How much does a Tableau developer make?

Data processing has become a powerful weapon when the world is pacing toward technological advancements to increase profitability. Tableau is the most recent technical platform that has made data analysis and collection easier and faster.

Tableau has been recognized as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Companies have been seeking skilled professionals who are experts in the field as a result of the software's popularity. The job growth rate in the Tableau developer role is projected to rise by 21% across the United States.

A Tableau developer uses the Tableau platform to visualize, analyze, and process data. Part of their core duty is to improve business processes by transforming data into simple graphics. To ease the process of data deciphering, Tableau developers work in tandem with other IT developers.

Tableau developers are well compensated because of the nature of their work. According to several sources, the typical compensation for a Tableau developer in the United States is as follows:

  • According to Indeed, the average Tableau developer salary is $70,605 per year
  • Glassdoor suggests that the average Tableau developer salary is $97,578 per year
  • Payscale mentions that the average salary of Tableau developers is $75,401 per year
  • Salary[dot]com mentions that the average Tableau developer salary is $85,052 per year

Read on to get an in-depth understanding of Tableau developer salary and various factors that affect it.

Who Is a Tableau Developer?

A Tableau developer improves the overall company outcome by developing solutions based on data visualization techniques. By uniting with other IT team members, a Tableau developer designs business intelligence dashboards and reports by drawing insights from feedback sessions to systems.

Since Tableau developers work with storage equipment, they need to be knowledgeable enough. The developer safeguards the organization's data inside itself through online analytical processing.

They are also in charge of writing queries and conducting frequent tests to examine the solution and repeat the procedure throughout the development. A Tableau developer needs to be familiar with the complete application development life cycle.

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What Is Tableau Roles and Responsibilities?

Data analysis, data visualisation, producing business intelligence reports, and aiding in the improvement of business processes are all duties and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer.

Some of the major Tableau roles and responsibilities are given below:

  • Making graphics for the data extracted by using Tableau
  • Analyzing data to find patterns and insightful information
  • Making dashboard designs
  • Managing big data and Tableau server
  • Bending SQL queries to enhance performance
  • Examining and fixing errors in corporate procedures
  • Identifying the essential areas for automation to improve business operations
  • Creating reference materials or reports for the project's conclusion

Are Tableau Developers in Demand?

The demand for Tableau developers is significantly increasing, and that is why if you are looking for a tableau developer job, chances are that you will be contacted by the recruiters soon.

Another reason for Tableau developers' popularity is the tool's nature. Tableau is an extremely powerful analytical tool, and Tableau developers have strong knowledge about data visualization.

The world is fast becoming data-centric, leading to high demand for Tableau developers. Surprisingly, even small startups are willing to pay a competitive remuneration for the services of qualified Tableau developers.

What is the Average Salary for a Tableau Developer?

According to a reliable source, the average salary for a Tableau developer is $89,343 per year or $42.95 per hour in the US. On the lower end of the scale, the bottom 10% of Tableau developers make around $70,000 annually, while the top 10% make $112,000 annually.

The salary of tableau developers depends a lot upon the industry you are working in. Given below is the average salary for a Tableau developer in different industries:

  • Tableau developers receive an average income of $100,755 annually from the retail sector.
  • The pharmaceutical industry pays an average of $98,170 per year.
  • The insurance sector offers tableau developers the lowest salaries. Tableau developers in this sector make an average of $83,477 per year.

What Is the Tableau Developer Salary Based on Experience

The salary of Tableau developers varies with experience. As a Tableau developer with years of professional experience, you will earn more than those with fewer years of working experience.

According to a reliable source, the salary for entry level Tableau developers ranges between $65,000 to $110,714 per year. In the beginning stage, a junior tableau developer performs fundamental tasks such as using data storage tools, BI tools, generating reports or technical documentation, etc.

The annual compensation for a senior tableau developer can vary from $137,500 to $157,500.

A senior tableau developer is accountable for additional activities, such as handling SQL databases, dealing with MI principles, online analytical processing, advanced technical documentation, etc. As the salary increases, so does the responsibility.

While the income for most job profiles plateaus after a certain point, the remuneration for Tableau developers grows significantly with more years of expertise.

Other Factors Affecting Tableau Developer Salary

Besides experience, several other factors affect the salary a Tableau developer earns. These factors are listed below:

  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, or a related field will help you land a good-paying Tableau developer job.
  • Certification: Courses offered by Udemy or Coursera can boost your Tableau developer resume and empower you with the necessary skills.
  • Location: Cities like New York or Chicago offer pay above the national average. You should try to relocate to these cities to enhance the Tableau developer salary in US.
  • Company Size: You should always look for top companies as they offer a better working environment with good pay.
  • Skills: Enhance your technical skills if you want to excel as a Tableau developer. Both hard and soft skills play a vital role in landing a high-paying Tableau developer job.

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Tableau Developer Salary With Respect to Job Titles

Many jobs share some core responsibilities similar to that of Tableau developers. Given below are some job titles and their salaries that you can keep in mind if you aspire to build a career as a Tableau developer.

Profile Average Annual Salary
Business Intelligence Developer $101,390
Tableau Bi Developer $100,282
Tableau Report Developer $91,486
Tableau Consultant $98,366
Tableau Specialist $92,851
Senior Tableau Developer $114,109
Business Intelligence Analyst $90,373
Developer $78,470
Data Analyst $65,478
Data Engineer $115,704
Data Scientist $102,256
Computer Architect $187,721
Business Objects Developer $90,332
Tableau Administrator $68,986
Data Entry Analyst $32,411

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Top Companies for Tableau Developer Jobs

Working for a top-rated company can easily earn you more than the Tableau developer average salary. Aside from the high salary, many organizations provide a flexible schedule, employee assistance, and medical insurance.

If you want to add value to your resume as a Tableau developer, ‌aim to work for the best firms.

Listed below are some top companies that pay exceptionally well to Tableau developers:

Company Average Annual Pay
Stefanini IT Solution $155,508
Saama Technologies $124,588
Spectrum $114,000
CGI $110,920
General Dynamics Information Technology $109,910
Thomas & Herbert Consulting $108,809
Nityo Infotech $105,000
Cognisoft Technologies $119,236
Tekintel $107,555
DGN Technologies $145,062
Wise Equations Solutions $123,240
Cloud Soft $102,514
Adept Scripts $100,273
Unicorn Technologies $110,544
Nam Technologies $112,037
Baanyan Software Services $100,833
GreenByte Technologies $102,905
TelligenTech $108,319
Expedent $105,140
Avant Systems $117,253

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Tableau Developer Salary Based on Location in the US

Location is a major factor that affects the salary of Tableau developers. While the demand for Tableau developers may be higher in some places, the situation may be different in other areas.

The following are the best US cities to work in if you want to earn more money than the national average as a Tableau developer:

US Cities Average Annual Salary
New York $102,318
San Francisco $106,315
Charlotte $100,419
Chicago $90,231
Boston $95,828
Washington, DC $94,680
Miami $82,799
Phoenix $71,947
Dallas $84,499
Austin $73,004
Renton $71,595
Raleigh $71,536

Skills to Increase Tableau Developer Salary

The Tableau developer skills play an essential role in increasing the overall salary. You can acquire these skills by pursuing a certification in the Tableau course. Always work on enhancing hard and soft skills if you want to land a high-paying tableau job.

Some of the top skills for Tableau developers that can increase your pay are listed below:

Soft Skills Hard Skills
Communication Tableau
Team Work Business Intelligence Tools
Problem Solving Dashboard
Organization Data Analysis
Leadership SQL
Analytical Skills ETL

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What Can You Do With a Tableau Certification?

If you obtain a Tableau certification, you will have a proof of your skill and expertise. By opting for a certification, you can demonstrate to others your proficiency in developing compelling analytics utilising visuals, dashboards, and stories.

Tableau certification is a good way to keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge related to the software. By learing and enhancing your skills, you will be able to give end users better experience.

Once you have completed certification, you can add it on your resume which will increase your chances of promotion and selection for the dream job.

Given below are some of the top tableau developer certification that you can consider if you want to build your career in the field:

Future Scope of Tableau Developers

According to the industry analysis conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), the amount of data generated by the end of 2020 might be 50 times greater than in the previous 10 years. This alone speaks about the vital position Tableau developers hold in the IT industry.

The wide adoption of Tableau has given rise to many job opportunities in the IT field. The salary, too, is seeing an upward surge as more and more companies are opting for data analytics. If you want to build a career as a Tableau developer, you should acquire the skills and confidently send your resume to the job postings.

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Key Takeaways

The market for Tableau developers is growing immensely. It is estimated that approximately 284,100 openings are projected for Tableau developer jobs.

  • The entry level tableau developer salary ranges from $65,000 to $110,714 per year and the senior tableau developer salary ranges between $137,500 to $157,500.
  • Factors like education, location, skills, company, certifications, and experience are crucial in determining the salary for Tableau developers.
  • Stefanini IT Solution, DGN Technologies, and Saama Technologies are among the highest paying companies for the Tableau developer jobs.
  • Some of the highest paying US cities for Tableau developer jobs are New York, San Francisco, and Charlotte.
  • Getting certified is one of the fastest ways to increase your junior tableau developer salary.

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