The career path you take can be a breaking or making point in your life. After all, it is not every day that you change your career. A well-defined career path can direct you to walk toward your goals and objectives swiftly.

A career test can offer you insights into the best-suited jobs for you, based on your personality and skillset.

Whether you have recently graduated or are already pursuing a job, clarity and a straightforward vision matter in building your career.

Through career tests, you can easily assess your skillsets and find a job you would enjoy.

If you are looking for something that fuels your passion and aligns with your interest, taking a career test is the way to go.

Read on to know about the top career tests you can take in 2023 to have a fulfilling career.

What Are Career Tests?

Career tests are a great way to understand what job would suit you based on your interest, skills, and personality. These tests might provide clear direction for the next stage in your career.

Without a career test, you might get stuck on the conundrum of which career path to pursue.

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What Is the Need for Career Test?

A career test is a good option if you struggle to decide on a career path for yourself. Whether you are a fresher or are already in some profession, career tests can help you follow the right direction when standing at the crossroads of confusion.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a career test for yourself:

  • It helps to figure out your strengths and weaknesses
  • With the help of career test, you can choose a career that is rewarding and fulfilling as it aligns with your goals and interests.
  • A career test will help you become more aware of your personality and skills.
  • It will help to make better-informed decisions related to your career.
  • By giving career test, you can understand if you are pursuing the right career for yourself.

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Types of Career Tests

Career tests are of different types based on what they are assessing. Each career test will determine a distinct aspect that might influence your career decision and employee satisfaction. It is a good idea to take various career tests to get a good sense of what kind of work you would be best at.

Here are some of the common types of career tests:

Career Test Based on Personality

A career test designed to assess your personality would check what kind of person you are. Whether you can make an informed decision or if you can work well under pressure is all a part of your personality.

Career Test Based on Values

A career test based on values will help you get into a profession where your values would align well in both personal and professional life.

It might happen that the values and principles you set for yourself do not fit into the profession you are in. A career test based on values will help you overcome that challenge and suggest you a job where you will not be compromising on your values.

Career Test Based on Skills

Based on your skill set, you can go into a profession that is best suited for you. For example, if you have acquired the skills of writing, a career test designed to assess the skills would suggest you go into content writing. Or if you have coding skills, you can take a coding proficiency test to assess your skills and get a job as a software developer.

Career Test Based on Interest

You can excel in a job if it is of your interest. For example, if you are interested in fashion trends, being a fashion blogger could be of your interest. Opting for a job that matches your interests will not tire you out and make you feel passionate about pursuing it every day.

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Top Career Test to Take in 2023

The obvious question then becomes what are the top career test to take in 2023?

Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery or stuck in the middle of a job wreaking havoc on your mental peace, take these career tests to get clarity on what you should be doing.

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Career Test

For serious job searchers who wish to examine their preferences and appropriateness for any particular career path, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is often regarded as the most effective tool. As a result, it is the favored option for many businesses and career counselors.

Myers Briggs career test examines your personality based on your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Your decision-making abilities, how you view the world, and other complex personality traits and behavioral patterns are all assessed, with the results categorizing you into one of 16 personality types.

2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter Career Test

Keirsey Temperament Sorter career test is a type of personality test that assesses your personality by asking 70 questions. Upon completion of the test, it will put you in one of the four personality types: idealist, rational, guardian, and artisan.

This career exam will help you better understand your motives and decision-making style, which will be helpful when deciding on a professional route. The Keirsey examination is accessible in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese, among other languages.

After completing the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Career Test, you will learn which personality type you have and some basic information about how frequent that type is.

3. MyNextMove Career Test

MyNextMove career test might help you figure out your passions and how they connect to the workplace. You may learn what kind of job you enjoy and what type of profession you might wish to pursue by taking the exam.

As far as career evaluation tools go, it's a one-of-a-kind technique to help you pinpoint your genuine interest. To assess your true work interests, it employs a highly particular process. Rather than career fields, you will be asked to score your interest in certain activities.

4. MyPlan[dot]com Career Test

MyPlan[dot]com provides insights into your motivations and career needs. The test can assist you in identifying the aspects that are most important to your job satisfaction. It is a good resource for general advice on choosing a career path.

After you've passed the test, you'll be given a list of 739 employment alternatives to choose from. A career personality test, a career interest inventory, and a professional skills profiler are three other quiz options available after paying some charges to the website.

5. CareerFitter Career Test

CareerFitter is a tool designed to test your personality. Once you finish the test, you should better understand which work settings, careers, and tasks are most suited to your personality. This quiz will give insights into your quest, style, and strength.

It offers a detailed career report and the best-suited career suggestion based on your personality. Since work from home is trending in 2023, CareerFitter provides work-from-home careers with relevant job titles and salaries.

6. Rasmussen College Career Test

The Rasmussen College career aptitude test can provide employment recommendations based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All you need to do is match your talents with the seven sliders, update the report, and examine different job titles or occupations that match your skill set.

It's one of the most helpful career evaluation tools for identifying your hobbies and special abilities. The best part about this career test tool is that it is free.

7. John Holland’s SDS Test

The John Holland’s SDS Test is designed to test your personality based on six types- the realistic, the investigative, the artistic, the social, the enterprising, and the conventional. The RIASEC theory uses your results to suggest careers that match each personality type.

There will be 87 questions that will determine how well you fit into the different personality types. It will also suggest your top three personality characteristics. These are then merged to give you an idea of the most acceptable career alternatives available to you.

8. MAPP Test

The Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential (MAPP) career test offers career suggestions based on your personality. It also reveals your preferred work patterns and highlights your favorite job duties. It even looks at how you interact with coworkers.

MAPP career test is a free career quiz with a paid report that explains your genuine professional calling in greater depth. More than eight million individuals have taken this exam, which takes only 22 minutes to complete.

9. Sokanu Career Test

Another well-known career evaluation test is the Sokanu test. Also known as the career explorer test, the purpose of the test is to assess you as a person and an employee.

The quiz is free to take, but an upgrade option exists. You may use it to identify jobs that match your personality attributes. It does so based on five factors: your personality typology, your past, your hobbies, your professional ambitions, and the specific work environment.

10. Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment Career Test

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is based on a predictive index that analyses personality features to determine how you'll do in a particular workplace. The exam is free and consists of only two questions that take only six minutes to complete.

The PI Behavioral Assessment analyses basic behavioral patterns and gives a clear view of how you work and interact with others at your best.

11. Work Values Matcher Career Test

The Work Values Matcher is a career test tool that determines the values of the respondents based on six essential work ethics such as achievement, independence, recognition, relationship, support, and working conditions.

The Work Values Matcher quiz assigns a numerical number to each value and explains why it is essential. Individuals can use test results to help them pick sectors and jobs that correspond to their values and beliefs.

12. Career Values Quiz Career Test

The Career Values Quiz is a career assessment that helps you find the job and the work environment that aligns with your beliefs. The test is designed to assess your values such as moral value, cultural value, monetary value, and work value.

The career values quiz aims to offer meaning, purpose, and pleasure in the job by helping your choose the correct position.

13. 123 Career Test

The 123 Career Test is a straightforward and easy-to-use career aptitude test that will help you find jobs that are a good fit for you. It also indicates which kind of work situation might be ideal for you.

This test asks you to pick "yes" or "no" for numerous photographs of people conducting work-related duties based on your preferences. The program then recommends jobs based on your findings.

14. What Career is Right For Me Career Test

What Career is Right For Me? is a free career test that asks users to assess their skill levels, hobbies, work styles, values, and career needs. It then suggests career sectors based on their responses. A stepwise questionnaire is presented to assess skills, interests, work style, values, and requirements to give career guidance.

Results are accompanied by links to job advertisements and neighboring schools, streamlining the following steps so that individuals may continue researching. This exam is brief yet thorough, covering various professional aspects so that participants may locate employment that meets their needs on all fronts.

15. The Princeton Review Career Quiz

The Princeton Review Career Quiz provides job choices based on your personality and interests in the workplace. It consists of 24 questions in which you must select one of two work-related answers.

You will be assigned a color based on your scores at the end of the quiz. The quiz also suggests several occupations that match your hobbies and abilities.

16. WikiJob Aptitude Tests

The WikiJob Aptitude Test has a wide range of career tests available such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, and many more.

You can better understand your capabilities and areas for possible growth by completing the WikiJob aptitude exam. It has 20 free practice tests of 10 questions each that you must attempt within 15 minutes.

17. Skills Profiler Career Test

The Skills Profiler helps to find available career options based on the skill set you have acquired over time. To answer the questions in the skills profiler test, you have to choose the degree of skill you possess between 1-7, with one being the lowest and seven being the highest.

Each prompt offers three difficulty levels so test-takers can see where they fit on the scale. The test is designed to give you an idea of your skills based on the experience and comfort level of doing a task.

18. Entrepreneur Quiz Career Test

The Entrepreneur Quiz career test is designed for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur takes much more than having the essential capabilities to land a job in a reputed organization. Therefore, the test is also designed to assess if you are resourceful, capable, and self-motivated to be a successful entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur quiz identifies nine different types of entrepreneurs. It is further divided into three categories based on the size of its firm, whether small, medium, or large, and in terms of personnel, clients, communications, and operations.

19. Who Am I?

Who am I is a unique career test designed to assess your personality. It thrives on the opinion that one can excel in a career if they are aware of their personality.

There are a series of questions in the quiz with picture-based options. You have to select one option, and based on your responses, it will suggest your personality type. While it is the most common style of the personality assessment test, the results may surprise you with the facts you didn’t know about yourself.

20. Test Color

Test Color is designed to assess your initial personality based on your chosen color. You will have the option of purchasing a more detailed analysis of your results and further career recommendations based on the initial result.

21. Pathsource

Pathsource is a smartphone application that suggests job alternatives based on your personality and hobbies. This app also has an extensive database of employment based on academic achievements, such as degrees of various categories.

You may also look at universities based on financial assistance and courses available through this application.

What to Do After Taking a Career Test?

The next plausible question is, what can you do after taking the career assessment tests? The career tests mentioned here are a great way to direct your profession in the right direction, but taking these tests is just the beginning.

The test results might surprise you and make you rethink your career choices. Don’t shy away from learning new things about yourself. The personality tests can make you more self-aware, while the skill tests can open doors to new certifications.

Based on your self-assessment, you can enroll in certification courses to learn the essential skills in the organization you aim to enter. Once you have gained the skillset, tailor your resume to the need and start applying for the job that can give you overall career satisfaction.

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Key Takeaways

Career tests are designed to help you navigate the confusion of which profession would suit you the best. You can become more aware of yourself by taking career tests.

  • To find your true calling, opt for the career tests that assess your skills, interests, values, and personality.
  • Your ability plays a vital role in determining your career path, and you should opt for a career test to hone your skills to become more able.
  • The best career test results include a variety of possibilities as well as basic industry standards that direct applicants to employment categories rather than highly specialized positions.
  • A career test can help you simplify your career path and inspire you to walk in the right direction.
  • Career tests can be of great help to have a better understanding of your interests and who you are as a person.
  • Taking one or more career tests can guide you to not only find a good job, but a job that makes you happy and satisfied simultaneously.

If you need expert assistance to find the career tests in 2023, visit Hiration’s Career Activator Platform which offers 24x7 chat support.

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