Are you wondering how to get out of work?

Even though you thoroughly enjoy your job, there can be days where you just need an off to rejuvenate. Thinking of a proper excuse that does not earn scorn from your boss can be tricky.

Sometimes, you end up with some emergencies or personal commitments that affect your work schedules. It can be that your friend has decided to visit your city and you promised to be their local guide or your significant other has called off the relationship.

No matter what the reason is, you need to convince your boss of the gravity of your predicament. It is not done by speaking the truth straight away, but by using good excuses.

Here we will discuss some frequently asked questions and topics related to how to get out of work without making your manager feel contemptuous.

Do You Need Excuses to Get Out of Work?

We live in a world where we cannot be hundred percent transparent. When it comes to professional life, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone. It primarily includes your boss.

Often, when you do not feel like working, your professional duties hold you back. You feel half-dead yet reach your workplace, turn on your laptop screen and daydream about how beautiful life would have been if you could have taken just a day off.

Sometimes you don’t have a genuine reason to take a day off, or it is not justifiable to be considered a reason. You might just not feel like making it to work. You are exhausted from working day in and out, and all you need is a comfy bed, sleep, a movie, and loads of junk- basically anything that fits your definition of chilling.

What can you do in such a case? Most certainly, you cannot tell your boss how you feel. It might not be perceived positively.

Listen carefully. There is a magic wand called “excuses” for all those times. Shh…don’t let that out.

Where authenticity fails, excuses prevail. You need excuses when your reasons do not appeal to be genuine. Keep that mantra with you and read on to know the types of excuses that surely can answer what to say when calling out of work.

Types of Excuses to Get Out of Work

It is not a surprise that some excuses are better than others. They can be so convincing that if your organization cares about its employees, it will offer a leave not just for a day but days. However, overusing the same excuse, again and again, will make your boss doubt you.

Therefore, always think and decide if you want to go with a good excuse or a bad one.

What Are Some Good Excuses to Get Out of Work?

A good excuse to miss work is that you do not have to follow up with a lie. You state your reason, you get the leave, and that’s it. It is done and dusted.

Putting forth why you are not feeling very well can even get you last-minute off. It is relatable and honest because, hey! mental health counts equally. You need not push yourself if you do not feel like contributing for a day.

Health is paramount, and no boss can deny it. Remember, you will not be the first person to get out of work at the last minute. Another good excuse to call out of work can be an appointment with your doctor.

What Are Some Bad Excuses to Get Out of Work?

You might be tempted to make a grim excuse like someone in your family passed away, so you need a day off. However, if your boss cares enough, they can enquire more about it, for which you will have to lie more. It is better to avoid such bad excuses.

A bad excuse would require you to build compelling stories that need to be updated with time. No matter how good you might be at it, a lousy excuse always sounds unrelatable, untrue, and made up.

Keep in mind that a good excuse can turn into a bad one if repeated multiple times. Therefore try to keep a balance and don't try to get out of work every other day.

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How to Get Out of Work When You Don't Feel Like Working?

It is absolutely fine to miss out on work once in a while. It happens to all of us. We are not hard-core wired to be 100% productive every day.

Here are some best excuses for missing work when you don’t feel like working.

Feeling Unwell

It is the most common and believable reason to miss out on work. You can easily say that you are not feeling well and need to take off for the day. You can give any of the following reasons for feeling unwell.

  • Backpain
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea

Food Poisoning

If you want an unquestionable excuse, you can simply say you caught food poisoning. It works in almost any case, as everyone at work would have known how intense the condition could be.


The good (or bad) thing about allergy is that it starts abruptly. Anything can trigger it in the human system, and until it is intense, you do not even need to visit a hospital. Therefore, you can always use this work excuse when you don’t feel very productive.

Family Reasons

Families always support us. When they need us, we have to be there for them. Even when they do not, we can create a reason for a family emergency to take off.

Mental Health Reason

Sometimes you need to recover from all the stress that your work might put you through. Maybe you need a day off from work to feel better. If your boss understands, you can always say you are not feeling yourself today.

Personal Reason

This one needs to be conveyed most earnestly. Convince your boss that you have encountered something extremely urgent and can’t even tell it. Casually saying it won’t do much.

Doctor’s Appointment

Scheduling your doctor’s appointment in advance is a good practice, but there can always be emergencies where you have to visit the doctor too suddenly. Use this excuse independently or with the first.

How to Get Out of Work When You Need Time Off?

If you wonder how to get out of work when you need time off, you can read a few more reasons that can act as a good excuse.

Lost a Valuable Thing

It can be a wallet, keys, or some urgent document. Losing a thing of value can be stressful and might call for a day off.

Court Cases

This might sound a little extreme, but it might work if you inform in advance. Nobody can stop you from taking an off to be summoned by the law.

Shifting to a New House

Changing houses is common. Whether you say you are moving from your family’s home to an independent one or simply switching the house due to security reasons, you will not be asked much. You need to schedule it in advance and inform accordingly.

Car Accident

Accidents always come in handy when you are seeking an off from work. You cannot concentrate on your job unless you see them. Accidents shake you to the core.

You Got Burned

Not a popular one but you can use still use it. Just make sure that if asked, you mention the part of the body that you can easily cover for the next few days if you work from the office.

Spouse/Children Are Sick

If you have a partner or children, there is nothing better than them to call off work for a day. You are a good human being, and it is your responsibility to take care of them when they do not feel well.

How to Get Out of Work Without Earning the Scorn of Bosses?

If you do not want to come onto the wrong pages of your boss, you need to be careful with the reason you give to call off work for the day. Try to provide good excuses that the bosses can relate to. Be careful not to post partying pictures on social media if you are connected with your boss on it.

Here are some good excuses that you can use to get out of work without earning the scorn of your boss.

Pet Care Day

Your pet might have eaten something that is acting upon it. You need to take care of your pet and consult a vet. It is sure to work if your boss is an animal lover too.

You Met an Accident

Do not blow it up by saying your leg is fractured, as you will trap yourself in a significant lie. You can simply say you need to time off as you are traumatized.

Taking Your Laptop to Service Center

A major bug has started to occur in your laptop’s system, and you need to get it fixed to be productive at work. Without it, you would just waste the time of the company and yourself. Which boss would want that?

Keep in mind that this excuse can only work if you use your device for work. Tell your manager that only when you get your laptop fixed can you access the required data for the day.

Put It on the Weather

If it is pouring heavily, you can say your locality is flooded with water, and you can’t make it to work. The public transport is also at a distance from where you live. Make sure to check the weather before making such an excuse.

Your Child’s Caregiver Didn’t Turn Up

You have to stay at home to look after your lovely child as the caregiver had to take off from their work. Domino effect right there! If you are a parent, this can be a convincing reason to take off from work.

Working From Home

Instead of taking an entire day off, you can also request to work from home. It will save you the effort to reach the workplace. It happens early in the morning; we do not feel like leaving the bed and reaching the office.

For such lazy days, you can request work from home and give an excuse that your car broke down.

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Believable Excuses for Missing Work While Working From Home

It can be tricky as many good excuses mentioned above automatically get eliminated if you are working from home. But fret not; we have a long list of good excuses to miss work without raising suspicion.

  • It is your anniversary and you have to spend the day with your partner.
  • There is a marriage in your family, and you have to be a part of it.
  • Doctor’s appointment works well for work from home employees too.
  • You are not feeling well.
  • Internet issues.
  • Family Emergency.
  • House needs fixing.
  • Severe menstrual cramps.

How to Inform Your Boss About Calling Off Work?

Once you have decided to use any of the reasons mentioned above, your next step should be to inform your boss about the same. The sooner you tell, the better it is.

If you have made up your mind a day in advance, it will be best. However, even if you had the thought a night before, you can still drop an email or text to your manager informing the same.

Keep these points in mind while informing your manager about calling off work.

  • Always inform your manager at the earliest.
  • You can choose to message on an instant messaging service (like Slack) if your workplace uses it. Alternatively, you can write an email.
  • If your manager is unavailable on any instant messaging application, call them to inform and back it up with an email.
  • Follow the rules of seeking a leave. If there is a portal where you have to request leave and get it approved by HR, do not miss out on it.
  • Keep the tone of your message formal and convincing.

How to Inform Your Colleagues When You Take an Off From Work?

If you are working in a team, it becomes essential that you inform your teammates of your absence from work.

You can keep these points in mind while informing them.

  • Inform on Slack, WhatsApp, or any other instant messaging application they might be available on.
  • Convey that you will catch up with work the next day.
  • If you are available over call for any assistance related to your work, you can tell them that.
  • If there is any meeting scheduled, inform the team that you will not be able to attend it.
  • If you can propose someone who can fill your absence, it is a good idea to inform the team.

Key Takeaways

There can be many reasons to miss out on work if you do not feel like working. What matters is not why you seek an off from work; instead, how you explain it to your manager.

Here are important takeaways from our guide on how to get out of work that you can keep in mind.

  • Do not think much if you do not feel like working. It is always a good idea to take off and rejuvenate yourself to be more productive the next day.
  • Try to use good excuses that are believable and convincing. The best excuses to get out of work are always those that don’t raise suspicion.
  • You can always use excuses like personal reasons or family emergencies if you do not want to be enquired much about it.
  • Inform your manager as early as possible. It is always better to give a notice of 24 hours.
  • No matter what reason you use, the best way to get out of work is to assure your manager and teammates that you will make up for the loss of work for the day.

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