Becoming a design engineer is a journey filled with innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.

As an undergraduate, you're at the threshold of this exciting profession, eager to translate your engineering knowledge into real-world applications.

Your internship experiences are your first steps into the professional world, and they've armed you with valuable skills and insights.

Now, it's time to showcase your potential to prospective employers through a well-crafted design engineer resume.

In this guide, we'll guide you through creating a resume template tailored for undergraduates with internship experience.

This resume will follow the trusted reverse chronological order and feature a user-friendly template with clearly defined sections, including skills, summary, experience, and education.

By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped with a powerful tool that will open doors to your dream design engineering career.

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Allen Fan
Design Engineer
Detail-oriented mechanical design undergraduate adept at creating high-performance air conditioning systems to meet the requirement of various industries. Adept at incorporating customers' feedback to improve product designs by coordinating with cross-functional teams. Proficient in analyzing the manufacturing process and suggesting improvement strategies as part of enhancing operations efficiency.
• HVAC System Designing • Engineering Blueprint • Process Improvement • Project Management
• Component Design • Team Coordination
Technical Skills: AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Microsoft Office
Design Engineer
Larsen & Turbo
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    HVAC System Designing
    • Acquired in-depth knowledge of load calculations, energy modeling, and hydraulic designing of air conditioning systems
    • Liaised with R&D and design team to create a high-performance HVAC system catering to the industrial needs & standards
    • Gained hands-on experience in designing HVAC components by deploying AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit
    • Designed a portable communication system for military purposes by coordinating with the design team of 15
    Engineering Blueprint & Process Improvement
    • Assisted the Lead Designer with modifying engineering drawings via AutoCAD by adhering to the product team's feedback
    • Rendered assistance to the seniors in analyzing engineering methods as part of improving the manufacturing process
    • Coordinated with the project management team to monitor the production process & prepared progress report for stakeholders
    • Micro Structure Engineering of Materials | Department of Mechanical Engineering | IIT Madras | Dec '20 - Apr '21
    • Rendered assistance to Prof. Arvind Kumar with writing the research article and published it on Springer
    • Researched & analyzed similar works of other researchers and cited them on the research paper
    Master of Technology in Mechanical Design
    New York University
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      • GPA: 3.5/4.0
      Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
      New York University
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        • Team Captain | Volleyball Boys Team | New York University | Sep '20 - Mar '21
        • Won the Jimmy George Tournament for Volleyball Tournament in Sep '20
        • Committee Member of Saarang - Cultural Festival of New York University | Sep '20
        • Organized the 5-day event by collaborating with 20+ committee members and attracted 5,000+ attendees to the festival

        Your resume's introduction is your first chance to grab an employer's attention.

        Begin with a succinct but impactful summary that highlights your passion for design engineering and your unique strengths.

        Emphasize your academic achievements, hands-on experience gained through internships, and your enthusiasm for tackling engineering challenges.

        Create a dedicated "Skills" section where you list the engineering skills and proficiencies you've developed during your academic journey and internships.

        Highlight your proficiency in CAD software, problem-solving abilities, technical know-how, and any specific engineering tools or methodologies you've mastered.

        The core of your resume lies in the "Experience" section. Here, you'll detail your internship experiences, beginning with your most recent position and working backward.

        Include any relevant engineering internships or co-op programs you've completed. For each experience, provide a concise description of your responsibilities, focusing on your contributions, achievements, and projects you were involved in.

        Mention any innovative solutions you've proposed or projects where you played a key role.

        In the "Education" section, mention your university, your engineering major, your expected graduation date, and your GPA (if it's impressive).

        Additionally, include any relevant coursework or research projects that showcase your engineering knowledge and expertise.

        Depending on your experiences and achievements, you may consider adding optional sections to elevate your resume such as projects, awards and honors, and extracurricular activities.

        By following a well-structured reverse chronological format and using a user-friendly template with sections like skills, summary, experience, and education, you'll create a resume that stands out to potential employers.

        With this powerful resume in hand, you're well-prepared to embark on a journey filled with innovation, design, and engineering excellence.

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