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Dietitian Degree Resume Template

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Liam Jones
Dedicated and detail-oriented Dietician with a passion for improving patient health through personalizing care plans and effective communication. Skilled in diet planning, medication management, medical nutrition therapy, and counselling. Completing a bachelor's degree in Dietetics with a GPA of 3.89 while gaining practical experience through internships and a research project.
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics | Didactic Emphasis
Utah State University
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    • GPA 3.89
    • Course Modules:
    • Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle | Introduction to Statistics | Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals
    • Dietetics - Related Experiences | Education and Counselling Methods in Dietetics | Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Diet Planning • Medication Management • Medical Nutrition Therapy • Teaching • Patient Care
    • Risk Management • Care Plan Documentation & Management • Counselling • Patient Interview
    Diabetes Educator - Intern
    Future Care Healthcare Services
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      Care Plan Development
      • Provided guidance to 30+ diabetic patients and caregivers on diabetes self-management
      • Conducted consultation calls with family members of diabetic patients on sick day management for type I & II diabetes
      • Assisted in developing care plans for 12+ diabetic patients in coordination with the patient's interdisciplinary care plan
      Medical Need Assessment & Patient Care
      • Performed interviews with 5+ diabetic patients to assess their medical needs via medical records and diet history
      • Collaborated with 10+ nutritionists and physicians to establish a diabetic management system for optimal patient care
      Dietician - Intern
      Nutrition Works LLC
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        Diet Planning & Monitoring
        • Assisted Senior Dietitian in instructing 10+ patients and their families on dietary restrictions and medication
        • Prepared diet plans for 10+ patients in accordance with the patient's clinician in supervision
        • Monitored patient response to the treatment and suggested necessary dietary adjustments to improve medical condition
        • Nutrition Science & Dietetics | Utah State University | Oct '22 - Apr '23
        • Conducted qualitative and observational studies of factors influencing human choices related to food
        • Gained knowledge regarding laboratory techniques such as cell culture, biochemical analyses, and histopathology

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