What can you do if you hate your job?

We all know someone, or we are that person who often cribs about hating their job, their company, and even their boss.

You are not alone in harboring such feelings.

It is only natural to have said so if you have been in the same job for a long period.

I hate my job is a universal phenomenon, and a globally accepted and shared feeling.

Here are a few tips if you have been using I hate my job, I hate my boss, and I hate work quite often:

Here is our blog summary:

  • Identifying the reason behind hating your job will help you come up with possible solutions
  • You can divert your focus, take a break and rewire your mindset if you constantly say I hate my job
  • I hate my boss, if this is your go-to statement then you can try to have a conversation with your boss to resolve the issue
  • If you are miserable at work, and keep thinking about what to do if you hate your job, then start looking for jobs and profiles that will make you happy
  • Keep an open mind and take on new skills if you cannot leave your job

Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the blog:

Identifying the problem

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At some point anyone who has been working for a while has uttered words like, I hate my job; I hate my boss; I hate working or I hate this world.

You probably know the feeling if you are here.

People who hate their jobs are not alone, recent surveys and studies have shown that a large number of people across the globe are unsatisfied at their current jobs.

Reasons for hating or being unsatisfied with your job are numerous, and they vary.

However, the best way to deal with it, is to identify the problem and ask - why do I hate my job?

We have curated a list of plausible reasons for hating your job:

  1. You don't like the work you are doing

We all start with a zeal to work and mostly strive to make a difference, but after a point in time, the work gets repetitive and unyielding. This can be the reason you are feeling discontentment and in turn you say I hate my job so much.

  1. You feel unappreciated

Figuring out why do I hate my job can be fruitful. Humans want to be appreciated if we don't get the appreciation or rewards we deserve, we can turn bitter.

Putting in hours of work and no one appreciates your efforts, or going out of your way to help the company grow and being left unrewarded can be reasons for your usual statements: I hate my boss, I hate my job so much, my work here is done and so on.

  1. You don't see yourself growing

A lot of organizations don't provide due mentor-ship wherever necessary, which can lead to a lack of growth in employees and proliferating the feeling of being stuck.

Doing repetitive work without any scope for growth is a major reason for hating your job.

These are a few possible reasons that make people say I hate my job, however, if you want to know how you can tackle and change your situation, then read on.

What to do when you hate your job

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You know you are not alone when you say I hate my job or I hate work or even I hate my job and my life or I hate my boss. Harboring such feelings is common, but a solution to this situation is not talked about.

People empathize when you say I hate my job so much, but anyone offers a tangible exercise to keep that feeling at bay. We have curated a list of things that you can do whenever you wonder: what to do when you hate your job?

The first step is self reflection

We all have had our share of bad days, sometimes these bad days affect us more than we give them credit for.

So the first step to stop hating your job is to identify if you really hate your job, or is it a terrible week that has turned you bitter.

You can reflect on whether the work you do is unrewarding, or you have overworked yourself and are now burnt out.

Self-reflection helps you figure out the root of the problem. Once you have identified, then you can work towards finding the answer to- what to do when you hate your job?

Take a break

Sometimes working too much leads to burning out. It is a common occurrence amongst employees. If you often find yourself wondering what to do if you hate your job then you can start with taking a break from work.

If you are overworking yourself, then you can share your workload amongst your colleagues, it will reduce your working hours and the pressure.

It becomes difficult to take out time for yourself in a busy schedule, but if you want to keep your life balanced and to keep yourself away from constant cribbing- my work here is done! Or I hate my job so much and so on.

Taking out time for yourself will give your mind the much-needed rest and peace and with that will come the balance in your professional life.

Be mindful of what you say

The feeling of being stuck can turn people irritable, and at that moment we say stuff that we shouldn't. Sharing how you feel is important for your well-being, but be cautious of where and to whom you are sharing your feelings with.

We live in a digital world and lashing out on social media when you think about what to do when you hate your job. People often express their frustrations on social media. If you are someone who does that, then you need to be extra cautious.

It is really easy to look up people on social media and if you are posting stuff related to I hate my job; I hate working and to the likes of it, then you can get into trouble.

No one will appreciate you badmouthing their company on a social media platform, neither will your future employers. So it is advisable to refrain from doing that. You can talk about your miseries to your close friends or families.

Divert your focus

There are things you can do to make your job bearable, but often it is actually bad that you have to leave. Sometimes leaving the job you hate so much isn't possible at the moment, so what can you do then?

If you can't leave the job, then you can change your approach towards it. If helping people makes you feel better then you can make you colleagues happy by helping them in possible ways.

You can take on new projects that might give you a sense of direction, you can rewire your mindset from I hate my job so much to I can get through this.

These suggestions are easier said than done, but when you know you cannot leave that awful job anytime soon, then the only thing you can change is your mindset for your peace.


Strategize your Job Search

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If you are unhappy with your current job, then you should probably start looking for a new job that aligns with your goals and you wouldn't have to say- I hate my new job.

However, you can't leave your job in an instant and you need to strategize a plan and begin your job search.

If you hate your company/industry

There can be multiple reasons for hating your job, they can be your company and even your industry.

You can begin by looking for and applying to companies that are doing impactful work and aligns with your goals.
Changing industries sounds scary, but it is a viable option, all you need is the right skill set and you can do that too. Doing so will save you from saying- I hate my new job

Expand your skillset

When you hate your job and you can't leave it yet, then you can start expanding your skill set and add them to your repository of skills.

Acquiring new skills will not only help you land a better job, but it can also help you change industries if you want to.

The long tiring days at work can be turned around if you start utilizing that time to your advantage, take on projects in the office or outside the office that can teach you new skills or improve on the existing ones.

Doing so will look remarkable on your resume and make it easier for you to land the jobs you want.

Optimize the right tools for job search

Begin your job search by researching about the companies so that you don't end up hating your new job.

Apply to places that you want to work at and choose a targeted profile that will help you grow.

You should optimize your linkedln account too and use it to build connections and apply to companies that see your worth.

Talk to your boss

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This might sound a little absurd to a lot of people since they blatantly say that I hate my boss, but hang on.

There can be numerous reasons for hating your boss, and a lot of them can stem from miscommunication or lack of communication.

You should schedule a talk with your boss and list your problems. You might even be surprised with the result.

If your boss is someone who hasn't accepted your ideas in some projects, then you can try to explain that too. Just back up you ideas with proven data.

Your boss can reject your idea but s/he cannot ignore or undermine proven data.

A lot of issues can be resolved if we communicate coherently.

Leaving your job is an option

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A bad professional life can and will affect your personal life. People don't leave their jobs even if they are unhappy because they don't think it is possible to leave their job.

It can be, and it usually is difficult, but leaving your job is an option.

You shouldn't have to feel stuck in an environment that is making you miserable and hampering your growth.

You might not be able to leave just yet, but you can start planning and leave when you feel ready.

You can start by expanding your skills, taking on side projects, and you can even have another source of income while you prepare for another job.

It is a little daunting, but if you clear your mind and focus on what you want from your job then you can easily leave the existing one and save yourself from misery.

Networking is the key

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Often when we leave places and situations that have caused us discomfort we tend to end thing in a bitter fashion.

In the job industry that is the biggest mistake you can make, that is to burn bridges.

In today's day and age, networking is the key to a successful corporate life.

If you want to move places and move ahead, never burn bridges.

If you are resigning or changing companies, then send a courtesy email to your colleagues and even your boss, so that in future if the situation demands, you can reconnect with them.

Key Takeaways

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Here are the key takeaways from the blog:

  • You can resolve your issues and overcome I hate my job attitude if you find the root cause
  • You can change your I hate my boss temperament by doing practicing self reflection and changing your mindset
  • You should talk to your boss if you are unhappy at work or keep thinking why do I hate my job
  • You should learn new skills to strategize your job search
  • Don't express the frustration with your job on social media
  • Keep in touch with your colleagues to maintain your network

With this, we come to the end of our blog. If you want to optimize your resume, you can visit our Online Resume Builder and get a new resume within minutes or talk to our experts to improve it.

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