Are you planning to earn some extra cash this summer?

Summer is the best time if you want to make some money during free time. Whether you want to save up for college or just want to buy your favorite PlayStation, you need your money to fold, not jiggle.

Most of the best summer jobs for teens pay well and require little experience. Your skill set can help you earn cash this summer. If you are a teen, know that you are in great demand since companies are offering enormous opportunities to teens in the form of summer jobs.

Summer jobs can help you improve your academic performance and teach essential employment skills. Before you start looking for a full-time job, ‌gain some experience in a working environment.

Read on to know about the best summer jobs for teens and where to find them.

What are Summer Jobs for Teens?

Before we delve into the best summer jobs for teens, let us first understand what qualifies for a summer job. A summer job is a golden opportunity for younglings to earn some skills to face real-world employment while earning some cash.

It offers them the experience and can even boost their confidence to face interviews at multi-national companies. Teens are mostly paid by the hour due to less load of work.

Summer jobs can bolster your resume if you know the field in which you want to build your career and find a relevant summer job for yourself. When you will interview for a full-time job, these summer jobs will help create a positive impression in front of the interviewers.

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Best Summer Jobs for Teens in 2022

There are a variety of summer jobs that are available for your consideration. You can go through the list mentioned below and choose the one that suits you best.

Some of the best summer jobs for teens are mentioned below:

1. Golf Caddy

Are you interested in golf? Does your area has a lot of golf clubs?

If the answer is positive, you can consider being a golf caddy as one of the fun summer jobs. You do not even have to do much. All you need to do is assist the golfer by carrying their equipment and keeping the club clean. All this while enjoying the game too. How fun is that, right?

Now imagine doing a job that allows you to enjoy the game and pays you well. You heard it right. A golf caddy can easily make $20-30 per hour.

2. Landscaping

If you a someone who enjoys gardening, this job might be for you. Summer is the best time when house owners become most active in maintaining the beauty of their houses.

A landscaping job would require you to mow the garden, plant flowers, and add mulch. Keep in mind that the job is labor-intensive, and therefore the pay is just fine. You can expect $13.84 per hour.

3. Music Teacher

Are you musically talented? Have you honed the skill of creating melodies or playing an instrument?

A music teacher job might be for you if music is your thing. Do not stress if you are not Mozart yet. Since you will teach music to beginners, an intermediate level of musical skills would easily get you a payment of $30 per hour.

4. Server

As a server , you will greet the customers and take the orders. While this job does not require special talent like a music teacher, it still has immense potential to get you paid well.


Simply because of customer tips. The average pay for a server is $15 per hour. But remember that paying a generous tip to servers is a social norm in the US and Canada.

5. Babysitting

Babysitting is among the most easy summer jobs for teens. If you enjoy the company of tiny tots, this one can be a fun summer job for you.

As a babysitter, you will take care of the children when the parents are away, including feeding and bathing them.

The average salary for a babysitter is $17 per hour, but it can be more depending on the number of kids you babysit or the additional duties assigned.

6. Food Delivery Executive

If you are looking for a highly flexible job that offers good pay, then being a food delivery executive is a good summer job.

All you need to do is accept delivery orders, pick up your bike and deliver to the assigned address. With this job, you can easily make $27.97 per hour, making it one of the high paying summer jobs for teens.

7. Lifeguard

Working as a lifeguard would require you to get some training. You need to have a certification and basic first aid training. There might be age restrictions too, but you should be good if you are 16 and above.

As a lifeguard, you will supervise swimmers' safety and rescue if needed. That’s all it will take to become a savior for many and be remembered for a lifetime.

You can expect $14.39 per hour as a lifeguard.

8. Referee

Being a referee is one of the most fun summer jobs for teens. If you like sports, this one is for you.

As a sports referee, you will be in charge of judging the performance and declaring the winner. Although the job is fun, you must carefully observe the players' performances to avoid any misjudgment.

You can easily make $16.68 per hour as a sports referee in the US.

9. Retail Worker

If you are looking for a simpler job that doesn’t ask much from you, consider working in a retail store.

You can be a greengrocer or a barista, and depending on the job title, you will take care of the tasks assigned to you. As a retail worker, you can expect $12.67 per hour.

10. Construction Worker

If you are 16, you can work at construction sites in the USA. The major advantage of this job is that you can get in shape easily by doing the physical tasks assigned to you, like operating large construction equipment.

The average pay for construction workers is $16.per hour.

11. Freelancer Writer

Do you have an inclination towards writing?

Consider working as a freelance writer if you enjoy penning your thoughts. You can either take up writing tasks or even run your personal blog.

As a freelance writer, you can earn $23.90 on average, making it one of the high paying summer jobs for teens.

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12. Dog Walking

Dog walking is among the easy summer jobs for teens as it involves simply taking the dog out for walks, playing with them, and ensuring their cleanliness.

The average pay for this job is $15 per hour, but there is a scope to double the money if you can handle more than one dog.

13. House Sitting

How does the idea of taking care of an empty house sound to you?

Sounds cool, right?

Many people go out for summer vacation, and they need people to look after their house. As a house sitter, they may ask you to collect mail, answer calls, and keep the house clean.

Wondering about the pay? You can earn $12.15 per hour for this job.

14. Language Tutor

If you know any language, you can easily find a job as a language tutor. You will teach students the basics of the language and check their pronunciation and grammar. You need to have a language proficiency certificate for this job.

The average pay for a language tutor is $15.32 per hour. However, you can increase your pay with the number of students you teach.

15. Camp Counselor

A job as a camp counselor can be the perfect option for you if you are interested in leadership or a future career in teaching. With this career, older adolescents may act as mentors for younger children while still enjoying time outside.

The average pay for a camp counselor is $15-23 per hour, making it one of the high paying summer jobs for teens.

16. Movie Theater Employee

A movie theater employee is supposed to greet visitors warmly. The core duties may vary depending on the job. You may have to sell tickets, prepare meals for the concession stand, or manage the cleanup.

Movie theater employees make an average of $10-12 per hour, depending on the job role.

17. Personal Trainer

Are you into fitness?

Being a personal trainer can be fulfilling if you are into fitness and health. The fact that you are young might get you the job easily. You will train your clients and guide them towards a healthy living.

The average pay for a personal trainer is $20 per hour, making it one of the high paying summer jobs for teens.

18. Data Entry Operator

As a data entry operator, you will be entering data into the database and ensuring its accuracy. If you dislike going out much, this job is perfect for you to do in the comfort of your home.

The average pay for the data entry operator is $14.48 per hour.

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19. Social Media Assistant

Do you enjoy scrolling social media? Why not convert that habit into some cash?

A social media assistant would take care of the company's social media presence by scheduling posts, interacting with people via comments, and making fun hashtags.

You can easily make $16.19 per hour with social media if you are social media savvy.

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20. Resort Desk Clerk

Many people travel during summer, so working as a resort desk clerk can be a great opportunity to make some money.

As a resort desk clerk, you will help the guests with check-in and check-outs and ensuring they have a smooth stay at the resort.

The hourly pay for this job is $12.47.

21. Window Washer

This one requires not being afraid of heights. If you like being at heights (literally), this job is perfect for you.

As a window washer, you will clean the buildings' exterior glasses, and you can easily make $15.88 per hour.

22. Surf Coach

A surf coach job can be one of the good summer jobs if you know how to surf. Many tourists want to enjoy surfing but do not have any surfing experience.

As a surf coach, you will train them so that they can catch their first wave and enjoy their summer to the fullest.

You can easily get paid $13 per hour as a surf coach.

23. Photographer

Do you love capturing moments?

Photography can be a good side gig that you can consider if you want to earn some money by capturing photos of people’s special moments.

On average, you can earn $18 per hour as a photographer. You can even sell photos on popular websites like iStock Photo, Etsy, 500px, SmugMug Pro, etc., and earn $100 per shot.

24. Pool Cleaner

As a pool cleaner, you will be getting the scum out of the pool so that people can enjoy their swim. You need to have adequate knowledge of chemicals used in the pool so that it does not affect your health.

As a pool cleaner, you can easily make $17 per hour.

25. House Cleaner

Do you have a knack for getting dirt out of things?

Maybe you can work as a house cleaner this summer. You will be cleaning the whole house, including the furniture, windows, floor, etc., and you can make $14.22 for this job.

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26. Car Washer

As a car washer, you will ensure that the trapped insects, bird droppings, oil, or any kind of dirt are removed from a vehicle's surface.

A car washer can easily make $13 per hour, but you can increase your pay by taking up more cars to wash daily.

27. Newspaper Delivery Person

As a newspaper delivery person, you will deliver newspapers to houses that still prefer reading news in papers rather than online.

If you opt to work as a newspaper delivery person, you can easily make $10 per hour.

28. Restaurant Worker

You can work as a cook, dishwasher, server, or bartender in a restaurant. Since summertime sees the maximum number of customers, the demand for restaurant workers also increases during this season.

There are no specific requirements for working in a restaurant, and you can easily make $12-15 per hour.

29. Library Assistant

If you enjoy reading literature and assisting others, you can be an excellent library assistant. As a library assistant, you will keep track of all the books and guide readers to the right books.

Some libraries accept teenagers older than fifteen and offer $12-15 per hour.

30. Song Reviewer

A song reviewer job can be one of the most fun jobs for teens in the summer. All you need to do is listen to songs and write a review for them.

As a song reviewer, you can earn $12 per song, which can increase depending on the number of songs you review.

31. Survey Taker

As a survey taker, you will be sharing information about your likes and dislikes and sending it out to companies that ask for it. Yep! That’s it.

It is one of the easiest jobs for teens and can pay $1-10 depending on the number of surveys you take.

Where to Find Summer Jobs for Teens?

The next important question is where to find summer jobs for teens?

There are several job search websites where you may register and hunt for summer jobs, including Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. You can also register on Petsitter, Photosesh, Craigslist, and Tutor Care to find relevant jobs.

Alternatively, you may utilize your offline networks to obtain tasks like home sitting, child care, or dog walking.

Also, keep your eyes open when crossing supermarts, restaurants, and schools. They might have flyers advertising the job.

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Tips for Summer Jobs for Teens

As a teenager, you need to keep a few things in mind. Given below are some tips that you can consider before looking for a summer job.

  • Apply before your school semester is over so that by the time it is, you do not waste time finding a job; instead, make the best by doing the job.
  • If the online job summer job hunt is not showing results, ‌use your networking.
  • You can also use social media websites like Facebook to find classifieds.
  • Learn about the job role and prepare well for the interview if you have to appear for one.
  • Be safe and only reach out to job advertisements that seem authentic to you.

Key Takeaways

It is easy to find summer jobs for teens if you know where to find them. Researching a little about the job can be useful in landing the best summer jobs for teenagers.

  • Freelance writer, music teacher, golf caddy, food delivery executive, and personal trainer are some of the high paying summer jobs for teens.
  • The jobs that do not require any specific skillset includes restaurant servers, housekeepers, landscaping, and dog walker.
  • Register on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Craigslist, and TutorCare to find the best summer jobs for teens.
  • If you have to appear for an interview, go through the job description thoroughly and mention the skills that you have that match the job role.

If you need assistance in finding the best summer jobs for teens, visit Visit Hiration's Career Activator Platform. Our AI-powered tool has live chat support available around-the-clock.

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