If you have a background in accounting and are interested in pursuing a career as a tax associate, you’ve come to the right place.

Tax associates are responsible for preparing tax returns for clients to ensure that their tax-related filings are compliant with state and federal tax regulations.

On average, these professionals make an annual income of $62,376 in the US and have the liberty of choosing their workplace. They can either work with tax firms or even start their own venture.

However, to land a job as a tax associate, one of the most important tools you need to be armed with is a stellar resume that showcases your strengths and accomplishments.

Even if you don’t know the basics of resume writing and are not familiar with the best industry practices, you can create a compelling tax associate resume with the help of this blog.

Read on to explore a stellar tax associate resume sample as we walk you through it to help you create your own tax associate resume with ease and confidence.

Tax Associate Resume Samples

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Olivia Garcia
Tax Associate
4+ years experienced accounting professional with a proven track record of undertaking tax filing for clients and managing financial documents to ensure compliance with local and federal tax regulations. Adept at preparing tax return documents and leveraging best industry practices to reduce filing time and maximize profits. Skilled at reviewing financial records and making the best suggestions to clients for supporting their investment choices.
• Tax Filing • Financial Documentation • IRS Compliance • Document Inspection
• Employee Training • Process Improvement • Client Servicing
Technical Skills: QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Suite
Tax Associate
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    Tax Returns & IRS Compliance
    • Prepared tax return documents for 8+ high-profile clients by coordinating with legal associates
    • Ensured compliance with federal & state regulations while filing tax returns for small business clients
    • Led the transition of the New Jersey office to a paperless environment while preparing tax provisions under FAS 109
    Process Improvement & Tax Reduction Strategies
    • Leveraged IRS software to reduce customer filing time and increase the number of tax filings by 15%
    • Generated proactive tax reduction strategies to minimize taxes and maximize profits
    Tax Associate
    F&P Financial Services
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      Return Filing & Document Inspection
      • Coordinated with 10+ clients to understand their tax situation by inspecting financial documents
      • Formulated legal tax reduction strategies for ~5 international clients to save ~$5,000 annually
      Financial Documentation & Employee Training
      • Maintained financial documents for 10+ clients to ensure 100% accuracy in the filing of taxes
      • Trained 5+ new interns on preparing and filing tax for individual, partnership, and corporate businesses
      • Analyzed & reviewed financial records to ensure compliance with federal and state IRS regulations
      • Advised clients on tax strategies to assist them make smart financial decisions
      • Vice-President of Tax Society | Hofstra University | January 2020 - August 2021
      • Collaborated with 10+ members to file tax returns for 30+ low-income families
      • Volunteer at Care for All | Hempstead, NY | January 2019 - September 2020
      • Led a team of 6 college students to raise USD 4,000 for distributing food and clothes to homeless shelters
      • Provided COVID-19 essentials such as masks, sanitizers, and hand wash to at-risk children and adults
      Master of Science in Taxation
      University of California
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        • GPA: 3.8/4.0
        • Relevant Coursework:
        • Tax Practices And Procedures | Income Tax Problems of Partnerships | Tax Research
        • Federal Income Taxation of the Corporation and its Shareholders | Research Seminar
        Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
        University of California
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          • GPA: 3.7/4.0

          The resume showcases the career trajectory of an accounting professional with 4+ years of experience in tax filing, managing financial statements, ensuring IRS compliance, and client servicing.

          The resume sample has distinct sections that highlight the candidate’s strengths in terms of their skills, experiences, and educational background.

          As you can see, the summary offers a brief overview of their capabilities in not more than a few sentences and the key skills section contains a segregation of technical skills which includes the names of the accounting tools and software the candidate is familiar with.

          And to adequately showcase the candidate’s professional experience, the duties are listed in bullet points using action verbs and numbers wherever possible.

          For instance, rather than simply saying “helped clients save money” their responsibility and results have been quantified like so:

          “Formulated legal tax reduction strategies for 5+ clients to save $5000 annually.”

          Following such an approach ensures that your tax associate resume holds more weight and provides a vivid picture of your potential to contribute to the firm and help clients in real-time.

          Plus, to emphasize the candidate’s leadership skills, there is a separate section that lists their experience in leading and managing teams.

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