How to write a babtsitter resume?

As a babysitter, love all, trust a few, and do wrong to no one.

In fact, do those as a person. But as a babysitter, reflect them in your babysitting resume.

It often takes practice to include babysitting on resume. From optimizng your baby sitter profile to selecting the skills of babysitter to drafting the babysitter experience summary, it takes practice and clarity on what the reader wants.

Here are the topics we will learn from this blog:

You may always use an online resume builder to have an optimum babysitter resume building experience.

However, if you are writing your resume by yourself, the following sections should help you out in the same.

What is a Babysitter Resume?

Babysitter is a person who takes care of the babies when their parents are not around.

Babysitting can be done for a few hours as well as for a whole day.

A babysitting job description can include duties like cleaning the floor if the baby has spilled his/her juice.

The duty of babysitting can vary from watching the sleeping child to changing diapers, playing games and preparing meals.

No matter what the circumstances are, it is the responsibility of the babysitter to safe-guard the baby as long as the baby is under her care.

Depending from family to family, a babysitter might also have to perform some additional tasks.

For this job, the timings are never fixed. You might have to come early and leave late at night. One of the reasons why people hire babysitters is because they can't be there for the baby most of the time.

In matters regarding the child's health, the babysitter has to partner with the guardians of the baby.

Being a babysitter requires the expertise in changing diapers, first aid and its appropriate usage, and child's safety.

Why Do You Need a Babysitter Resume?

A babysitter’s average salary is around $10 per hour, and going up from there depending on your experience, references, region, etc.

To land the higher-paying position, you need to get some experience under your belt, establish a reputation for being professional and responsible, and possess a genuine love for children. These babysitting experiece on resume will boost your candidacy and land you a high-paying babysitting job.

Little or no experience will allow you to start off at a lower wage. Be sure to constantly update your babysitter resume to add more experience so that you can start earning a higher salary.

We have attached a sample babysitter resume below as a guide to get you started in the right direction. The babysitter resume no experience structure should be different from experienced babysitting job resume.

Most of the times, babysitters do not need resumes. They are often being recommended from one family to another. But if you're looking for a transition, or applying for the first time, or looking to level-up your game, you will most definitely need an eye-catching babysitter resume.

How to Write a Babysitter Resume?

Let us now dive deeper into a babysitting resume and find out the steps needed to make a job-winning babysitter resume.

Tailoring Your Babysitting Job Resume

We have arranged a compilation of babysitter duties reflecting what most people hiring a babysitter would expect.


It is obvious that different families have their own preferences and prejudices. At the same time, a babysitter resume is hardly parsed through an ATS.

So why do you need to tailor your babysitter resume?

Most babysitting job descriptions list the following usual responsibilities:

  • Carefully watch over the children constantly during the whole day and keep the playing area safe and risk free.
  • Sanitize toys, games and other playing equipments on a daily basis in order to keep them safe and free from germs.
  • Assist children with their meals, drinks and snacks as needed while dressing them and changing their diapers.
  • Educate the kids on the value of healthy habits and good personal hygiene along with the importance of using toilet, eating healthy food, getting enough rest, brushing daily.
  • Indulge in educational exercises with kids like singing, colouring, drawing, craft and reading.
  • Maintain a separate account of things for each kid that contains data about her or his medications, meals, daily activities, behaviour and other such details.
  • Talk over with the parents on a daily basis about the information recorded.
  • Teach discipline to disobedient kids as required and pay attention on using artistic ways to support good manners like treating each other kindly, participating in the lesson plans and cleaning up after themselves.
  • Make lesson plans on a daily basis that are developmentally suitable, enjoyable, and entertaining. These lesson plans should continuously stimulate proper participation from every kid.
  • Alert the parents immediately if there are any issues at home
  • Assist children with any school projects that may be required
  • Engage children with fun activities, such as games, puzzles or pretend play
  • Answer incoming phone calls and take messages for the family
  • Pick up both children from school at 2:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and bring them home.
  • Clean out backpacks, setting aside any documents or items requiring the parents' attention.
  • Prepare a light snack for both kids, using items in the refrigerator and/or pantry. Light cleanup after snack time is appreciated, but housekeeping is not required.
  • After snack time, review daily homework assignment
  • Once homework is finished, engage both children in fun, age-appropriate games for the remainder of the afternoon. They enjoy puzzles, crafts, and storytime. No TV or screen time during playtime.
  • Communicate with parents once you’ve arrived home with the kids, and anytime an issue arises that was not communicated to you by one of us prior to picking them up.

Sometimes additional work asks for:

  • Walk the pets
  • Manage laundry of the whole family (sheets/towels and other linens)
  • Oversee children’s homework
  • Perform initial preparation of family’s dinner as directed by the employer
  • Keep the kitchen neat and orderly during work hours
  • Greet and serve family guests
  • Care for plants – both indoor and outdoor
  • Feed pets throughout workday as directed
  • Empty trash bins and dispose of kitchen garbage
  • Maintain family accounts and pay bills
  • Dust and vacuum house completely
  • Brush and mop kitchen floor
  • Arrange travels and book hotels for family
  • Oversee other domestic staff
  • Plan and organize family events and activities

These additional responsibilities do not strictly come under the purview of a babysitter job description. However, the eventual set of duties depends on the final negotiation between the babysitter and the employers.

The usual Job Skills & Qualifications they look for are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Must have a clean driver's license and reliable transportation facilities


  • Six months or more of previous childcare experience
  • Training in first aid and CPR
  • Availability on pre-agreed nights and weekends.
  • Must provide at least three valid references

Tailoring your resume around these requirements may not be the most important part of a resume with babysitting experience. But, it certainly helps.

It is evident that you have experience in caring for multiple children. That forms the basis of your babysitting experience on resume.

However, in case you have previously looked after a pet or organized events as a part of being a babysitter for a family, include the same in your babysitting resume to increase your chances of making families understand that they can rely on you.

It makes any family feel secure if your babysitter resume reflects a track record of other families trusting you.

Babysitting Experience on Resume

We often get questions that ask, how can I put down baby sitting as work experience? It's pretty simple, and it is of utmost importance while reflecting babysitter on resume.


Your resume work experience is the most important part of your babysitter resume. However, once you have your master resume, the next step would be reduce it to 1 page and tailoring it as per your target profile.

Pen Down Accomplishment Statements, Instead of Job Descriptions

Write about the results that you were able to deliver as a babysitter by highlighting a thread of accomplishments throughout your career. Also, make sure you include keywords throughout your resume.

Assort Your Experiences

Arrange your babysitting experiences in resume in bullet points while emphasizing on things like what all games you create to develop a child's speech, feeding process, cleaning method, bathing procedure and system of playing games. Babysitting has far more to it than just overseeing children playing - it needs tutoring, active participation, housekeeping, playing and teaching. Ensure that you include as many elements of babysitting in your resume as you possibly can.

Additionally, buckets would allow you to categorize your contribution along the lines of similar skills.

Quantify & List Ages

Looked after a girl and a boy aged 4 and 5 during absence of parents in the day.

Begin with Action Verbs

Within each job section, write your most influential achievements first. Similarly, prioritize the most important information for every section and write it first. Also, start your sentences with a power verb and not with a normal verb.

Action Verbs

Cared Ensured Created
Played Cleaned Helped
Looked Designed Created
Prepared Coordinated Managed

Get more action verbs from our Best resume powee verb and & action word blog.

Prioritize Your STAR Points

The situation, task, action, result (STAR) format is a used by interviewers to gather all the relevant information about a specific capability that the job requires.

Along the same lines, ensure that your points follow a similar format which would give you an upper hand by familiarizing the recruiter with the kind of situations you have been in, the kind of actions you have taken, and the result you have been able to achieve consequently.

We recommend ensuring a cause-effect relationship in all your resume points to highlight your STAR points. To effectively bring this out, make sure your points are broken into three parts:

  • what you did
  • why you did it
  • what was the impact/result

These parts eventually highlight the impact you were able to create.

Consider the following line from the babysitter sample resume:

"Sanitized play equipments on a regular basis to keep them safe & minimize germ transmission"

In this line,

what you did: Sanitized play equipments on a regular basis
why you did it: to keep them safe & minimize germ transmission

express viably the key scenarios you are able to handle without confusing the recruiter.

Additionally, within each section, put your most impressive statement first, and proceed accordingly. Likewise, prioritize the sections on your master resume so the most important section is near the top.

Include Keywords

Keyword search is one way recruiters and employers will find you on LinkedIn. So be sure your master resume contains all the keywords for all the career possibilities you would entertain.

Babysitting Resume Skills

People posting ads for babysitters often request the following babysitter resume skills sets:

  • Excellent dressing skills, along with planning and bathing the baby and organizing the house.
  • Extraordinarily proficient in babysitting and makes sure of personal hygiene as well.
  • Able to perform easy domestic chores without instructions.
  • Capable of teaching the baby how to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Adept at entertaining children and giving them company while playing.
  • Demonstrated skills to get involved with kids in creative and educational exercises.
  • Established ability to take care of toddlers, infants and newborn babies.
  • Able to keep account of daily activities and information on health of children.
  • Capable of putting children to bed without engaging into improper activities like scolding.
  • Intelligence to help the kids with their homework.
  • Skills to act calmly in situations like that of a medical emergency.
  • Proficient in handling children and behaving patiently with them.
  • Ability to keep an uncluttered and good environment in the home


Your skill set will ***(determine the age range you are capable of babysitting.
For instance, if you don’t know how to change a diaper, you’re automatically going to have trouble getting jobs babysitting infants and toddlers. On the other hand, if you do have these skills, you’ll become a much more versatile and stronger candidate)

In the babysitter experience on resume section we have bucketed the skills of "Child Assistance", "Event Management" and "Activity Management", which are directly relevant for the babysitter resume.

We have grouped these babysitter resume skills together in the skills section in the following way:

Child Assistance Activity & Event Management Meal Arrangement Child Safety

Additionally, we have showcased a few soft skills which are beneficial for a babysitter resume too.

Communication Empathy Shopping

Babysitting resume skills can be majorly be categorized into:


Diapering First-Aid Feeding
Clothing Reading Potty Training
Medication Monitoring Observation
Tutoring Food Preparation Dish washing


First aid & medication CPR Child-proofing
Patient Care Empathy Supportiveness
Observant Focused Responsible

Resume for Babysitter Summary


The main goal of the babysitter experience summary is to hook the reader and provide encouragement to keep reading. Here is the summary from the babysitter resume sample:

CPR Certified Babysitter with a 2 year track record of administering safety of multiple children at the same time. Adept at planning and organizing events including educational activities to facilitate cognitive development of children. Proficient in maintaining records to process information to comply with individual guidelines.

We shall break the summary down for you.

First, we have highlighted the certification of the applicant by beginning with:

"CPR Certified"

Secondly, we have showcased the professional title of the applicant:


Thirdly, we have enumerated the years of experience of the babysitter:

"with a 2 year track record of"

Fourthly, we have featured the most important professional contribution of the babysitter in terms of:

"administering safety of multiple children at the same time."

Fourthly, we have exemplified other activities which have precedented your contributions as a babysitter:

"Adept at planning and organizing events including educational activities to facilitate cognitive development of children. Proficient in maintaining records to process information to comply with individual guidelines."

Babysitter Resume Header


Take a close look at how to put your babysitter experience on resume.

The babysitting profile title examples contact information section includes email address, phone number, your name, and the current location of residence.

Also, you can add social media profiles which are relevant to the job like an updated LinkedIn profile. You can include other profiles like that of Instagram, Medium and Twitter as well - if they support your work profile.

If you are looking for a job in South America, Asia, Continental Europe, Middle East or Africa, then do remember to include a headshot in your resume.

Baybysitter resume Example 1

A master resume is used for generic things like making your LinkedIn profile or customizing your resume for multiple job listings.

A target resume is the one which includes only the things that are appropriate to the profile you are targeting. It is used when you apply to a particular job opening based on your master resume.

Baby Sitter Profile


When you are searching for jobs, there are other babysitting profile title examples that you can use. The most convenient synonyms for a babysitter are:

  • nursemaid
  • caregiver
  • domestic servant
  • governess
  • housekeeper
  • nanny
  • guardian
  • nurse
  • caretaker

However, your profile should express that you are sending a babysitter resume to begin with.

To ensure simplicity in your resume, we suggest being very clear with your babysitter resume template, to begin with.

Achievements In a Babysitter Resume


Your achievements play a big role in rendering your credibility across your babysitter responsibilities resume points.

These achievements might probably not seem much but they often set you apart from other babysitter resumes and directly exemplifies your babysitting skills.

To ensure that your achievements indeed make you stand out, quantify them and showcase your babysitter skills/contributions which led to the respective achievements.

You may find the following examples helpful:

✔ Oversaw renovation of client's house within a $5M budget to ensure completion of project 2 weeks prior to deadline

✘ Completed the renovation of the hotel before the deadline and in budget limitations.

✔ Received appreciation letters from 34 out of 40 families for managing their children efficiently w.r.t. individual guidelines

✘ Managed babies and received appreciation

Child Model Resume Format


There are a few formats in which you make a resume.

Reverse chronological resume format: It is one of the most popular format of resume and is perfect for those people who have an extensive work experience to incorporate in a resume. Also, the work experience should be relevant to the profile you are seeking.

Functional/skills-based resume format: The functional or skills-based resume format is a good choice for those who don't have relevant work experience. It works best in the favour of those who want to change their career field or are recent graduates or students.

Combination resume format: This type of format is a great choice for those who have a diverse skills set or professional experience that is relevant to the profile they are seeking.

Since a babysitter resume essentially focuses on your babysitting skills and experiences, it is convenient to use any of the formats.

However, we suggest the use of the reverse chronological format since it focuses exclusively on your current professional status and highlights the important gaps/achievements in your babysitter resume.

A reverse chronological format works best with recruiters because it clearly produces your entire career progression, along with highlights.

This is, therefore, a very direct way to showcase your true nature - contributing and achieving in the most convenient way.


Length & Order of Sections in a Babysitting Resume

Once you have decided your format, you must arrange all your sections accordingly.

But first,what is the ideal length of your babysitter resume?

From our research, it was concluded that the best length for your resume depends on your career stage and experience.

A 1-page resume is ideal for students/graduates and for everyone who has <10 years of relevant work experience for the job they are applying for.

Since the ideal length of your babysitter resume is 1 page, it is important that you include the most important sections first in reverse chronological format.

The sections of a resume are arranged in the following order:

  1. Professional Title
  2. Contact Information
  3. Resume Summary
  4. Skills
  5. Work Experience
  6. Education

Additional sections which you can consider including, if applicable, are:

  • Achievements (E.g.: scholarships or industry awards)
  • Organizations (E.g.: memberships in professional associations)
  • Certifications (E.g.: professional designations)
  • Conferences/Courses attended
  • Languages spoken

Proofread & Final Checks


Proofreading would involve ensuring the following:

  1. One page in length (max 2).
  2. Clear section headings with simple, clear font.

An online resume builder will automatically use a common, easy-to-read font.

  1. Ample white-space, especially around the margins.
  2. Easy-to-read font.

The secondary proofreading checklist would include:

  • Consistency of tense throughout. Use past tense to describe previous roles, and present tense to describe current roles.
  • Variety of action verbs. Describe experiences with verbs that convey action. E.g.: Coordinated, Developed, Achieved, Launched, etc.
  • Limiting jargons. Assume your resume will be read both by technical experts and non-technical professionals.
  • Avoid using I, me, we, us.
  • Save space by eliminating unnecessary words (E.g.: greatly, fairly, creatively)
  • Include your name in the file name of the version you will submit
Hiration pro tip:
There might be a good chance that you have still overlooked a spelling or grammar error, so have a trusted friend give your resume one last proofread before hitting send.

Additionally, we suggest getting your resume professionally reviewed before submitting it.

Key Takeaways

  • First make the master resume to include everything you have contributed/accomplished across your career.

  • Craft your babysitter resume from your master resume by excluding unimportant sections

  • Ensure that your work experience points reflects a cause-effect relationship while exemplifying your babysitter skills.

  • Make sections for your other babysitting experience and elaborate constantly on how you impacted your clients positively.

  • Quantify all your achievements/contributions to increase the credibility behind your points considerably.

  • Ensure that your resume is well proofread and has the required amount of data without breaching the page limit.

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