In the rapidly evolving landscape of design and digital communication, the traditional paper resume is taking a back seat to more innovative formats.

Enter the motion graphic resume - a dynamic blend of storytelling, design, and animation that promises to breathe life into the way we present our professional journeys.

If you're a newcomer to the design world, you might be wondering how to jump on this wave and create your own motion masterpiece.

Our resume sample is crafted precisely for you, breaking down the essentials of designing a motion graphic resume that not only captures attention but perfectly encapsulates your skills and experiences.

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Motion Graphic Designer Resume

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Jay River
Motions Graphic Designer
Detail-oriented motion graphic designer highly skilled in creating 3D and 2D renditions with innovative video elements by complying with client requirements. Adept at creating photorealistic models by replicating texture of various materials to enhance graphics quality. Proficient in developing motion graphics with numerous animation techniques for creating realistic renditions.
• Motion Graphic Design • 2D & 3D Rendering • Video Production & Editing • Quality Control • Content Creation
• Project Management • Client Servicing • Employee Training • Marketing Strategy • Team Management
Technical Skills: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, 2D/3D animation
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
Rasmussen University
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    • GPA: 3.6/4.0
    • Course Modules:
    • Brand Development | Design Thinking | 3D Design and Animation | Strategic Design | Digital Video Production
    • Senior Design Portfolio | Senior Design Capstone | Interactive Publishing | Contemporary and Emerging Design
    • Media Production Processes | Communicating with Typography | Collateral Design | User Interface Design
    Lead Designer
    Gateway Media Ltd.
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      Motion Graphics & 3D Rendering
      • Rendered 2D content, animation, and motion graphics in Premiere Pro for company's advertisement pitches
      • Reproduced 20+ production samples into 3D high fidelity, photo-realistic models with optimal accuracy for high-profile clients
      • Created photorealistic models and converted them into different design formats as per client requirements
      • Presented 3D rendered models to the stakeholders and collected their feedback for improving designs
      Quality Control & Employee Training
      • Developed 3+ innovative models weekly with the Lead 3D artist by adhering to clients' feedback for ensuring 100% satisfaction
      • Performed quality control of motion graphics as part of ensuring compliance with clients' requirements
      • Trained ~5 new recruits on company's policies and quality standards while tracking performance to ensure optimum output
      Associate Designer
      Hollister Co.
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        Graphic Designing & Video Editing
        • Created 7+ visually aesthetic video content per week for clients and tweaked it by complying with their feedback
        • Collaborated with creative directors and social media managers to develop marketing strategies to boost user sign-ups
        • Edited video footage to enhance its quality which led to a 12% increase in engagement on social media platforms
        Project Management & Branding
        • Aided creative team of 10 to build brand image by tweaking brand logo and creatives for the company's social media pages
        • Assisted senior designers to manage ~3 projects for high-profile clients and ensured project delivery within stipulated timelines
        • Coordinated with marketing team to develop 20+ advertisement materials as part of increasing sales by 13%
        • Volunteer at Rasmussen Community Center | Topeka, KS | Jul '20 - Present
        • Creating 10+ graphics weekly for marketing fundraising events on Facebook and raised USD 5,000 in donation
        • Amassing volunteers to conduct blood donation camps for the American Red Cross

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