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How to bolster the chances of getting an accounting assistant resume shortlisted?

An accounting assistant assists an organization in preparing financial documents such as invoices, bills, accounts payables & receivables.

Accountancy professionals are valuable to the organization to make any important financial decisions.

They are crucial to formulating sound business plans and increasing profits by analyzing the company's financial statements.

This article will discuss the intricacies of drafting a kick-ass resume for an assistant accountant and similar profiles, including Accounting Associate, Account Clerk, Accounting Associate, Accounting Specialist, etc.

Below is a list of questions that we will be answering in this article.

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Accounting Assistant Job Description


To apply for a job you need to read the accounting assistant job description to understand what the organization needs from potential applicants.

As an accountant assistant, you will be expected to assist accountants by performing tasks such as sending and replying to emails, filing, documenting, making & taking calls, and basic bookkeeping.

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What Is Assistant Accountant Duties and Responsibilities?

Some common accounts assistant duties and responsibilities are given below:

  • Assisting the finance department with various tasks related to finance
  • Processing invoices and filing
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Analyzing ledger accounts and balance sheets
  • Preparing annual budgets and bank deposits
  • Creating and updating expense reports

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Accounts Assistant Resume Sections

Each resume section serves a different purpose. Enhance your accounting assistant resume by creating the sections mentioned below:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Education
  • Professional Experience

The sections mentioned below are optional and should be included when necessary.

  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & recognition (if any)
  • Volunteering Experience (if any)
  • Additional information (if any)

Highlight Your Assistant Accountant Experience

The professional experience section is the core element of the accounting assistant resume.

Mention the position and company's name along with dates and roles & responsibilities performed in the organizations.

The sure-fire route to prove your candidacy as an accounting professional is to provide numbers worthy of recognition.

Here is how you can provide a meaningful impact with your accounting assistant resume.

  • Frame one-liner bullet points to describe your roles and responsibilities.
  • Quantify the points by providing relevant numbers to add value to your accounting assistant job position.
  • Club similar bulleted points under relevant subheadings defining your broad-level skills.
  • Highlight important words and numbers pertinent to the accounting assistant job position in your accounting assistant resume.
  • Mention the result/impact of your work functions.


It can be easy to get through the professional experience section if you are an experienced individual. But it can get a lot more difficult if you have no or minimal experience.

With not much to write, it can get you more muddled. In such cases, read the points below to write your accounting assistant resume:

  • Write about your internships experience in accounting or related fields.
  • Discuss your volunteering experience to showcase your teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Mention any freelancing projects that you might have taken up during your college days.
  • List down any experience and skills that you acquired from non-accounting jobs or internships.


Put Skills Accounting Assistant Skills to Your Resume

The skills section of an accounting assistant resume is crucial to make the resume ATS-friendly. Therefore, you must read the job description carefully and find appropriate keywords to implement in your resume.

Create two sections named 'Technical Skills' and 'Key Skills' to list your skills. Below is a list of technical and key skills that you can include in your accounting assistant resume if you possess them.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills
Accounting Platforms Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle
Document Management Hub.doc, LedgerSync
Invoicing Zoho Invoice, Harvest
Project Management Trello, Asana, BaseCamp

Key Skills

Key Skills
Auditing Record Maintenance
Tax Compliance Asset Management
Cost Optimization Bank Reconciliation
Payroll Management Financial Documentation


Write an Accounting Assistant Resume Summary

A powerful accounting assistant resume summary is the synopsis of your career trajectory in 4-5 lines. The summary can be the deciding factor if a recruiter wants to spend their time further reading the resume.

Read the below-mentioned points to draft accounts assistant resume summary:

  • Start your sentences with power verbs such as 'Proficient,' 'Adept,' etc., instead of first-person and second-person pronouns.
  • Establish a cause and effect relationship in each line of the assistant accountant resume.
  • Write about the most important skills and accomplishments of your career.

Right Approach:

Diligent and result-oriented accounting professional with 5+ years of experience in preparing accounts and filing tax returns adhering to the regulatory mandates. Proficient in analyzing financial performance to mitigate risks & reduce costs for accomplishing long-term business goals. Adept at liaising with the senior management to furnish budgeted reports and enforce critical decisions to catapult organizational growth.

Wrong Approach:

I am a diligent and result-oriented accounting professional seeking a position in a growth-oriented firm. I am proficient in reconciling statements and preparing financial reports. I am skilled in collaborating with cross-functional teams, improving the accounting processes, reducing costs, etc.


The first example is recommended to implement in any accounting assistant resume. It establishes a cause-and-effect relationship in each line, and it doesn't use any personal pronouns like 'I,' 'We,' as shown in the second example.


When should you write an accounting assistant resume objective instead of a resume summary?

  • When you are a fresher with no experience
  • When you are changing careers
  • When you have career gaps

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Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

Tips & Guides
Tony Moly
Assistant Accountant
3+ years experienced accounting professional armed with a demonstrated history of administering payable & receivable accounts across healthcare and taxation industry. Proficient in generating accurate summary reports and ensuring smooth cashflow while documenting the financial details. Possesses experience in optimizing processes to deliver optimal client services and propel business growth.
• Account Management • Record Maintenance • Auditing • Payroll Management • G.A.A.P. • Cost Optimization
• Process Improvement • Bank Reconciliation • Client Handling • Financial Documentation • Tax Computation
  • Accounting Platforms: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle
  • Document Management: Hub.doc, LedgerSync
  • Invoicing: Zoho Invoice, Harvest
  • Project Management: Trello, Asana, BaseCamp
Assistant Accountant
FOX Strength and Performance, Inc.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    It is a leading fitness and boxing equipment provider, with 200+ established distributors strategically set up across 7 countries
    Account Management & Financial Documentation
    • Administered bank transactions worth thousands of dollars while managing financial documents for bank reconciliation
    • Generated 7+ summary reports of A/R, payroll, sales and expenditure on a monthly basis for the senior management
    • Managed 30+ accounts payable & accounts receivable while generating invoices to ensure proper documentation
    • Established smooth cashflow by accurately recording payments up to $300,000 via MS Excel and QuickBooks
    • Formulated an outline of commission & royalty generated through sales while preparing 10+ GST & tax retention reports

    Client Handling & Process Improvement
    • Supervised 2 team members to manage accounts for foreign subsidiaries to deliver optimal client servicing
    • Achieved 20% cost-reduction in the Houston Fitness Project by eliminating redundant processes
    • Ensured delivery of accurate payments to closers by creating commission schedules for ~100 transactions per month
    Assistant Accountant
    LML Tax and Insurance Solutions
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Houston based advisory firm that provides innovative, forward thinking companies with specialized accounting, tax compliance, and advisory services
      Record Maintenance & Issue Resolution
      • Performed a pivotal role in organizing the financial filing system as part of promoting ease of access
      • Monitored all payments made for tax preparation while scheduling follow up on returns for 10+ clients
      • Proctored computer reports to check G.A.A.P. accuracy to help trace errors back to their source and resolve them
      Audit Intern
      Briggs and Bishop Co.
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        A regional CPA firm headquartered in Houston with an employee base of 2000+ professionals, with offices in Austin, El Campo, and The Woodlands
        • Reconciled company's revenues, expenses, and ensured accuracy and completeness of ~10 financial reports
        • Processed fraud investigation projects and reported the data to the supervisor after auditing the company
        Bachelor of Business Administration
        C.T. Bauer College of Business
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          Topmost business college under University of Houston, fully accredited by the AACSB International
          • GPA: 3.5/4.0
          • Bookkeeper Certification | The American Institute of Professional Bookkeeper | Jan '20
          • Languages: English (Professional) and Korean (Native)

          Key Takeaways

          Making an industry-standard accounting assistant resume is not easy but it isn’t impossible either. We hope that our guide has helped you understand the resume-writing process better.

          Before we end, have a look at the important points to keep in mind while drafting your accounting assistant resume:

          • Avoid drafting your professional experience in paragraph format and stick to one-liners.
          • Focus on highlighting your achievements figures to throw light on the level of your contributions and deliverables.
          • Send a customized resume instead of a generic accounting assistant resume for all the companies you are applying for.
          • Avoid mentioning first-person and second-person pronouns in your accounting assistant resume.
          • Proofread your resume to ensure that it is void of any typos or grammatical errors

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