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It is rightly said, “Without teachers, life would have no class.

Deciding to become a teacher is a noble decision in itself. But to fulfill that dream of yours you need to have a few documents ready i.e your cover letter and resume.

You are definitely all decked up with the qualifications and your passion to impart the knowledge you have and mold the future of the next generation for the betterment of the whole of mankind.

Trust us, you are offering an invaluable contribution to society.

Cover letters are the first thing that a principal or the person concerned looks at.

So, we are here to help you out to write an amazing and personalized teacher cover letter.

Here are a few points which we will be discussing for a teaching cover letter in this blog:

Just to have a basic idea, we should first know what is a cover letter and what is its purpose.

What is a cover letter?

The teaching cover letter contains the introduction of a candidate, along with the qualifications, achievements, and passion for the post. The purpose of a cover letter is to discuss your passion for the job and how your achievements would benefit the organization.

In the case of a teacher cover letter, you have to be subtle with what you are adding on it.

A teaching cover letter needs to be short, simple, and most importantly on point. Ensure that you personalize your cover letter for every new job you apply for.

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Before that make sure you use an apt cover letter template. You can get 15+ designs of cover letter template on Hiration, do check them out.

So, without further ado let us directly move to the header section of a teaching cover letter and look at some shortlist-worthy teacher cover letter examples.

The header of a cover letter

The header section of a teacher cover letter needs to have very basic things included. This section should be neat and direct as it provides your contact details to the reader.

For this make sure you choose a basic font and style for your cover letter. Ensure that the alignment of the header section matches the alignment of the entire cover letter, be it center, left, or right.

The header of a teaching cover letter must include:


While writing your name, keep the font of the size 14 - 16. It has to be the largest font size in the cover letter to make your name stand out. You can try emboldening or italicizing it, again if it goes well with the overall cover letter formatting.

Also, write only the initial of the middle name followed by a full stop. For example Alexa P. Henson

Phone number

Since the phone number is the primary source of contacting you you need to put it right under your name. Only a few things need to be taken into consideration when putting your phone number on the cover letter, i.e include your primary phone number in the cover letter which you are available on every time, like legit 24x7.

Always write the phone number with the area and country code.


Email address

Add an email address to the cover letters after the phone number. And it goes without saying that provide an email address that you check more often so that you don’t miss any update or intimation provided by the institution.

And use a formal email address. Please avoid whimsical email addresses like missboldandbeautiful@mail.com or mrhandsomehunk@mail.com

If you feel your email address is not professional enough to be put on your resume or cover letter, then create a new email address.

You wouldn’t want a bad impression, would you?

Social media profiles like LinkedIn (Optional)

With the technology advancing so fast, you need to maintain your pace to keep up with it. Adding the links of your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile in the cover letter is appealing in the modern tech-savvy job market.

Although it’s optional, we recommend you add it in your cover letter to appear up-to-date to the tech-savvy world.

However, before providing the links for platforms like LinkedIn in the cover letter, make sure you have updated them sincerely.

Avoid putting any extreme opinions or negative thoughts on the profile.

With this, the header section of teacher cover letters is sorted here. Let us move to the next section.

Addressing a teacher cover letter

While addressing a teacher cover letter, make sure you address the principal or the person concerned with his title followed by his name. Below are some addresses of best cover letter examples for teachers:

  • Dear Principal Kevin
  • Dear Dr. N. Stalin
  • Dear Professor Keith Klein
  • Dear Ms. Kentucky

When it comes to addressing a female, one might not know whether she is married or not, so to avoid any mistakes regarding ‘Miss.’ or ‘Mrs.’, use ‘Ms.’ on the safe side.

There is no rule regarding the use of the first name or the last name, you can use any one of them or both. Just like in the examples above.

When you don’t know the name, try to look for it on the internet or the school’s website or even you can call the receptionist to ask for the name of the person concerned.

But even after putting so much effort, you do not find the name of the principal or the person concerned then here is the tip. Keep the address formal and professional while writing your teacher cover letter. Here are some examples to address the cover letter for teachers:

  • Dear Principal
  • To the administrative department

Introduction of a cover letter for teachers

A thought-out and perfectly composed introduction can convert your teaching cover letter from ordinary to extraordinary cover letter.

The introduction has to be lucid and convey the purpose effectively. Also, you can add an achievement from your past experience to shine out among others.

Since the introduction of a cover letter is so important, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be direct and straightforward - The principal might be having quite a few cover letters to dwell on, and this is a hectic task. By being straightforward in the introduction you are making his/her work easier, and that would work for you in the long run.
  • Use a belief statement - A belief statement helps to make you look reliable, responsible, and authoritative, and the person on the hiring side always looks for these qualities in a candidate.
  • Exhibit passion for your work - You got to show some zeal and enthusiasm for the work you do. Being a teacher you can write about how you are putting in constant efforts to improve and look for innovative methods of teaching.
  • Show some love for the school - This is the best trick that works, showing reverence for the school. The hiring person will always want someone who respects the institution and is passionate about working with them.
  • Always personalize - Using a generic cover letter for the job application is a big turn down, always personalize to show your sincere interest.

Let us look at the introduction of a teacher cover letter examples.

As an enterprising and student-oriented elementary-level teacher, I am interested to apply for the post of Mathematics teacher at Daisy High School. With an experience of 2+ years, I believe my teaching skills and passion to deploy interactive methods to ensure student engagement would make me an apt candidate for this position.

This way the introduction of teacher cover letters can be made delightful for the readers and turn your cover letter into the best cover letter.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph of teaching cover letters needs to convince the hiring manager why you are a perfect fit for the position.

In this paragraph talk about your achievements as a teacher and how you can use your experiences to motivate students in thriving their best.

Look at the second paragraph of one of the example cover letters:

In my present position as a Mathematics teacher at St. Kate High School, I have the responsibility of not only educating young minds but also drawing their attention towards analyzing the subject from various perspectives. I have created more than 50 lesson videos and deployed unique methods of teaching to make the subject more interesting. With an average passing and graduation rate of 98.75%, I believe that I can perform similarly to garner amazing results at Daisy High School as well.

Third Paragraph

The third paragraph usually focuses on why the school is a perfect fit for you. You can talk about the institute in this section, praise it and tell them why they are the most sought-after educational institutions to work in.

If there is no opening at that particular time, then you can show your interest in this paragraph of the cover letter and inquire about the possibility of a requirement of a teacher in that school.

The second paragraph from teacher cover letter examples:

I’ve long been inspired by the teaching values of Daisy High School after attending a webinar organized by it. The school’s outlook of reaching out to children at an individual level has made me apply for this position. I would be honored to work in such a reputed institute and prove to be one of its most valuable faculty.

You can find one of the best cover letter templates on Hiration. You just need to fill in the required information in the cover letter template and the rest of the formatting will be taken care of automatically.

The Closing Paragraph

Keep the closing paragraph of the teacher cover letters formal and short. And always end with a complimentary close and your name.

It is would be my pleasure to combine my range of experience with my capabilities to be a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher and make a positive contribution to your school and the community at large. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you soon at your earliest convenience.

William Jones

Key Takeaways

Teacher cover letters are not as complicated as it seems, with a few simple cover letter tips you can ascertain an interview with the principal and bag that position. Let us take a look at the key takeaways from this blog.

  • Introduce yourself with an amazing start - The opening of your cover letter has to be captivating because it is a deciding factor on whether the principal will read further or not
  • Frame a well though-out main body - Use the second and the third paragraphs of the cover letter to convince the principal that you and the school are a perfect match for each other
  • Finish Firm - Your finishing statement in the cover letter should give an impression of confidence in you so that they feel sure about you and schedule an interview

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