Can you find jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most used professional platforms in the world. The social media giant revealed that it has a massive audience of 810 million professionals worldwide.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network that you can leverage in numerous ways. You can promote products, learn new things, grow businesses, and even find a job via LinkedIn.

You are here, meaning you are looking for the answer to how to use LinkedIn to find a job. We are here to help you find answers to all the questions related to the LinkedIn job search in 2022.

Here you will find the following information:

How to Search for Jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great place where you can meet professionals, connect with them, and apply for jobs globally. You will see a separate section for LinkedIn job openings, where you can apply for jobs in every sector.

You will have to fill your details manually in some job vacancies, whereas you can leverage the facility of ‘Easy Apply’ in some of them. Easy Apply offers you the facility to apply for jobs with a single click.

If you want to search for a company-specific job, you can follow the below given points:

  • Click on the LinkedIn's search bar
  • Enter the company or job profile name
  • Check out the gained results

Note: You can use filters to get your desired opportunity without wasting time.

Prerequisites of Job Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can avail you of many advantages in your professional journey. However, you need to address all the prerequisites before searching for jobs on LinkedIn:

Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

First, you need to create a strong LinkedIn profile with genuine details about your education and profession. We suggest you not lie about anything on LinkedIn as it will work as your resume while searching for jobs.

Writing a bio or summary is also a part of your profile. You can add industry-specific keywords in your bio and use easy-to-read language to increase readability. Ensure that you have an all-star profile before searching for jobs on LinkedIn.

Get Endorsements & Recommendations

After making an all-star profile, ask your colleagues, team leaders, and managers to endorse and recommend you for your skills and capabilities.

It will make your LinkedIn profile stronger and more worthy, which will grab the recruiter’s undivided attention.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

Getting a job via LinkedIn is not very complex. You can use it to make professional connections and apply for a job in easy steps.

For a detailed understanding on how to use LinkedIn to find a job, check out the points given below:

Consider LinkedIn as a Search Engine

Though LinkedIn is a professional platform, you should consider it a search engine if you are looking for a job.

You can use the LinkedIn search bar to find jobs, companies, people, and even groups that can help you a lot in your job search.

Like Google, you can find anything professional with the help of a keyword in the LinkedIn search bar, just like Google.

Make Connections With Employers & Hiring Managers

You will see numerous professionals on LinkedIn in your working area. If you have seen a job opening at LinkedIn or any other platform, you can use the company name in the search bar to find the company’s official LinkedIn page.

While visiting that page, you will also see the people working in that company. You can connect with them and ask for help if required to clear your queries or emphasize your shortlisting chances.

Build a Strong LinkedIn Network

A strong LinkedIn network does not mean you have many connections. It means that you have many connections of the same niche you’re working in.

Hence, try to build a strong LinkedIn network of similar niches so you will not be out of opportunities at any stage of your life.

Engage With Your Connections on LinkedIn

You can not just add professionals to your list and move on. You need to engage with them to make personal connections.

If your connection is of an upper profile than you, ask for guidance to find a job and grow in your career.

If the connections are of lower profiles, help them to grow in career and greet them on birthdays and other special occasions.

In a single line, we mean that you must have a personal touch with your LinkedIn connections to leverage the power of this marvelous online professional platform efficiently.

LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

Apart from the above-given guidelines, you can follow some tips to make your job search effective:

Never Use ‘Job Seeker’ in Your Profile

You should never use ‘Job Seeker’ or similar terms in your profile if you are employed and looking for new opportunities.

Recruiters do not use terms like ‘Job Seeker’ while searching for new candidates. Moreover, many recruiters avoid profiles that have similar words.

Using such terms will also make you sound desperate. Hence, we suggest you not use such terms in your LinkedIn profile.

Clean Your Social Media Profiles

Though LinkedIn is the most visited social platform by recruiters, you can not rely on this only. Recruiters can also check your Facebook profile, which is the second most visited social platform after LinkedIn.

If the recruiter finds anything inappropriate on your social profiles, it might cost you the opportunity. Hence, it is essential to keep your social profiles clean while applying for a job via LinkedIn or any other career-building platform.

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Key Takeaways

People who are willing to know how to network on LinkedIn to get a job will find many essential points above. Here are some LinkedIn job search tips that will help you bag your desired job in 2022:

  • Make a strong LinkedIn profile with an All-star tag and genuine details
  • Get recommendations and endorsements from your previous co-workers
  • Check out the LinkedIn jobs section to find jobs in different niches
  • Use the LinkedIn search bar to find people, jobs, and groups for an overall professional growth
  • Keep your social profiles clean for a professional presentation before recruiters

These steps will help you find your desired job via LinkedIn. For further steps, you can use Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Building Platform powered by AI technology. This digital tool comes with 24/7 chat support to offer you a user-friendly resume-building experience.

Moreover, you can always contact our career-building experts for any job assistance at

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