Not all students graduate from high school and join a college.

They can take the General Educational Development or GED test to get a GED diploma.

This is a high school level certification and is recognized all over the USA if you are looking into higher education or getting a better job.

A student must score 145 out of 200 to earn a high-school-level certificate. If you scored between 165-175, that means you are college-ready. And if you score 175 above, you can get college credits.

Once you earn the GED certificate, you can include it in your resume at the time of applying for a new job or when you apply for a college.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about adding GED to resumes:

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What is a GED Diploma and Why You Should Include GED in Resume?

GED or general education development consists of a series of tests to assess candidates who have not graduated from high school.

These tests mainly assess the candidate's proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, and reading proficiency at the high school level.

Upon completing the GED tests, you'll get a certificate that shows that you have all the skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school diploma. Hence, adding it to your resume can give you plus points during the job application process.

The state department of education issues the GED. And, it's recognized by almost all colleges and organizations working in the USA.

What Are the Differences Between a Ged and a High School Diploma?

There are major differences between a high school diploma and a GED.

The primary difference between a GED and a high school diploma is the time taken to complete the courses.

A high school diploma takes four years of high school to complete. And a GED, which is a test in 5 subjects, only takes 7 hours.

Apart from this, a GED does not require the candidate to acquire formal education.

Most employers in the USA accept a GED certificate as an alternative to a high school diploma.

GED certificates can even help you get into the military, which is extremely difficult with a high school diploma.

With that said, it would be a great addition if you listed your GED certificate in your resume.

Why Should You List GED in Your Resume?

If you are looking for a job, a GED in your resume will tell the recruiter that you possess all the skills of a high school diploma student.

Similarly, if you are applying for higher studies, the GED in your resume can help you get selected for college.

Let's see some ways GED in a resume can be beneficial for your career:

  • Most companies hire candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. If you don't have a high school diploma, you can add a GED certificate to your resume to get considered for the job.
  • College and universities only allow people to apply for higher study if they have a high school diploma or GED.
  • If you opt for any vocational training, you'll also be asked to produce a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

In conclusion, it's challenging to grow in your career if you don't have a high school diploma or a GED certificate on your resume. It's even getting harder as the job market is getting over-saturated with a lot of skilled professionals.

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How to List GED on Resume and Job Application?

Since GED is an alternative to a high school diploma, you can add it to the education section of your resume.

Always write the full name followed by the Acronym to ensure the GED experience is ATS friendly.

States like California have their own GED test. So, make sure to add the relevant GED in your resume based on where you apply for a job.

Here are the full forms of 3 popular GED tests:

  • GED: General Educational Development Diploma
  • HISET: High School Equivalency Diploma
  • CHSEC: California High School Equivalency Certificate

If you're unsure about what to list, check the job requirements or look at industry data to understand which GED experience most companies require.

Below are some examples of how to put GED on resume:


General Education Development Diploma | Jul '19


High School Equivalency Diploma | Jul '19


California High School Equivalency Certificate | Jul '19

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How To Add Your Ged on Resume Example: If You Are Experienced


How To Put Ged on Resume Example: If You Have No Experience


How to List Ged on Resume Example: If You’re Pursuing Ged



When You Should Not Add GED on Your Resume?

If you've already graduated from college or you're pursuing your graduate degree after earning your GED, then you don't have to list GED in your resume.
Apart from that, if you have significant work experience, you don't need to add GED to your resume.

Given below are some scenarios where you can list your GED in your resume:

  • If you are a fresher after college and looking for internships
  • If you have a career gap, you should put both GED and graduation in the resume
  • If the job description specifically asked for a GED diploma, then you need to add it to the resume

4 Tips to Add GED to Resume

  • If you create your resume in reverse chronological format, then you can include the GED in the education section of the resume. However, this may backfire, since many employers don't want to hire people with GED.

  • In that case, create a functional resume and showcase your skills upfront. And your GED education can go to the bottom of your resume.

  • Always focus on showcasing your achievements and skills in the resume while quantifying them. These accomplishments and skills are your best friend at getting your resume with GED selected for interview.

  • If you have graduated from college or a university, you can leave your GED in your resume. Instead, showcase the most recent college experiences and achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a GED considered graduating?

After you pass all five exams for the GED test and score above 145 out of 200, then you can earn a GED credential. This is a high school diploma equivalent certificate, even if you don't have formal education.

What is the new name for GED?

Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)

Especially in the states like New York, West Virginia, and Indiana, GED is entirely replaced by TASC.

Does Harvard accept GED?


Harvard does accept GED. However, it is not mandatory to have GED certification to get into Harvard. . In fact, to get into Harvard, candidates don't even need a high school diploma.

Does Fake GED works?

Due to the high demand for GED, there are fake companies that provide GED certificates with minimal fees. However, these fake GED certificates hold no value. And if the university or school catches a student using a fake GET, they might get into trouble and even get kicked out from their school or job.

Do employers look down on GED?

The short answer is No.

There is not much difference between a high school diploma and a GED. Most employers don’t care about a candidate’s high school diploma or GED certification. They care about the candidate’s personality and skills.

What do you call a high school diploma on a resume?

A high school diploma is also called a secondary diploma.

Is getting a GED harder than high school?

While a GED certificate takes less time to acquire, it does not mean that it is easier than a high school diploma. You still need to cover most basic topics you were taught in high school to acquire the GED.

What are the cons of getting a GED?

Despite GED being an equivalent certificate to a high school diploma, it has some disadvantages. Such as:

  • GED is not always viewed in the same regard as a high school diploma.
  • GED is mostly used for getting into jobs. And, it’s difficult to go into a college with GED.
  • If you pursue GED, you will miss out on your high school experience along with your socialization experiences.
  • You can’t take the GED test at any point in your life. You should be at least 16 years old to sit for the GED exam.

Can I get my GED online?

Yes, you can take your GED test online.

You can take the GED test from a GED Testing Service at

Can you go to Yale with a GED?

Yes, you can go to Yale with a GED certification.

What's the highest GED score possible?

The maximum GDE score one can get is 800 points.

And to be eligible for the GED certificate, one must earn a minimum of 580 scores.

Key Takeaways

Adding GED to a resume is essential for getting a higher paying job or getting higher education.

You have to keep the following points in mind when doing it:

  • If you have a college degree, you don't need to include GED in your resume anymore
  • Add the GED information on the Education section of the resume
  • If you don't want to emphasize the GED degree, create a functional resume. That way, your skills will get more emphasis
  • Read the job description to understand the GED requirements before you apply for a job

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