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Athletic Trainer Resume Examples

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Maira Jones
Athletic Trainer
Athletic trainer pursuing B.S. in exercise science possessing skills in managing, preventing, and facilitating recovery of injured athletes by providing emergency and follow-up care. Adept at handling medical documentation and insurance covers of athletes as per the organization's protocols while effectively managing medical inventory and supplies.
• Athletic Training • Injury Management • Health Assessment • Medical Documentation • Progress Tracking
• Physical Therapy • Inventory Control • Client Relationship Management • Insurance Verification
Language: English (native), Spanish (fluent)
Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science | Concentration in Pre-Athletic Training
Trinity International University
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    • Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0 | Dean's List for 4 semesters
    • Course Modules:
    • Sports and Wellness Psychology | Rotation in Health Sciences | Advanced Functional Anatomy
    • Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation | Motor Learning and Lifespan Development
    • Calculus and Analytic Geometry | Adult Development | Psychology of Adolescence
    • BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification | American Red Cross | Oct '21
    Athletic Trainer Assistant
    Achilles Sports Academy
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      Injury Management & Health Assessment
      • Applied tape, bandages, and braces to protect 10+ athletes from injuries and provided first aid in emergency cases
      • Performed administrative duties such as verifying insurance coverages and conducted pre-tournament health checkups
      • Assisted medical staff to maintain players' health and participation records by adhering to confidentiality guidelines
      Inventory Management & Medical Documentation
      • Maintained medical supplies inventory while overseeing the daily usage of medical equipment
      • Prepared documentation and filed medical information while complying with medical policies laid by the academy
      Student Trainer
      Elite Physical Therapy
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        Medicine Services & Physical Therapy
        • Participated in community sporting events as part of providing sports medicine services to 20+ athletes
        • Supervised patients' functional movements and performed muscle stimulation activities as directed by the physical therapist
        Client Relation Management & Progress Tracking
        • Developed relation with 5+ new schools' athletic departments as part of securing sports medicine contracts with them
        • Updated and maintained daily treatment records and documented patients' progress to keep track of the recovery period
        • Volunteer - TIU Trojans | Intercollegiate Athletic Program | Trinity International University | May '18 - Apr '21
        • Trained 10 hours per week and followed strict diet chart for maximizing performance in the field
        • Developing training plans by adhering to university regulations to ensure efficient collaboration

        A compelling trainer resume summary succinctly highlights your athletic training expertise, emphasizing key achievements and specialties to entice potential employers.

        Key Skills:
        Showcase essential skills like injury assessment, rehabilitation techniques, and personalized training plans to demonstrate your prowess as an athletic trainer.

        Your educational background establishes credibility and expertise in sports science, kinesiology, or related fields, setting the foundation for your athletic training career.

        Certifications such as ATC, CSCS, or CPR/AED validate your qualifications and dedication to maintaining high standards in athletic training.

        Professional Experience:
        Detailed accounts of your hands-on experience with sports teams, athletes, and clinics illustrate your real-world impact and ability to excel in diverse settings.

        Volunteer Experience:
        Volunteering demonstrates your commitment to community engagement, showcasing teamwork and leadership qualities that enhance your athletic trainer profile.

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