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Why do you need a cover letter for office managers?

Let’s set a situation.

Say you are the recruiting manager of a top company, and you are sifting through resumes. You land on an application and find that the candidate has put effort into researching your company and went the extra mile to create a cover letter.

Would you be more inclined to choose this candidate to join your company or an equally talented person who has just sent a ready-made resume to you?

A study shows that 83% of recruiters prefer when candidates send cover letters to complement their resumes. While your resume would do a great job of exhibiting your expertise, your office manager cover letter would take it a step further to explain how you are a perfect fit for their company.

You have what it takes to do that! Granted, you get through this perfectly curated guide for office manager cover letters.

Here are some questions that will help you gain deeper insight:

Choose the Right Structure for Office Manager Cover Letter

If you thought of writing just two blocks of text and calling it a day, call abort mission!

Your office manager cover letter should follow a specific structure to enhance professionalism and appeal to recruiters. The small details of how you address the recruiter may show a lot more about your willingness to join their team than you think.

As office managers, a well-structured cover letter would be a testament to your organizational efficiency and managerial skills. Make sure that you do not leave any room for errors or negative judgments.


Other than that, when you follow the standard, it helps recruiters spot the information they need right away, as it is universally accepted.

Office Manager Cover Letter Format

To start with, make sure your office manager cover letter is left-aligned and use margins between 1” and 4”. Avoid large adjustments, for it will either make your cover letter too thin or too full.

Use single spacing and a simple yet conventional font such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, or Verdana. It will help you come across as professional, and the ATS won’t discard your cover letter as spam.

Along with that, you use a font size between 10.5 points and 12 points, the standard scale of appropriateness. Make sure you leave space between paragraphs to avoid it looking cluttered.

If these adjustments seem too much of a hassle for you, jump over to Hiration’s cover letter builder with pre-made templates to make your job easier. We got you!

Start Your Office Manager Cover Letter with Essentials

Now, the part that comes before the body of your office manager cover letter may not be that rudimentary if you get it right. However, if you get things wrong, it might cause a lot more damage than you think.

You would not want to be tagged as unprofessional and lazy before they even get to the crux of your cover letter for office manager.

An Ideal Office Manager Cover Letter Header

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of building your office manager cover letter, you must include basic details about yourself. Your cover letter header must match your resume header, in the sense that you must add the same job title, phone number, etc.

Your office manager cover letter header will comprise of three sections:


Your name should be the largest text on your cover letter. Written in a range of 16-20 points, you can enter your full name and capitalize the first letter of each name.

Keep in mind, if you have a middle name, you can choose to solely provide the initial, such as Eleanor J. Fright.

Profile Title

Your profile title should match either your previous job title or the one you are targeting. If you only have a few months of experience, your profile title can be Junior Office Manager.

However, the better option would be to just enter the same job title that is given in the job description provided by companies, so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

Contact Information

Without a doubt, you must include personal details of yourself like:

  • Phone number

If you are applying within the states, you can add your phone number in the standard format of (111) 222 3333. However, if you're applying internationally, it would be best to add the country code.

  • Email address

Always make sure that you add your designated work email address and not a personal address for the sake of professional etiquette.

  • Location

Adding your exact location matters as most employers would like to know if you can easily shift to the work location. You can enter your details in city, state format or city, country format if you are from outside the United States.

  • Social platforms

Now, it can be very important to add your links to your social platforms if you have active accounts where you maintain your professionalism. A LinkedIn account can be extremely useful for employers to dictate how hospitable you are or analyze your softskills like interpersonal skills or communication skills.

Before sending your applications, cross-check the contact information and make sure that you included the same in both your office manager resume and cover letter.

Take a look at one of the office manager cover letter examples for a cover letter header:


Address the Company

It would be extremely awkward if you just went off talking about yourself. Like any etiquette demands, you need to address the hiring managers with respect.

Include details like:

  • Name of the hiring manager
  • Company name
  • Address
  • City, State code Zip
  • Salutation

Try not to include statements like "To Whom it May Concern", as it is unprofessional and rude to hear from a potential hire.

If you can’t be bothered to research the recruiter's name, ditch the whole application. Recruiters like to see their candidates do the work to join their company, so go the extra mile.

Here is a sample office manager cover letter for this section:


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Office Manager Cover Letter Introductory Paragraph

As the title suggests, you need to introduce yourself with all the relevant details at the beginning of your office manager cover letter. It does a great job of providing hiring managers with a foundation to step on while assessing your candidacy.

Here are some details you can include in the introductory paragraph of your office manager cover letter:

  • The post you are applying for
  • How did you come across the job opening
  • Your college degree/years of experience in the field

Remember to keep the introduction short and concise, as you do not want to bore the recruiter within 2 seconds into your application.

Take a look at one of the cover letter examples for office managers to get an idea of how you can draft your introductory paragraph:


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Include Relevant Office Manager Skills and Accomplishments

Now that you have stepped foot into the crux of your office manager cover letter, you can talk about your work experience and skills that you honed as part of it.

You could have a ton of work experience, but just like your resume, you need to put your best soldiers forward, which you know will pack a punch.

Review this office manager job description to correctly identify what your company is looking for and showcase your skills complimentarily.

If it is a medical office manager cover letter, you could write about your key roles, such as receiving patients and overseeing smooth functioning. You could add the same in a dental office manager cover letter, but make sure you pick out keywords from the job description.

For a business office manager cover letter, it would be best to include administrative duties, inventory control, and scheduling meetings.

Remember to drag it beyond five lines, and include all the crucial details that can be deal-breakers to cement your candidacy for the specific profile.

Hiration pro tip:
Add achievement figures wherever impactful to enhance the legitimacy of your application.

Check how you can write your skills with this office manager cover letter sample:


Talk About the Company

Do. Your. Research!

Before you apply, make sure that you do enough research to know what the role is about or what the company does. It will help you understand the company better and judge if it is the right fit for you.

Not only that, knowing that you took the effort to keep tabs on the company and their achievements will get you a ton of brownie points from recruiters.

It could be any of these:

  • Past achievements of the company
  • Seminars/workshops/conferences
  • Company work ethics/employee benefit

Here is also where you can describe your qualities as complementary to company requirements. Tell them that you have all that it takes!

Your job here is to convince hiring managers that this company is your ultimate choice and that you are all set to join.

Don't worry! You can take inspiration from this office manager cover letter sample:


Ask For an Interview

The last portion of your office manager cover letter is basically a conversation ender.

As the entire purpose of your cover letter is to bag an interview, you need to fix your target with curated words. You need to focus on two things in this section:

  • Diligently thank the recruiters for their time.
  • Ask for an interview at any time convenient for them.

You can also choose to add in your phone number and email address to give that added push to hiring managers. However, you can do away with just a call for an interview.

As a final touch, add your name, signature, and a signal to your enclosed resume, et voila! You have yourself a perfect office manager cover letter.

Here is an office manager cover letter sample for this section:


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Send Your Cover Letter

You can either send your office manager cover letter as an attached document, or as the content in an email. However, before choosing, scan through the job description to see if they've specified which format they prefer their documents in.

If you are sending your office manager cover letter as an attachment, make sure that you include a short note addressing the recruiter and telling them that you have enclosed the office manager resume and cover letter, to avoid any confusion. Do not forget to add the subject, which can be:

  • [Your name] [Office Manager]
  • [Your name] for [Office Manager]
  • Suitability for [Office Manager]

PDF Format

If the job description has not mentioned the format, PDF is the best option to go with because of it's mess-free nature. It is easier for the ATS to parse as it'll transfer just how you save it, and it stays the same no matter which device you open it in.

You can also ensure your structure and cover letter length stays intact. It is also very difficult to tarnish a PDF cover letter, so you are safe! Make sure that you keep the name simple as you download the PDF.

Instead of it being a whole lot of letters and numbers save it as:

[Your Name]_Cover Letter

DOCX Format

It can pose compatibility issues as it can change with every device you open in. Aside from potentially messing with your structure, it can cause the office manager cover letter to appear lengthier in certain devices, making it difficult to read.

If not mentioned by the recruiter, try to avoid this format. However, if you have to, make sure you save your DOCX cover letter in the same format mentioned above.

Sending as Email Body

If recruiters have not mentioned which format they prefer the cover letter in, it is best to add it as the body of your email. It makes it easier for recruiters to read, as they would not have to download another attachment.

Include your subject in this format as well, even if you have it in the body of your email. Make sure that the spacing and formatting are as you intended it to be, and that it did not get messed up in the transfer process.

Sample for Office Manager Cover Letter Based on Experience

Written in three to four paragraphs, your office manager cover letter can get you your dream job, provided you soak in all of these oh-so golden tips.

Here is a sample cover letter for office managers that you can also create with the help of this guide:

Adrian Pimento
Assistant Office Manager
Covering Letter
January 17, 2022

Jimmy Figgis
Hiring Manager
Crescent Designs Inc
57, Brooks Lane
San Francisco, CA 94160

Re: Suitability for Office Manager

Dear Mr. Figgis,

With great expectation, I am writing this to apply for the post of Office Manager at Crescent Designs Inc. in response to the job opening posted on LinkedIn. Armed with extensive experience in managing staff and office operations, I firmly believe that my capabilities along with my MBA degree from C.T. Bauer College of Business will make me an appropriate fit for this position.

Presently, as the Assistant Office Manager at Unified Architectures, I ensure that all office operations go smoothly to maintain overall work efficiency. Additionally, with great attention to detail, I am overseeing construction and renovation projects since 2 years to ensure proper work order. I am also aiding the senior management with budget maintenance and price negotiation for office supplies. Recently, I was recognized by the Vice President for orchestrating the annual company event to reward employees for their performance.

I am truly inspired by the passion for excellence that Crescent Designs Inc. upholds, which makes it stand out as a paragon among other renowned designing companies. I am an ardent admirer of your work ethics that values its employees and ensures a professional yet engaging work environment. I believe that my experience in managing diverse business operations to ensure proper work flow will prove to be an invaluable addition to your company.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person. I am available at +1 415 653 3346 or

Adrian Pimento

Enclosure: Resume

Interested in Brooklyn nine-nine references, sorry-this template? Go on over to the cover letter builder to find office manager cover letter samples and many more!

Key Takeaways

Unlike a resume, your office manager cover letter will act as a prequel to give a deeper explanation of your candidacy. By providing intriguing details about your career and exhibiting your interest in their company, you can make a great first impression.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind while drafting your cover letter for office managers:

  • Follow the standard cover letter format by addressing the recruiters structuring your office manager cover letter into distinct paragraphs.
  • Choose a standard font like Times New Roman or Verdana to make it easier for hiring managers and simultaneously nail your delivery.
  • Provide essential information like your name, profile title, and contact details like your phone number, email address, location, and links to social platforms if you are willing.
  • Start your cover letter by introducing yourself to the recruiters and writing about how you landed on the job opening.
  • Dedicate a paragraph to your work experience by including achievement figures and skills that will help you stand out.
  • As the concluding paragraph, talk about the company and why you consider them your preferred employer.

Now that you have all the guidance you need, nail that application!

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