Let us give you a brief business service definition.

Services that do not render any tangible commodity and work as a support system for other businesses are widely known as business services.

Business services facilitate other businesses to achieve their goals and earn profits. These services provide companies with specialized labor such as professionals, special equipment, and expertise to achieve their target.

According to BLS employment data, business services are projected to grow faster than the average occupation between 2019-2029.

Is business services a good career path? No doubt it is. In terms of career opportunities, it is tough to beat business services.

Consider you are a travel enthusiast and have explored innumerable places. Once you've gained expertise, you can develop them into business services such as tour guides, marketing professionals, etc.

Jotting down the points covered in this blog while answering what is a service business and its scope:

Business services include many professions, but we will discuss a few that have boomed in the past year.

Career Options to Explore in Business Services

Business professionals are in demand for their valuable services to organizations of all sizes worldwide.

The types of jobs in business field are high-paying, and the good news is that the employment opportunities for graduates are increasing every year.

Average salaries in the business services industry can vary and range between $26,804 to $778,998 as per Salary.com.

We have combined the types of services which have made the fastest growth in the past decade as per a survey conducted by Monster.

  • Personal Financial Advisor: These experts provide solutions customized to the needs of their customers, preventing costly mistakes, and mitigating risk.

  • Financial Analyst: Financial analysts pore over data to identify untapped business opportunities or make investment recommendations.

  • Gaming: In the gaming industry, you'll reap success if you can bring extraordinary video games or game content ideas to the table.

  • Surveillance Officer: Surveillance officers monitor suspicious activities to prevent theft and protect employees and patrons.

  • Court Reporter: These professionals report news and cover judgments for both physical and virtual hearings in court.

  • Actuary: An actuary's work varies, depending on projects ranging from analyzing financial risks to consulting and administrative duties.

  • Interpreter and Translator: Interpreters and translators convert information from one language to another. Interpreters work in spoken or sign language, whereas translators work in written language.

  • Paralegal and Legal Assistant: Paralegals and legal assistants conduct legal research and support lawyers with record maintenance of legal documents.


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Going forward, we will break down the approach you should have to step into these areas of business services.

Intangible and Tangible Services

Companies that provide services instead of goods, come under the category of intangible, such as:

  • Banks
  • Repair and maintenance work
  • Airlines
  • Technical Services

Whereas, tangible services deals with typical establishments like:

  • Supermarkets
  • Hardware Stores
  • Clothing

Additional Job Benefits in Business Services Sector

With pretty good pay, comes additional perks and incentives in business services. Added job benefits work as a morale booster for professionals to work with greater efficiency.

The employee benefits data by BLS states that professional and business services increased access to paid vacations from 63% to 93% for full-time employees.

Paid family leaves and medical care benefits are now provided to part-time and probationary employees with effect from March 2021.

Hence, with these sweet benefits, is business services a good career path or not shouldn't be our concern anymore.

How to Kickstart Your Career in Business Services?

The first step to starting a career in business services is to identify the niche you want to target.

Whether you are starting independently or under a business service sector, you will need to perform market research and analysis to determine who your competitors are and what your competitive advantage will be.

Start with Freelancing

Based on your field of interest, start freelancing to gain real-life experience. Freelancing allows you to dip your toes in a pool of possibilities.

It is a window to gain autonomy and experience in the service you wish to professionally render. The best way to start is under an expert's guidance or by assisting an expert with their work.

Structure & Price Your Offering

The key to structuring and pricing your services is to price them in a way that offers value to both you and your clients.

For example: if you are willing to start as a marketeer or advertising expert, you need to conduct a thorough research first to know how these individuals in the market structure their work and price their offering.

Level Up Your Skills

At this point, the most important part of getting your business service off the ground is to upgrade yourself.

Know your strengths, polish them. We have discussed freelancing, start stepping into internships and projects in relevance to your line.

Jotting down some essential business skills you must try and inculcate:

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Ethics and awareness
  • Management and leadership
  • Technical skills in the operational areas of business

Gaining a command over the approach to initiate your career, we will now discuss the qualification parameter.

Qualification Required for Careers in Business Services

Most jobs in this sector do not require college degrees in particular. However, those who are armed with college degrees and dedicated business skills will distinguish themselves from others seeking highly competitive and top salaried jobs.

People with a wide range of degrees are found in the business services industry. To name a few it will be bachelor's in Business, Finance, Marketing, and Economics. In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal, an increasing number of people are opting to pursue a master's degree in business administration.

Top 5 Colleges for Business Services

Stated below are top 5 colleges in the United States with their respective fees:

Colleges In-State Tuition
University of Pennsylvania $55,584
Northwestern University $54,568
University of Southern California $56,225
New York University $51,828
University of Texas, Austin $10,610

There are plenty of corporate training programs and business certification programs available as well, globally. One of the most popular certifications out of these is Certificate in GBS which includes eight courses focusing on foundational concepts through global business services controls, tools, and techniques.

How to Hunt for Jobs in Business Service Sector?

In business services, it is easy to just let your career path unfold as it will. To get ahead, however, you need to be more specific about your career plans while allowing yourself enough flexibility to upgrade as needed.

We will break down the job search process for business services in the next three steps:

Work on Your Resume

Your resume must display rich work experience or prior educational qualifications with relevance to business service sector. It should also emphasize your strong areas, especially the skills which hold significance in your field.

This will require hefty research and market analysis to understand the up-to-date industry trends and requirements. Sounds like a time and brain consuming task, right?

We sure have something to offer you!

With Hiration's Online Resume Builder, you can build ATS-compliant resumes with 250+ pre-made templates specific to your field of business service.

Search and Apply for Jobs

Stating below the most effective job search methods in recent times:

  • Networking: It is one of the best ways to stay on top of what's happening in your field and know about available vacancies.
  • Referrals: This is a win-win situation for both the job seeker and the individual who refers them to the organization.
  • Job posting websites: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and many more career websites these days are the hubs that will help you find a well-deserved job in the market.
  • Job fairs: Job fairs give you the access to meet multiple employers at the same time.
  • Company Websites: You can directly check out relevant job openings on the company website.

Interview Preparation

To prepare for interviews, we suggest you go through multiple practice sessions. This will help you assess your preparedness.

To develop mock practice sessions, you would require the interview questions specific to your business service sector, won't you?

Yes, and Hiration has successfully introduced an Interview Preparation panel with in-house industry experts. These experts have a thorough understanding of the industry requirements and can prepare you well for landing the best entry-level positions.

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Key Takeaways

  • According to BLS, business services are projected to grow rapidly between 2019-2029.
  • Some of the fastest growing business service sectors in recent times are finance, data analytics, legal, and gaming.
  • Average salaries in the business services industry can vary and range between $26,804 to $778,998 as per Salary.com.
  • Freelancing and working internships will help you kickstart your career in business services and level up your skills.
  • One of the most popular business certification programs is Certificate in GBS which includes eight courses focusing on foundational business concepts.

We have now covered the core reasons and associated benefits for you to consider business services as your career path.

We greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions. You can drop us a mail at support@hiration.com for the same.

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