As an undergraduate Biosystems Engineer, you possess the unique blend of skills necessary to design, develop, and analyze complex biological and engineering systems.

Your education and training have equipped you with a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as engineering principles such as process design, instrumentation, and automation.

As a job seeker in the United States, you are in a prime position to use your expertise to make a meaningful impact in various industries, from agriculture to biomedical engineering.

This resume sample will showcase your qualifications and experiences, demonstrating your potential to contribute to a dynamic and innovative team.

Biosystems Engineering Resume Sample

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Daisy Jones
Biological Systems Engineer
A highly motivated and detail-oriented Biological Systems Engineering undergraduate with experience in bioprocess research and food process internships. Proficient in laboratory techniques and skilled in data analysis, with a strong background in plant maintenance and supply chain management. Possesses excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities with a passion for driving innovation in the field of biological engineering.
Bachelor of Science in Biological Systems Engineering
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
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    • GPA: 3.5/4.0
    • Course Modules:
    • General Biology | General Chemistry | General Physics | Engineering Mechanics | Microbiology
    • Organic Chemistry | Properties Of Biological Materials | Food & Bioprocessing Engineering
    • Supply Procurement • Equipment Sanitization • Microbiology • Plant Maintenance • Research
    Bioprocess Research Intern
    Sun Laboratory
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      Procurement & Equipment Management
      • Assisted with overseeing bioprocessing laboratory, including supplies procurement
      • Planned and executed experiments w.r.t microbiology and downstream separation processes (DSP)
      • Operated lab and pilot-scale fermenters (bioreactors) and carried out shake flask trials
      • Operated & maintained analytical equipment, including HPLC, GC, UV-Vis, microscopes, etc.
      Food Process Intern
      Agri Food Company
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        Pilot Plant Management
        • Assisted the seniors with commercializing both food & beverage ingredients and finished products
        • Aided in developing standard operating procedures and researching current & future processing techniques
        • Played a key role in conducting pilot plant trials and regularly sanitizing the plant's equipment
        • Member of IFRE Volunteers Abroad | Nov '21 - Present
        • Educating orphans and street children about personal hygiene | Indonesia | May '20
        • Bioenergy Generation | Dec '21
        • Treated wastewater using microalgae to move a step closer to the environmental sustainability
        • Member of the organizing team of Black and Proud Spirit Week | FAMU | Feb '22
        • An active member of the Stonewall LGBTQA | FAMU | Dec '19 - Jan '22

        As a biosystems engineer, you will be involved in developing and implementing solutions to complex problems related to biological systems, which can range from food production to biopharmaceuticals.

        The internship experiences mentioned in the sample show that the candidate has hands-on experience in the field and is capable of managing tasks related to the design and development of systems for production purposes.

        The separate sections for 'overseas experience' and 'key projects' demonstrate the candidate's ability to work on projects in diverse settings and showcase their versatility in the field.

        These sections show that the candidate has the ability to work collaboratively in international settings, an important skill for any biosystems engineer.

        With a degree in biosystems engineering, graduates can work in a variety of industries, including food production, biotechnology, and environmental management.

        Job opportunities include roles in research and development, product design and development, and process optimization. The skills and experiences highlighted in this sample are highly relevant for a career in these areas.

        Overall, this biosystems engineering resume sample for US students highlights the key skills and experiences needed to succeed in the field.

        It provides an excellent template for students and graduates seeking to showcase their capabilities and land their dream job in this growing field.

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