In this module, we will be talking about the different rounds of interviews that are generally involved in a job application process.

Let’s start with the initial screening round with an external recruiter:

It is common for large-scale companies to hire an external recruiter to source the most qualified and interested candidates and refer them to the respective companies.

Once you win over the external recruiter, he/she can be an ally for you as they would want their recommended candidate to bag the position to look good in front of their clients.

Initial Screening Round

Next comes the initial screening round with the company’s internal hr who will ask you generic questions about your qualifications and resume to ensure that you have the right skills and experience with no red flags.

This round usually happens over the phone and lasts around 10 to 20 minutes.

If you get a chance, you can ask the internal hr representative about the nature of the upcoming rounds of interviews so that you know what to expect.

First Interview Round

After this round, comes the first round of interviews which typically happens in-person or over a video call with HR or your potential manager/boss.

He/she will ask you more technical and role-specific questions to assess your skills and experiences with respect to their requirements for the role.

Since you will report to them, they want to ensure that you’re the right fit and that you’ll deliver if you’re hired.

Do you have the skills and abilities to perform the job? Are you dependable? Will you be able to meet the expected requirements?

These are the things that your manager or HR will try to probe in this round of interviews.

The interview can last for about 30-45 mins and needless to say, it is a crucial round that can determine your standing for the position.

Final Interview Round

Once you get through this round, the final interview will be taken by a person from the senior management. He/she could be your boss’s boss or the company’s CEO.

In this interview, the stakeholders are looking to see if you’re a good fit with the team and if you are looking to stay in the company for the long term or not.

You can expect to get higher-level questions with fewer technical and more questions around your general competencies.

Now that you have an understanding of what you can expect in the different rounds of interviews, you can prepare for each of these interview rounds with the same level of dedication and effort if you wish to solidify your chances of bagging the job.

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