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Can you guess roughly how many recruiters are now using AI in their hiring?


That's right.

As someone in the career services space, you can't afford to ignore this fact.

Why? Chances are, your students are already dabbling in AI, armed with a potent mix of unending curiosity and half-baked knowledge.

What would have been the best time for AI to find its way into your career services toolset? Yesterday.

The second best time? Now.

Say hello to Hiration and Big Interview, the front runners in AI-led career prep.

These platforms transform how you enhance student resumes or prepare them for interviews; moreover, a separate dashboard for admins is the cherry on top.

But of course, with limited resources at your disposal, it's only natural to wonder:

Which one is superior?

Where should you divert your attention so that you are able to not only maximize student success but also drive incredible efficiency in your processes?

We got you, fam!

Our team has done the grunt work so you can simply leave here with the winner. How so?

We analyzed 4 key points in a typical job-search process - resume building and review, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, and cover letter customization - and dissected both the platforms across these key factors.

Additionally, we also studied the admin-specific modules in both the platforms to conclude where your team can get the maximum value.

With 5 parameters in total, we have assigned a weightage to each based on its relative importance:

Parameter Weightage
Resume Builder 30%
Admin Dashboard
LinkedIn Reviewer
Cover Letter Builder 10%

Let’s dive in!

AI-Powered Interview Prep: Hiration vs Big Interview

As a career services professional, you'll likely agree that preparing students for interviews is crucial, albeit time-consuming.

Fortunately, this challenge can be easily mitigated with Hiration's cutting-edge ChatGPT and AI-powered interview preparation tool, which is bound to get your students 2x job offers.

Our platform not only covers mock interviews but also offers detailed AI-driven feedback on everything - from the content of the answers to speech, filler words, and even posture.

Here’s an overview of our features:

  • Interactive Modules: A sophisticated AI-powered provides a navigable interface between Practice and Learning modules with a dedicated section for Recordings & Reviews, storing all performance insights.
  • In-Depth Review System: Our platform employs generative AI to dissect response quality, speech, and body language, delivering targeted advice for enhancements, encapsulating the epitome of personalized AI feedback for your students.
  • Comprehensive Question Bank: Our dynamic AI-driven question bank, tailored for your career center requisites and standard mock interviews, augments the depth of preparatory content, all evaluated through instantaneous AI analysis.
  • Versatile Learning Resources: Your students get access to an extensive suite of video tutorials, for over 180 roles, equipping students with nuanced AI-driven insights, expected outcomes, and sample answers.
  • Personalized Feedback Loop: By intricately weaving AI feedback with educational materials, Hiration pinpoints developmental areas, thus amplifying interview readiness.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Our platform offers varied learning modules - Fast-Track (7 Modules, 14 Video Lessons) and Comprehensive (13 Modules, 32 Video Lessons) all designed to suit diverse learning paces and prefaced on AI’s adaptability and personalized learning paths.

Hiration positions itself as not just a tool but a vibrant, AI-infused ecosystem that stands ready to transform the conventional methodologies of interview preparation.

Plus, our platform is designed for simultaneous use by thousands of students, ensuring it's always available, with no restrictions on working hours - making it infinitely scalable to meet any demand.

Big Interview counters with its dual-learning approach, accommodating both visual and auditory learners through video and written curriculum.

It offers a virtual interview practice tool, fortified with AI feedback, quizzes, and professional communication skills lessons, providing a comprehensive preparation package.


This is paired with expert training systems that cover the basics of common interview challenges, creating a compelling preparation pathway.


While Big Interview offers a structured environment for mock interview practice, it focuses more on traditional preparation methods and doesn't offer the same depth of AI-driven analytics.

For their respective interview preparation features, Hiration shines with a score of 28/30, while Big Interview holds its ground at 25/30.

Hiration: A Superior Resume Builder Alternative To Big Interview?

Hiration's resume builder is a powerful tool driven by AI capabilities, utilizing ChatGPT to provide a uniquely tailored resume crafting experience that will get your students 3x more interview shortlists.

Here's why Hiration stands out:

  • Instant AI Resume Review: Offering real-time scores and detailed bullet-level analyses, this feature provides immediate, actionable insights that help students refine their resumes on the fly.
  • Rewrite Sections via ChatGPT: A click away, students can generate several enhanced versions of any resume section, significantly improving content quality and relevance.
  • Improve with ChatGPT: Post-AI review, this feature guides students in upgrading bullets rated as poor or average. A few contextual questions later, and they’re left with an optimized, refined bullet.
  • Job-Resume Matcher: This feature custom-tailors student resumes for specific job listings by pinpointing and advising on missing key skills, making every resume submission count.
  • My Resumes Dashboard: A one-stop hub where students can manage all their resumes: viewing, editing, duplicating, downloading, deleting, or sharing, plus easily starting fresh ones with a diverse range of design templates. It’s designed for effortless navigation.
  • Advanced Resume Editor: Offers flexibility in design, easy section additions, and a suite of formatting tools to ensure smooth content synchronization, even when switching templates.
  • Additional Settings & Support: Easy access to formatting settings, in-depth platform tutorials, and options for expert review or direct downloading in multiple formats, making it user-friendly.
  • 24x7 Chat Support: Round-the-clock assistance is just a message away, backed by an extensive FAQ section for anytime self-guided help.

As for Big Interview's Resume AI, which although innovative, primarily focuses on evaluating existing resumes based on readability, credibility, format, and ATS fit.

Big interview’s offerings include:

  • Instant Expert-Approved Feedback: Provides immediate feedback on students' resumes, focusing on correcting basic errors and improving quality.
  • ATS Navigation Assistance: Prepares students for modern hiring processes by simulating the ATS screening, a common step in job applications.
  • Customization for Schools: Offers flexibility to upload different resume templates, modify scoring to align with school guidelines, and add comments to AI feedback, catering to the unique needs of each institution.

However, it does not assist in the actual writing of the resume - a function that is the heart of our platform; the resume builder is how our journey started back in 2016.

Furthermore, Hiration's unique "rewrite with ChatGPT" feature, combined with an advanced AI assistant and job match feature, is truly one-of-a-kind.

For their respective resume building capabilities, Hiration scores 28/30, while Big Interview scores 25/30.

Admin Dashboard: Is Hiration better than Big Interview?

Now let's take a look at the features offered by Hiration and Big Interview for you and your team.

Hiration offers a suite of powerful features for career centers; here are just a few:

  • Seamless Onboarding and Customizable Access Levels: You can streamline account setups and team invitations, defining distinct user roles and access rights for Super Admins, Admins, and Reviewers, thanks to an AI-enhanced interface that simplifies these essential management tasks.
  • Efficient Cohort & Student Management: Utilizing the +Add Students button, along with AI-driven grouping mechanisms, you can ensure that support is personalized and accurately focused on the diverse needs of your students.
  • Automated Outreach: Hiration allows you to automate email campaigns effectively, crafting messages that communicate the platform's benefits and engage students, reducing your manual outreach efforts.
  • Student Invite Functionality: Worried about student engagement? With Hiration, you can invite students to attend specialized webinars and workshops directly from your dashboard, complemented by product-based engagement nudges, ensuring they stay actively involved without the need for separate outreach.
  • Customizable Interview Module: You can tap into an extensive question bank of 1000s of questions spanning 180+ unique roles, supported by ChatGPT, creating tailored interviews that can be assessed through AI, manual reviews, or a combination, providing nuanced feedback informed by AI insights.
  • Proactive Student Support & Review: You can use advanced review options and granular activity tracking to take a proactive approach to student support, with features like  embedded video reviews, timestamped feedback, customizable parameters - all driven by AI. Not to forget the pre-review access to student submissions across resumes, cover  letters, and interviews!
  • Extensive Reporting & Analytics: You can access an in-depth analytics dashboard offering insights into team performance, student progress, and the overall effectiveness of preparation strategies across different cohorts - all in one place!

Now, let's take a look at the features offered by Big Interview:

  • Big Interview allows you to streamline the creation of customized assignments and provides scalable feedback on students' resumes, emphasizing readability, credibility, and ATS fit.
  • The AI Feedback feature helps you identify the challenges students face in interviews and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • It also creates a custom learning experience for students who need a bit more help and fits right in with platforms like Canvas and Google Classroom.
  • Plus, the platform gives you marketing and implementation support to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible when getting students onboard.

However, Big Interview falls short compared to Hiration in terms of user-friendliness, management features, and live tracking and analytics.

Despite notable features from Big Interview (11/20), Hiration (18/20) secures the top spot.

Additional Features From Hiration: LinkedIn Optimization & Cover Letter Builder

Hiration sets itself apart in the career preparation field, primarily due to its comprehensive suite of tools, powered by generative AI.

These include a cover letter builder and a LinkedIn profile optimizer, services not currently provided by Big Interview.

Our platform's LinkedIn optimizer not only refines online profiles but also ensures they rank highly in recruiter searches, significantly boosting visibility.

Here are some features of our LinkedIn profile optimizer:

  • Provides an instant review of LinkedIn profile
  • Section-wise review & score
  • In-depth actionable tips on how your students can improve their score, thereby optimizing their profiles

Our AI-powered cover letter builder helps students create personalized and engaging cover letters, with customizable templates and content that aligns with job descriptions.

For its AI-powered LinkedIn profile optimizer and cover letter builder, Hiration leads with a score of 18/20, leaving Big Interview trailing at 0/20.

This wide range of services establishes Hiration as a comprehensive, AI driven solution for career centers and students looking to launch their careers with a competitive advantage.

The Verdict

Summarizing, here's a consolidated comparison of Hiration and Big Interview on key parameters:

  • AI-Powered Interview Prep: Hiration, with interactive modules, AI-driven feedback, a comprehensive question bank, an in-depth review system, versatile learning resources, personalized feedback loop, and flexible learning options, scores 28/30. Big Interview, providing a dual-learning approach, virtual interview practice tool, and expert training systems, scores 25/30.
  • Resume Builder: Hiration's resume builder offers AI assistant, ChatGPT rewrite and improve feature, advanced job matcher, my resumes dashboard, and 24x7 chat support, scoring 28/30. Big Interview, with instant expert-approved feedback, ATS navigation assistance, and customization for schools, scores 26/30.
  • Admin Dashboard: Hiration offers seamless onboarding, efficient cohort and student management, automated outreah, customizable interview modules, proactive student support, and extensive reporting analytics, scoring it at 18/20. On the other hand, Big Interview offers customized assignments, AI feedback, a custom learning experience, and marketing and implementation support, earning it a score of 11/20.
  • LinkedIn Optimizer & Cover Letter Builder: Hiration stands apart with its LinkedIn optimizer and AI-powered cover letter builder, scoring 18/20. These features are not provided by Big Interview, which scores 0/20 in this category.
  • Pricing: Hiration's affordable plans, including a 12-month access plan at $12 and a Free Basic plan, make the platform widely accessible. In contrast, Big Interview's pricing, with Interview Pro (Lifetime Access) at $299 and shorter-term options down to $39 monthly, targets deeper engagement.
Big Interview
Interview Prep
Resume Builder
Admin Dashboard
LinkedIn Profile Optimizer & Cover Letter Builder
Total Score
Hiration emerges as a clear victor with a stellar 92/100, leaving Big Interview at 65/100!

But don't just take our word for it. Users also seem to agree about Hiration’s superiority. A quick glance at the reviews tells you all you need to know.

Hiration shines brightly with an Excellent Trust Pilot rating of 4.6, an accolade earned from a whopping 745 genuine reviews!


This is more than just a number - it's a testament to the superior satisfaction Hiration delivers to its user base that includes top colleges and universities like NYU Stern School of Business, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Arizona (Eller MIS), and much more!

Conversely, Big Interview, with an average rating of 3.2, is backed by just 1 review.


Don't wait to elevate your career services. Schedule a free, no-commitment demo with us at your convenience to experience the magic of Hiration!

Transforming your career center won't happen overnight, but with Hiration as your trusted companion, the journey will be worth it.

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