The diesel technician industry, brimming with innovation and advancements, is an exciting realm where expertise is highly valued.

However, with the influx of professionals vying for coveted positions in 2023, distinguishing oneself starts on paper – with a robust resume.

For every aspiring or seasoned diesel technician, it's crucial to ensure that your resume doesn't just rev the engine but truly propels your career forward.

Updating and refining your resume is an investment in your future. Join us as we delve into the essential tips and strategies to turbocharge your diesel technician resume for the challenges and opportunities of 2023.

Diesel Technician Resume Sample

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Philip Sydney
Diesel Technician
Diesel Technology undergraduate highly skilled in repairing all medium and heavy-duty vehicles to the satisfaction of the customers. Proficient in driving a forklift to assist with the stocking of parts. Adept at testing the repaired equipment to ensure proper performance.
Maintenance & Repair • Light & Medium-Duty Vehicles • Safety Compliance & Maintenance
• Equipment Inspection • Documentation • Equipment Testing & Troubleshooting
• Cost Estimation • Fleet Management Systems
Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Technology
Texas State Technology College
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    • GPA: 3.8/4.0
    • Course Modules:
    • Shop Safety and Procedures | Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I & II | Basic Electrical Systems
    • Basic Hydraulics | Power Train I | H.V.A.C Troubleshooting and Repair | Advanced Hydraulics
    • Auto Power Shift and Hydro Transmission | Failure Analysis | Tracks and Undercarriages
    Diesel Technician
    Greejet Fuel Inc.
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      A multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions in over 100 countries
      Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
      • Performed preventative maintenance and repairs to 10+ light and medium-duty vehicles weekly
      • Maintained the general upkeep and maintenance of the company's mobile service truck
      Safety Compliance
      • Executed monthly safety inspections of equipment and prepared the required safety documentation
      • Complied with all applicable regulations and laws, as well as company procedures and policies to maintain 100% safety
      Acquiring Parts & Documentation
      • Utilized forklift and other company vehicles to pick up, unload, and stock parts
      • Consulted documentation and electronic instructions to comprehend documents, and complete work orders
      Diesel Mechanic
      Renovativer Construction Inc.
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        A building and construction organization with over 3k employees
        Maintenance & Repair
        • Conducted repair and required preventative maintenance of 5+ trucks and forklifts
        • Inspected equipment to diagnose, troubleshoot, and performed maintenance if required
        Safety Maintenance
        • Completed monthly safety inspections of equipment and prepared safety documents required
        • Observed the manufacturer service guidelines and maintained the work area by keeping it clean
        Equipment Testing & Troubleshooting
        • Tested the repaired equipment to ensure proper performance and that the work meets the manufacturer’s specifications
        • Employed technical databases and resources to efficiently troubleshoot problems
        Documentation & Cost Estimation
        • Documented work descriptions and all necessary information required to complete a job
        • Created cost estimates to complete the job with 100% accuracy


        • Be Precise: Clearly communicate key areas of expertise, such as repairing medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

        • Highlight Multi-tasking: Emphasize abilities like driving a forklift while also stocking parts to showcase multitasking skills.

        • Performance Assurance: Mention quality assurance methods like equipment testing after repairs.


        • Lead with Primary Skills: Your top abilities, such as maintenance & repair, should come first.

        • Clarify Skill Categories: For instance, "Light & Medium-Duty Vehicles" could be "Expertise in Light & Medium-Duty Vehicle Repairs."

        • Stay Relevant: Ensure all listed skills directly apply to a diesel technician's role.


        • Showcase Academic Excellence: If you have a strong GPA like 3.8/4.0, lead with it.

        • Highlight Relevant Coursework: Focus on modules that are most pertinent to the job you’re targeting, like Diesel Engine Testing and Repair.

        Professional Experience:

        • Use Action Verbs: Start bullet points with power verbs, such as "executed" or "maintained."

        • Quantify Achievements: Always try to include numbers like “10+ light and medium-duty vehicles weekly” to give a sense of scale.

        • Safety First: Emphasize compliance with safety norms and regulations.
          Streamline Points: Instead of repeating similar tasks under different roles (e.g., "safety maintenance" and "safety compliance"), try consolidating them.

        • Distinguish Different Roles: If you’ve undertaken varied roles, consider using subheadings to differentiate each role's specific tasks.

        • Document Handling: Stress the importance of documentation and accuracy, especially in tasks like cost estimation.

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