What can you generally expect in a welder job description?

Like any other niche, the welder job description includes all the responsibilities of a welder in a company. Generally, welders follow engineering design and perform welding operations to bring the machine design into the real world.

If you are looking for a welder job, you will initially need to have all the required documents and education to make you eligible to apply for welder jobs. After that, check out welder job descriptions to get an idea about modern welder duties, welder skills, and welder responsibilities.

A welder job description will also help you build a technically strong welder resume. You can pick profile-centric keywords from a welder job description and use them in your resume to make it profile-centric and effective compared to your competitors.

In this blog, we will give you some sample welder job descriptions to help you create a stellar welder resume. You will get answers to the following questions in this intuitive guide:

To get a welder job in 2022, you will need to build a job-winning welder resume after analyzing the welder job description of your targeted company. Resume building is not easy for every individual, and you might also need some assistance in crafting your welder resume.

Considering this, Hiration has built an Online Resume Builder powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. This digital tool comes with an auto suggest feature to help you build a technically strong welder resume to beat your competitors during the recruitment process.

Welder Job Description Template

You can check out the below-given welder job description example to get an idea of what a real-time welder job description includes:

Welding Job Brief

We are seeking a skilled welder who can join and cut metals & other materials at our construction sites. A perfect fit will operate appropriate tools and equipment to precisely put mechanical structures or parts in a defined manner. As a welder, you should be competent in using dangerous tools and equipment following every pre-defined safety measure.

Responsibilities (Welder Duties)

As a welder at XYZ constructions, you will be responsible for:

  • Determining appropriate welding tools and equipment based on the requirements
  • Operating angle grinders for preparing required parts that need to be welded
  • Aligning components using rulers, calipers, etc.
  • Welding components with the help of semi-automatic or manual welding equipment in different positions
  • Repairing machines and other equipment by filling gaps and welding pieces


  • 2+ years of welding experience
  • Proficiency in English speaking
  • Experience in using manual and automatic welding tools
  • Experience in using modern welding tools and equipment
  • Attention & deftness to detail

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Welder Job Description For Freshers

Take a look at the real-time welder job description for freshers given below:

We are looking for a skilled welder capable of operating welding tools and equipment to build subassemblies, high-quality parts, and final products. As a welder in our company, you will deal with weldments of different sizes, types, and directions. A perfect fit will perform welding operations on different production lines.

The major responsibilities of a welder at our company are:

  • Operating an overhead crane for maneuvering parts at defined places safely
  • Adjusting welding current as per defined weld configurations
  • Welding components in vertical, flat, and overhead positions
  • Operating and reading measuring devices accurately
  • Assembling and welding different metal parts together
  • Positioning parts to be welded accurately
  • Working in both individual and team settings

Welder Job Description Samples For Experienced Professionals

Check out the real-time welder job description sample for experienced professionals showcased below:

We are looking for an experienced welder who can shape, modify, and assemble metal pieces or repair damage in metal components with the help of appropriate equipment that releases high-temperature heat to melt the required metal piece into shape and put mechanical structures or parts together precisely. A perfect fit will be competent in using risky tools following all the safety guidelines. A welder at our company will assist in mechanical engine repairs and inspect the works required to remove defects and imperfections to enhance the structural integrity of metal parts.

As a welder, you will have to deal with the following tasks majorly at our company:

  • Prepare welding machines and perform all the welding operations using GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, arc welding, an automatic consumable electrode with inert gas, and propylene cutting on different components
  • Carbon arc gouging, brazing, and plasma burning operations
  • Determine type and size of weld when there is no such information given about it
  • Perform complete set-up and welding operations as directed
  • Plan, layout, and assemble work with and without using fixtures and jigs as per the requirement

Welder Fabricator Job Description

Have a look at the welder fabricator job description example given below to know all the basic responsibilities:

We seek an experienced Welder Fabricator to perform desired operations at our commercial space operations department. The perfect fit for this position should be willing to learn new welding and fabricating techniques and have enthusiasm for this industry.

As a welder at our company, you will be:

  • Following rough sketches, blueprints, and engineer designs to shape metal and meet desired specifications
  • Choosing suitable welding equipment and method based on the requirements
  • Setting up components based on the specifications
  • Determining weld and fabricating from different metal types
  • Checking work quality via scales, samples, and square
  • Testing & inspecting welding parts to rectify flaws

How Much Do Welding Jobs Pay?

According Indeed, the average hourly salary of a welder in the United States is USD 17.76.

Apart from this, here are average hourly salaries for different welding job titles in America:

Welding Job Title Average Welder Salary Per Hour
Welder Helper USD 13.53
MIG Welder USD 16.24
Fabricator Welder USD 17.76
Welder USD 17.90
Welder/Fitter USD 19.25
Structural Welder USD 20.55
Pipe Welder USD 24.50

Average Welder Salary in The US Based on Experience

Experience is the biggest factor that determines the salary of a professional. Considering this, we have also mentioned the welder salary difference based on experience in the United States below:

Experience Level Average Welder Salary Per Hour
Entry-Level Welder USD 7.25
Mid-Career Welder USD 17.90
Experienced Welder USD 35.45

Top 10 Highest Paying States in The US

After the work experience, location is the most affecting factor for the salary of a professional. Hence, we are listing the 10 highest paying states for welders in the US. You can apply at any of these locations to get better welder remuneration in the country.

Name of State Average Welder Salary Per Hour
Alaska USD 31.04
Delaware USD 22.62
Montana USD 22.20
Louisiana USD 21.84
New Jersey USD 20.28
New Mexico USD 21.32
North Dakota USD 20.61
Rhode Island USD 26.40
Washington USD 20.03
Wyoming USD 21.62

How to Become a Welder in the United States

The welding career does not have any specific educational criteria. Hence, you can start your career as a welder regardless of your education level.

You can follow these below given steps to become a welder in the US:

  • Research different type of weldings
  • Take a welding course from a certified institution
  • Earn your welding certificate
  • Get hands-on experience
  • Start your job search as a professional welder

Top 10 Welding Institutes of the United States

You can choose any of these below given institutions to grab your welding certificate in the United States:

Key Takeaways

To have a quick look at the key offerings discussed so far, consider reading these below-given points:

  • Read and analyze the requirements given in your targeted welder job description to build a profile centric welder resume
  • Pick technical keywords from the welder job description and use them in your resume to parse through ATS easily
  • The job location and experience of a welder are the two most affecting factors for a welder’s salary

We recommend you to read welder job descriptions before crafting your resume to apply for your desired welding job. This reference guide aims to showcase the importance and hidden advantages of a welder job description.

You can use the above-given details and Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to bag your next welder job in 2022. Apart from this, if you need any job assistance or come across issues while using Hiration’s AI-powered resume-building tool, feel free to use our 24/7 chat support or write to us at support@hiration.com.

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