Data scientist jobs are one of the most in-demand and rapidly growing occupations in the current job market.

So much so that the projected employment growth for this job profile is 36% by 2031, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

But, to land a job as a data scientist, one of the most important requirements that you must meet is having a resume that showcases your skills and experiences in the best possible light.

So, what makes a job-winning data scientist resume for experienced professionals? Is it simply a matter of highlighting your professional experience?

Not quite so. String along to see an exceptional data scientist resume example and understand why it works well and how you could use it as a reference to build your own.

Experienced Data Scientist Resume Example - US Standards

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Feddrick Roger
Data Scientist
5+ years experienced Data Science professional adept at developing analytic models to process raw data for identifying product improvement opportunities and developing data-driven business solutions. Skilled at leveraging data visualizations to present data for identifying patterns and gaining valuable insights that support business growth. Adept at building predictive models and machine-learning algorithms for forecasting business outcomes to mitigate risks.
• Data Analysis • Predictive Modeling & Analysis • Statistical Analysis • Data Visualization • Data Management
• Performance Assessment • Risk Mitigation • Machine Learning • Profit Maximization
• Data Processing • Process Improvement • Leadership & Training
• Packages: Keras, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, NumPy, TensorFlow, SciPy, Requests, Pandas
• Tools: Statistical Analysis System (SAS), Apache Hadoop, Tableau, MongoDB, BigML, Knime, RapidMiner, Excel
• Statics & Machine Learning: Liner & Logistic Regression, SVM, Ensemble Trees, Random Forests, Gradient Boosted trees
  • Machine Learning Certification | Coursera | Aug '18
Data Scientist
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    Data Analysis & Machine Learning
    • Executing clustering & regression analysis to derive business implications and identify opportunities for improvement
    • Implementing data transformation processes on Hadoop to reduce the data processing time by 25% and cut costs by $50k
    • Developing a customer segmentation algorithm using Python to increase sales leads and market share by 28%
    Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics
    • Supervising rapid model creation in Python using NumPy and Scikit-learn to streamline the data visualization process
    • Building a predictive analysis model to forecast customer responses & purchases for supporting optimum inventory management
    • Compiling and cleaning raw data from 15+ open sources using multiple imputations as part of building data visualization
    ML Algorithms & Data Management
    • Leveraging data governance techniques for ensuring data security & integrity to mitigate risk and support decision-making
    • Formulating machine learning algorithms to build dynamic pricing models and increased business profitability by 30%
    • Forming multivariate regression-based attribution models via ad stock analysis from the digital marketing data
    • Leveraging ML ensemble techniques to improve the performance of machine learning models and increased accuracy by 8%
    Junior Data Analyst
    Global Solutions
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      Process Improvement & Data Reporting
      • Analyzed historical data sets to identify product loopholes and suggest improvements for improving product performance
      • Developed and implemented data analysis and data collection systems to optimize statistical efficiency and quality
      • Prepared datasets and created dashboards to boost product sales that generated $30k in quarterly revenue
      • Generated 5+ analytical reports on a weekly basis to enable strategic planning and support data-backed business decisions
      Data Processing & Management
      • Organized 20+ datasets by using techniques like advanced querying and visualization to manage a large volume of raw data
      • Processed semi-structured and unstructured datasets to assess key takeaways and trends for product improvement
      • Acquired data from 7+ primary and secondary sources for creating a database to track customer queries and feedback
      Bachelor's in Data Science
      University of Vermont
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        • GPA: 4.5

        Since the candidate is a seasoned professional, this sample of an experienced data scientist highlights professional experience and skills.

        However, it is done in a crisp and concise manner without the use of lengthy paragraphs or vague descriptions.

        The bullet points begin with action verbs and clearly describe the candidates’ duties and the quantified results of their efforts.

        The summary section effectively summarizes the candidate’s career trajectory, highlighting their key skills and the years of experience he has in a few lines.

        And the skills section has been divided into key and technical skills so as to emphasize their expertise in the field.

        Overall, this data scientist resume template has been divided into distinct sections to enhance its reader-friendliness, and it follows a reverse chronological resume format for making it easier for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiters to analyze the candidate’s most relevant experience first.

        You can use this sample as a reference to update your resume as an experienced data science professional.

        Or if you want to customize this template to make it your own, use Hiration’s AI-powered resume builder with 24x7 chat support. You can also reach us at if you have any queries.

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