How can you grow as a principal in 2022?

The education sector is one of the noblest sectors that allows you to serve people and earn money. Among all the profile titles in education, the principal is the highest level one can achieve while serving.

The number of schools is increasing every year with the increment in population. Currently, more than 2,70,000 principals are employed in the United States.

You can enter the education sector professionally with a bachelor’s degree. However, a principal job requires a master's degree in school administration after some experience as a school teacher.

Therefore, if you are willing to become a Principal in the United States and have required experience with a master's degree, you can apply for your targeted job with a professional principal resume.

We are helping you build an effective assistant principal resume here by educating you with the following details:

Principal Job Description

You can leverage the job description in different ways. Initially, it works as an information medium that tells you everything about the job requirements.

Then, you can use it to pick profile-centric keywords for your resume that will help you parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

You can check the below given principal job description example to get a clear idea of what it looks like:

We seek an assistant principal at our high school who can assist the principal in providing supervision and leadership to administer the education program. As an assistant principal, you will be responsible for promoting the educational achievement and development of students in-line with the Board of Education policies, rules and regulations, administrative procedures, and applicable law.

Principal Responsibilities

As an assistant principal, you will be majorly responsible for:

  • Assisting the administration and development of school programs consistently to address the school district objectives and goals
  • Providing direction and leadership to staff for evaluating and improving educational programs
  • Promoting a safe and conducive educational environment aligned with the cooperative curriculum development, individualized instruction, and student learning
  • Encouraging staff to continuously grow professionally and experiment with the new teaching approaches and strategies
  • Conducting student learning assessments and working with teachers to modify teaching methods that fit students’ requirements

These are some fundamental responsibilities of a principal. However, a principal is the highest designated position in a school that deals with everything to help teachers teach and students learn efficiently.

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How to Build a Vice Principal Resume

You can build an assistant principal resume by referring to the school principal resume examples available online. However, you might get puzzled without practical steps and guidelines to make one.

We are here with some guidelines that will help you make a professional high school principal resume in 2022 without any hassle:

  • Choose a suitable resume format to create the outline of your principal resume
  • Add all the required resume sections to your school principal resume
  • Mention your details genuinely in the assistant principal resume
  • Proofread twice before using your principal resume to apply for a job

Principal Resume Format

Choosing a suitable principal resume format can be complex for many individuals as numerous resume formats are available online.

Hence, we are listing the three most popular resume formats below that will help you build an impactful assistant principal resume and grab your targeted job in 2022:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format

It is one of the most used resume formats that focus on your current status or recent achievement, followed by the previous ones in reverse chronological order.

  • Functional Resume Format

This resume format focuses more on your skills than your professional experience. It is the best pick for professionals with a career gap.

  • Combination Resume Format

It combines reverse chronological and functional resume formats suitable for experienced professionals.

Assistant Principal Resume Sections

You must add all the essential resume sections to your principal resume to enhance your shortlisting chances during the resume screening process.

Here is the list of sections that you can mention in your assistant principal resume in 2022:

  • Resume Title
  • Header
  • Resume Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Training Details
  • Educational Details
  • Certificates & Licenses
  • Additional Information

School Teacher Resume Template

Take a look at the below given school teacher resume example to get an overview of the assistant principal resume building process:


High School Principal Resume Work Experience

It is an essential section of your assistant principal resume, as the recruiter will spend most of the time reviewing it.

Hence, this section must be framed elegantly to grab the recruiter’s undivided attention. Recruiters do not spend more than a few seconds to screen a resume.

Hence, we recommend writing your professional details in bullet points instead of long paragraphs. It will enhance your school administrator resume's readability and make it look organized.

You can follow these below-given steps to craft appealing bullet points for your assistant principal resume in 2022:

  • Use power verbs to start every bullet point
  • Add technical keywords and important metrics
  • Quantify your bullet points wherever possible
  • Highlight essential information in your bullet points
  • Club similar bullet points under a skill heading
  • Address every point in S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result format

Assistant Principal Resume Education Section

This resume section proves your worth for the applied role. Hence, you must frame it with a focused mind.

You can add the following details in this section of your assistant principal resume:

  • Name of Degree
  • Name of Institution
  • Location of Institution
  • Grades Obtained
  • Enrollment & Graduation Year
  • Major Subjects

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Education Required to be a Principal

Most schools prioritize candidates having prior teaching experience for a principal role. The certificate requirement for such a role might vary by state. Hence, you must have a school administrator license of the state you are applying to.

Generally, people start their teaching career with a bachelor’s degree. However, you must earn a master’s degree in education administration or similar niche to be a school principal in the United States.

Top 10 Educational Institutes of the United States Offering Principal Degrees

Here you can see the top 10 educational institutes of the United States offering educational administration degrees to start your educational career in 2022:

  • Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI
  • Vanderbilt University | Nashville, TN
  • University of Wisconsin | Madison, WI
  • Harvard University | Cambridge, MA
  • University of Texas | Austin, TX
  • Teachers College, Columbia University | New York, NY
  • Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA
  • University of Virginia | Charlottesville, VA
  • Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
  • University of Illinois | Champaign, IL

Key Takeaways

Building a principal resume in the United States is not easy as you will have to mention every detail professionally. Still, these guidelines will help you craft an effective assistant principal resume without any complications:

  • Choose a suitable resume format to create your assistant school principal resume outline
  • Add all the required resume sections to make your principal resume look organized
  • Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs to improve the readability of your principal resume
  • Mention your work, experience, education, and skills based on the job description to parse through the ATS

These points will help you frame an impressive assistant principal resume in 2022. However, you can check Hiration’s Online Resume Builder powered by AI technology to build your assistant principal resume in easy steps.

This tool comes with 24/7 chat support, which will clear your queries while using it. In addition, you can always feel free to contact our career-building experts for job assistance at

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