Want to work in your dream company even if it is not hiring?

You can take a chance by sending a letter of interest to that company. However, you need to be equipped with a suitable degree, technical certification, and modern skills to be eligible for that company.

A letter of interest is a document that can show your excitement to work for a company even if the company officials are not currently hiring. It is different from a cover letter because it is not dedicated to a specific job.

Moreover, you send a cover letter with a resume to apply for a job, whereas you can send a letter of interest independently at the company’s official email account.

We are here to help you become a part of your dream organization by building a professional letter of interest in 2022.

Let us showcase the most effective writing process for a letter of interest with answers to.

Why Should You Write a Letter of Interest?

The letter of interest is a document that can push you towards great future endeavors. In addition, a letter of interest helps you apply for a position that is not listed on any online job portal.

Career-building portals like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc., will not give you details about every job opening at your targeted company because companies do not post every job vacancy online.

A letter of interest might not get you hired immediately, but it can bridge the gap between you and your desired company for future opportunities.

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How to Write a Letter of Interest?

Writing a letter of interest is entirely different from writing a cover letter. You can refer to any interest letter example to write your letter of interest for a job.

However, these letter of interest samples will not help without actionable guidelines. Here are some industry-grade tips to help you draft your letter of interest:

Frame It Like a Business Letter

You should frame your letter of interest as a business letter because the targeted company has shown no requirements. You can get a position by selling your skills and capabilities with the help of a letter of interest. Hence, you can use a business letter format to write your letter of interest.

Target the Correct Source

You need to find the right person in the company to discuss professional collaboration. You can call the company or email them if you have to. You can ask directly, “I am interested in working for this department. I have relevant skills and a technical education degree. Can you please tell me the name and email of the person responsible for hiring under this department?”

Research the Company

Research your targeted company's business verticals, vision, and mission to know what they're looking for in an ideal employee. Then, you can try to portray your image as a perfect fit with the help of your letter of interest.

Show your Capabilities

We recommend you showcase every skill you have and demonstrate how you can add value to organizational growth. Showcasing diverse skills will make the recruiter believe that you can add value to different departments of the company.

Keep it Crisp and Engaging

Recruiters and hiring managers do not have much time to spend on your letter of interest. Hence, you must keep it concise and use simple language to enhance the readability of your letter.

Letter of Interest Structure

You can use a business letter format to frame your letter of interest in 2022. However, we have also listed the sections that you can add to outline your letter of interest professionally.

  • Submission Date
  • Contact Information
  • Salutation
  • Introduction Paragraph
  • Middle Paragraph
  • Closing Paragraph

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Letter of Interest Format

A letter of interest will make you stand apart from the crowd of usual applicants. However, you might end up in the spam box of your recruiter.

Still, you need to pay close attention while writing the letter of interest for your targeted company.

You can add the below-given details to your letter of interest:

  • Your full name
  • Your designation
  • Your current company name & address
  • Your contact details
  • Recruiter’s name
  • Recruiter’s designation
  • Targeted company name & address
  • Subject
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Middle paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Sign off

Note: We recommend addressing the recruiter by name instead of sir/ma’am to grab their undivided attention.

Letter of Interest Introduction

Your introduction should be impactful and appealing to hook the recruiter. For this, you can showcase your achievements, experience, and capabilities that make you different from the usual applicants.

You can refer to the below-given examples while framing the introduction of your interest letter:


I am a skilled teacher who loves learning new things and educating the young generation to build a prosperous future.


As a result-oriented teacher, I improved the students’ test scores by 50% at Hogwarts High School.

Letter of Interest Middle Section

You need to mention your skills and capabilities in the middle section. We advise you not to mention any random skill here.

Before writing this section, you should first be clear about 'why you are a good fit for this company?' or 'what skills do you have that can add value to the company'.

You can frame this section better if you have answers to these questions.

Note: You can add facts and figures to make this section more impactful and convince the recruiter that you can bring significant changes to the company.

Letter of Interest Sign Off

This is the last and most critical task while writing a letter of interest. Suppose you wrote one of the best letters of interest globally, and you fail to take things further. It would be like you sent them a random letter with no intent.

Your letter of interest sign-off must have a compelling CTA to engage the recruiter for the next step to avoid such issues.

You can understand it better by the below-given example:


Let me know if we can have a detailed conversation.


I will be obliged to work for such innovative minds and grow steadily. So, can we have a small talk over via email or in person to discuss how I can improve your sales by 30% in a year?

Thank you for your time and consideration. Looking forward to a positive response.


Rachel Karen Greene

Key Takeaways

You might face difficulties in writing a letter of interest as it is not common, like a resume and cover letter. However, these guidelines will help you create a professional letter of interest without complications:

  • Write your letter of interest like a business letter and try to present the best version of yourself
  • Start with describing your achievements and capabilities that make you unique
  • Try to showcase how you can add value to the organization with modern skills
  • Sign off elegantly with a hint to initiate the conversation further and see if the company wants you

You can follow these steps to craft a letter of interest in 2022. However, if you want to make the process easier, you can have a glance at Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Service Platform.

It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool with 24/7 online chat support that gives you fruitful career assistance for your next job search. In addition, you can also discuss your career-based queries with our experts at support@hiration.com.

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