Being a firefighter requires more than just physical strength, motivation, and determination.

Firefighters are the heroes that show up in life and death situations to save us from burning into ashes (quite literally). It is this service for others before self that put them on a pedestal and gives them the respect they deserve.

A firefighter job is becoming popular and getting into one requires cracking the interview. The firefighter interview is certainly not as scary as putting yourself into the fire to save lives. However, it still can be intimidating as the interviewers will constantly judge you based on your preparedness at all levels- mental, physical, and emotional.

Here we will discuss the 51 firefighter interview questions and answers so that you enter the interview room with confidence and step out with the job.

What to Expect in a Firefighter Job Interview?

A firefighter job interview is designed to test your skills, strength, and versatility to fight fire hazards. Besides the general questions, firefighter interview questions will address your presence of mind, preparedness, and will to encounter a dangerous situation.

When you are asked questions that divert from being a general question, try to dig into your past and pick incidents where you successfully handled a situation. An interviewer would want to know if you are the right candidate for a firefighter job by assessing your personality and outlook.

Here are some common parameters that you can expect in a firefighter job interview on which you can be asked questions:

  • Interest in the role
  • Awareness of the job role
  • Qualities for a firefighter
  • Challenges for a firefighter
  • Strategies that firefighter follows
  • Reason for leaving current job
  • Plans for yourself

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What Are the Top Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers?

You are bound to face some firefighter interview questions no matter whether you are appearing in the interview for the first time or hold a ton of experience. These questions are to know what drives you into the profession.

Interviewers want to know if you are thoroughly prepared for the job responsibility and are ready to face the challenges that can come in the way.

Here are the top firefighter questions and answers that the fire department will surely ask you.

What Attracts You to Work as a Firefighter?

This question is asked to know why would you be so interested in working as a firefighter when it is such a dangerous occupation. Interviewers want to know what motivates you to walk into a situation when others would run away.

Sample Answer: I have always been amazed to witness how firefighters put themselves at risk and bravely step into a dangerous situation without losing their calm. My interest started when I witnessed a huge fire in my neighborhood and my best friend, who used to live in that house was caught up in the fire. He was rescued safely by the firefighters. That was the moment I decided I want to serve the community too and become a source of inspiration for other young kids like I was then.

What Tasks Do Firefighters Perform?

The hiring managers want to know if you are truly aware of the job responsibility that you will be performing. You do not need to go into all the responsibilities firefighters perform but the major ones would suffice.

Sample Answer: The major role of the firefighters is to offer protection and safety to life and property by responding quickly to emergencies. They also offer first aid facilities to victims stuck in hazardous situations. When they are not on the field saving lives, they are learning the techniques to rescue people. They also are involved in inspections, station management, training, public service, and education.

What Qualities Should a Firefighter Have?

This question will help the interviewer understand if you have a clear understanding of the skills that a firefighter requires. You can answer this question by talking about the qualities that the company is seeking in a candidate. For this, you can also refer to the job description of a firefighter job.

Sample Answer: A firefighter needs to be committed to the job they are performing. They have to respond quickly and save the lives of others. For this, problem-solving ability and mastering the well-being of oneself and others are extremely important. Additionally, firefighters must be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to serve the community.

What Is the Most Challenging Part For a Firefighter?

The hiring managers want to know if you are aware of the challenges that firefighters face in their profession. To answer this question, you can even draw out from your previous experience or speak honestly about what you think could be a challenge for firefighters.

Sample Answer: According to me, a major challenge for firefighters is maintaining harmony among their coworkers. Sometimes firefighters can have conflicting opinions and if it gets escalated, it might impact the output of the duty. Since the job role is such that we can’t afford to put lives that are already at risk into a more dangerous situation, therefore fair communication and coordination are extremely important.

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What Are Some Common Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers?

Common firefighter interview questions are asked to get an idea about your knowledge of the firefighters and if you are a suitable candidate for the job. A majority of the questions that will give the hiring managers an idea of whether you should be selected or not will be from this section.

Here are some common firefighter interview questions and answers:

Why Do You Want to Be a Firefighter?

If you are wondering how you answer why you want to be a firefighter, then keep in mind the question that we previously discussed. This question is almost similar to what attracts you to work as a firefighter.

However, this question seems more direct and the hiring managers would want to delve deeper into the motivational force that is driving you to become a firefighter despite all the risks.

Sample Answer: I want to be a firefighter simply because I want to save lives. In a fire tragedy, I lost my younger brother. That is when I decided I want to devote my life to preventing lives from getting lost. For this, I have prepared myself by honing my skills and attributes. I want to serve society in the purest way possible. While training for this job, I have felt it to be something that I can do reliably and outperform myself. That is why I want to be a firefighter.

What Do You Think Is the Daily Routine of a Firefighter?

A question like this will check if you are aware of the daily task carried out by firefighters. The same question can be directly addressed to you as to what is your routine as a firefighter. In any case, you can answer the question by subtly suggesting some skills that you use on day to day basis.

Sample Answer: Firstly, I check for the tasks for the day that is assigned to me. If there is an emergency, I respond to it quickly and rush to the location. If there is no emergency, I carry out equipment checks, train people, make reports and learn newer rescue strategies.

Describe Your Experience of Working as a Firefighter.

This question will be directed to you if you have firefighter experience. The hiring managers will check if the duties you performed align with the needs of their fire department. While answering this question, you can also include specific anecdotes or fire incidents that you successfully handled.

Sample Answer: I have been a firefighter for 5 years. My experience of working as a firefighter has been extremely gratifying and exciting. I have offered my services to the people in need and saved them during fire crises. My responsibilities also included offering first aid to victims and safeguarding them from harm. I also have looked after the fire equipment so that in times of emergency, they do not disappoint. Throughout my working career, I have acquired the skills of working in a team and communicating with utmost clarity.

What Kind of Mindset Is Required to Become a Firefighter?

In this question, you have to overtly convey to the hiring managers that you are home to the right mindset for a firefighter.

Sample Answer: A firefighter should know how to work under extreme pressure. The schedule for firefighters is not fixed. Some days, there can be more emergencies than others. A firefighter should be flexible enough to adapt and respond to such situations. Additionally, a firefighter has to save lives and so the motivation should be service before self. In this job, there is no scope to make mistakes as it might cost lives.

How Can You Stay Motivated as a Firefighter?

The interviewer would want to check if you have an interest in the job despite all the challenges it comes with. To answer this question, maintain honesty and convey what motivates you to work as a firefighter.

Sample Answer: My biggest motivation is to be able to help people when they need it the most. To see them wearing a thankful smile pushes me to work every day harder than before. I also feel energized when I am training recruits and feel the energy of service for others, saving lives of others, and offering help to others that they emanate.

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General Firefighter Interview Questions

A general firefighter interview questions are those that are asked at the beginning of the interview. Some questions would just act as icebreakers while others would familiarize the interviewer and the interviewee.

Some of these questions can also appear in the middle of your interview. So be ready to face them anytime the interviewer shoots them at you.

Here are some common general questions for firefighters:

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a firefighter?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What drives you to work as a firefighter?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • How would your friend describe you?
  • What were you doing yesterday?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How good are you at stress management?
  • Why should we hire you?

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Situational Firefighter Interview Questions

Situational firefighter interview questions are asked to test your presence of mind. You might not be prepared for all the emergencies even when you have prepared well for the firefighter interview.

How would you tackle situations that put you in a moral dilemma while working as a firefighter? To answer situational interview questions for firefighters, you need to reflect on the question first, identify what would the interviewer look for, and then frame your response.

Here are some situational firefighter questions that you can prepare before appearing in the interview:

  • If an order given by the chief officer does not align with your values, how would you respond to it?
  • The order given by the senior officer is putting others at risk, how will you handle this situation?
  • The officer in charge gives you an order that puts lives in more danger, would you refuse it?
  • You found another firefighter stealing, how would you handle that?
  • One of your coworkers has started using drugs, what would you do in such a situation?
  • How would you react if you witnessed that the people who needed your help have started misbehaving when you reached the emergency location?

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Questions to Ask at the End of the Interview

Often when the firefighter interview ends, you will get an opportunity to ask some of your questions. It is always good to use that opportunity to clear your doubts or learn a little something from the veteran sitting in the interviewing panel.

Here are some questions to ask at the end of the interview for firefighters:

  • Is there anything about your job as a fireman that surprised you at first?
  • What kind of activities are done in the fire department to enhance teamwork?
  • How can the fire department help me in continuing my education while working as a firefighter?
  • How can I leverage my skills to add more value to the overall goals of the fire department?
  • What are the on-job growth opportunities for me working as a firefighter?

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How to Crack a Volunteer Firefighter Interview?

To crack a volunteer firefighter interview, all you need is, to be honest, and calm while answering the questions. No matter what is being asked, try to articulate your thoughts with utmost coherency after giving them a thought.

You can keep in mind these firefighter interview tips before appearing for the big day.

  • Research the job by going through the job description and the website of the fire department.
  • Check out the fire department’s social website to know about the latest happenings in the department.
  • Make a strategy to answer every kind of question. Use the tailoring method to answer firefighter interview questions.
  • Do not divert from what is asked. Sometimes the questions can be overwhelming but try to stick to the questions.
  • Use STAR methodology where you can expand upon the situation that you encountered, the task you were responsible for, the action you performed, and the result brought.

Do You Have to Pass the Firefighter Exam?

A firefighter needs to clear the fire department’s Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) exam. Additionally, there is a written test called FCTC (Firefighting Candidate Testing Centre) which consists of objective questions to test the reasoning aptitude and cognitive abilities of the candidate.

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Key Takeaways

The firefighter job interview questions will check your overall personality by testing your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a firefighter. Here are some points that you can keep in mind before appearing for the firefighter interview:

*You will be asked general questions at the beginning of your firefighter interview. Answer them with utmost confidence and honesty.

  • In the situational questions, try to picture yourself in that situation and respond by mentioning skills that you can use in that situation.
  • Use a tailored method to answer the questions and the STAR method to support your firefighter interview answers.
  • Always speak to the point without digressing from the topic.
  • Listen carefully to what is being asked and answer the questions calmly.

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