the nurse job description to make your resume look apt for the job position.

        Have a look at the example below:


        Charge nurse resume: Header

        The header of a resume consists of the name of the applicant. It is the largest font of the entire resume, usually 14-16 points.

        The header of a charge nurse cover letter is the same as the resume.

        The header is followed by the profile title. Have a look at the example below:


        Charge nurse resume: Personal Information

        Personal information is provided in a resume so that the recruiter can contact you as and when needed.

        You can add the following to your resume and cover letter:

        • Phone Number
        • Email Address
        • City of Residence
        • LinkedIn Link

        Here is an example provided for reference:


        Charge nurse resume: Education

        The education section is provided to furnish the details of your qualifications to the recruiter.

        This is the elementary requirement of any post that you are applying for.

        Here is an example:


        Charge nurse resume: License & Certification

        Licenses and Certifications add weightage to your resume and keep you on the heavier side of the weighing scale.

        You can also add your mandatory license number to the charge nurse cover letter.

        Here is how you can add licenses and certifications:

        Name of the license/certificate | Issuing Organization | Date of Issuance


        Key Takeaways

        With this, we have come to the end of this blog here are the key takeaways of this blog:

        • Choose an apt resume format
        • Select a professional template for your resume and cover letter
        • Write an intriguing summary to entice the recruiter
        • Use keywords that are mentioned in the job posting
        • Frame an articulate professional experience section to stand out
        • Add relevant skills to your resume

        These steps will help you build a charge nurse resume without any complications in 2023. In case you want to make the resume building process easier, you can always use Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Building Platform.

        This AI-powered career building tool comes with 24X7 online chat support to keep the process hassle-free. For any other career-related queries you can reach out to our experts at support@hiration.com.

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