What do Insurance Agents do every day?

Insurance agents ensure proper documentation for insurance policies. Moreover, an insurance agent is authorized to customize insurance policies based on client interest.

Insurance agents are not limited to just these responsibilities as they work as a link between an insurance company and its potential customers.

We have encountered nearly 409,950 insurance agents working across the United States in 2020 at an average annual wage of $69,100. The figures are impressive and fascinating for a young graduate.

If you are also interested in becoming an insurance agent, you must understand the responsibilities of an insurance agent. Moreover, you should also know the professional qualifications required and the working sector of an insurance agent.

We are answering all the fundamental information regarding an insurance agent duties in this definitive guide. Here you will get answers to the following insurance agent professional queries:

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What Does an Insurance Agent do?

An insurance agent works as an active medium in the entire insurance pipeline from execution to claim. Here are the major insurance agent duties you will have to address in the United States after starting your career:

  • Collect Data
  • Call & Follow-up
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Know Your Product & Service Inside Out
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Attend Post Sales Queries
  • Generate Profit & Loss Statements

We are showcasing detailed insurance sales agent job description examples below. These examples will give you deep insights into the responsibilities of an insurance agent in the US.

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Entry Level Insurance Agent Job Description

The responsibilities of an insurance agent vary depending on different factors like experience and location. Let us check out a real-time entry-level insurance agent job description below:

We are seeking motivated youngsters to join one of Florida’s rapidly growing insurance companies. As an insurance agent, you will help people get their Auto, Home, Annuity, Commercial, Life, Long Term Care, and Health insurance requirements. In addition, a perfect fit will effectively return calls to cold prospects who are looking to get customized insurance deals.

The major responsibilities of an entry-level insurance agent at our company include:

  • Converting prospects to clients via potential sales calls
  • Learning modern insurance pitching techniques to grow as an insurance agent
  • Prioritizing the client insurance requirements
  • Collaborating with other insurance agents to target pre-decided prospects
  • Must be reliable, courteous, dependable, and professional

Mid-Level Insurance Agent Job Description

The insurance agent job duties for a mid-level professional are a little more complex than an entry-level insurance agent. You can check out a real-time mid-level licensed insurance agent job description below:

We are looking for experienced insurance agents proficient in acquiring the company’s new accounts and retaining existing accounts effectively. The perfect fit for this role will provide efficient, prompt, and high-quality service to the company’s respective insurance accounts.

The highlighting responsibilities of an insurance agent at our company are:

  • Providing effective quotes to the existing TFCU members via different business referrals
  • Collecting required information and risk management recommendations to renew designated accounts before sixty days of the renewal date
  • Scheduling periodic service calls via phone or in-person to designated account holders
  • Completing binders or endorsement requests under three days of the quoted date
  • Maintaining timely interactions to reduce the potential for omission claims and errors
  • Following up on the outstanding claims and offer assistance in claims resolution if required
  • Documenting conversations with insureds and carriers regarding coverages and exposures
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of every insurance process and product of the company

Senior Life Insurance Agent Job Description

Senior insurance advisors usually have 5+ years of work experience and ensure the smooth execution of the entire insurance funnel. Here you can see a real-time senior insurance agent job description example:

We are looking for a senior insurance agent to join our fast-paced team and complete our life insurance targets. For this role, we emphasize accountability, intelligence, and integrity. A perfect fit for this role should have great sales experience and a constant learning attitude. This position is for you if you excel at your work.

A senior life insurance agent at our company will be responsible for:

  • Educating and enrolling clients on the company’s life insurance schemes based on their preference
  • Using proven sales processes and modern technology to help clients choose the best plans, price, and carrier based on their requirements
  • Overcoming competitive sales objections against market competition and customer needs
  • Meeting and exceeding specific and attainable sales milestones
  • Leverage proven marketing techniques to qualify customers

Insurance Agent Education, Training, & Certifications

You need to address the below-given education, training, and certifications required to be an insurance agent in 2022:


You must possess a bachelor’s degree in business or economics to kickstart your insurance agent career. Recruiters also hire high school graduates if they have proven sales experience.


Recruiters prioritize selecting individuals with prior sales experience. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree in business or economics, sales experience is not required.


In most states of America, you will need to pass an examination to get your insurance agent license and bag a job. These licenses differ for different niches like life & health insurance or casualty & property insurance.

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Insurance Agent Skills & Competencies

Along with the education, training, and certifications, these below-given insurance agent skills will also help you in getting your desired insurance agent job in 2022:

Soft Insurance Agent Skills Soft Insurance Agent Skills
Listening Skills Reading Comprehension
Verbal Communication Interpersonal Skills
Strong Computer Skills Enthusiasm
Selling Abilities Client-Centric Approach
Good Customer Service Technical Product Knowledge
Problem Solving Numeracy
Organizational Skills Negotiation Skills

FAQs for Insurance Agent Job

We are listing some frequently asked questions related to insurance agent jobs below that will clear most of your doubts regarding this career niche:

Who does an insurance agent work with?

An insurance agent works directly with valued clients to offer them suitable insurance coverage. Moreover, these professionals also work with other agents and insurance brokers as team members to sell insurance policies.

What makes a good insurance agent?

As a good insurance agent, you must prioritize your clients and have a deep understanding of all the policies available under your company. Moreover, you must be reliable and have effective communication skills to inspire your clients and sell policies. A good insurance agent also stays up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Key Takeaways

People consider an insurance agent profile a temporary role, while the number of full-time insurance agents is no less in America. Either way, the insurance agent job profile can add great value to your sales & marketing career. You can start your insurance agent career by following these steps:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or economics from a renowned university
  • Appear for the license exam and get a government authorized insurance agent license
  • Analyze the targeted insurance agent job description and see the job requirements
  • Build a professional insurance agent resume apply for that opportunity with a cover letter
  • Prepare for the interview process and bag your targeted insurance agent job

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