Are you interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing?

Knowing the intricacies of cloud computing will help you ace the Azure interview. Considering the popularity Azure has gained over the years, there is a lot of competition in the job market.

According to Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant, Azure is the second most popular cloud computing service provider in the world. This indicates that many businesses are seeking Azure certified experts. However, it also means that the competition is immense in the cloud computing field.

Whether you want to work as a cloud engineer or a developer, you should strive to crack the Azure interview by preparing for every kind of question that could come your way.

Read on to know what kind of questions to expect and answers to give in an Azure interview:

What to Expect in the Azure Interview?

Since Azure is a cloud computing service, you should step into the interview space with abundant knowledge about cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. The topic is technical, and there is no way that you will not be asked questions on it.

The difficulty of questions will be based on the role for which you are interviewing. For example, if you are interviewing for a sales position, the questions will be fundamental. While if you are interviewing for a developer’s role, you can expect technical questions.

While the basic questions will revolve around the cloud and its types, the intermediate level questions will range from virtual machines on the cloud to availability sets. The interviewer can also ask you questions based on the fall and update of the domain if you are interviewing for a trainer’s role.

Interviewing for the Azure can be a little overwhelming, and that is why we have broken down the interview questions into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. Continue reading to see what kind of questions are asked to applicants of various levels.

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Azure Interview Questions for Beginners With Answers

The Azure interview questions for beginners will test your basic understanding of Azure and cloud computing.

Here are some common Azure interview questions with answers that you might encounter in your interview:

What Is Cloud Computing?

This question is asked just to warm up the interview session. If you appear for the Azure interview, you will surely be aware of cloud computing since Azure is one such service.

Sample Answer: Cloud computing uses servers to store, handle, and process data. In cloud computing, data access is done remotely. There is no storage of data on the hard disc of personal computers.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

You are expected to know the answer since you are appearing for the Azure interview. Yet the interviewers will ask this question just to see how well you handle basic questions.

Sample Answer: Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft in February 2010. It's a cloud platform that may be used for development, data storage, service hosting, and management.

What Is Azure Resource Manager?

Digging a little bit deeper, the interviewers can check your understanding of Azure tools to see if you are familiar with Azure in detail.

Sample Answer: Azure resource manager is used to manage, deploy and delete all the resources in Microsoft infrastructure. After deployment, you can employ administration tools like access control, locks, and tags to protect and organize the Azure resources.

What Do You Understand by Azure Data Factory?

Azure data factory is an essential concept if you enter the cloud computing world. Through this question, the interviewer would check your knowledge about data movement in Azure.

Sample Answer: Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based, serverless data integration solution and platform for building ETL and ELT pipelines. It aids in developing data-driven workflows for the planning and execution of large-scale data migration and transformation.

Why Did You Decide to Pursue a Career in Azure Rather Than Aws?

The interviewer can ask why you want to work for Azure. The answer can be personal. It might happen that your interest in cloud computing developed due to exposure to Azure, or you came across this job role with sheer luck.

Irrespective of your reason, try to give a wise and impressive answer.

Sample Answer: I have developed a keen interest in cloud computing due to Azure. It first gained my attention when it was launched, and eventually, I learned a lot about how cloud computing works. Since Azure provides faster PAAS capacities and a short period to quickly deploy new cloud services, which are extremely important in cloud infrastructure, it is becoming popular with developers. Azure's integrated environment and .net compatibility are way ahead of AWS. Hence I think it will help me build my career in the right direction.

What Do You Understand by SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS?

To check the fundamentals of cloud computing, the interviewers can ask this question. Be direct and clear while answering these kinds of questions.

Sample Answer: SaaS stands for software as a service. It entails companies consuming and utilizing the software. Organizations usually pay for the program. Office 365 is an example.
PaaS stands for the platform as a service. In PaaS, you can get hardware and software tools needed for development activities. Software developers can develop applications without worrying about infrastructure management or hosting. An example is Azure Storage.
IaaS stands for infrastructure as a service. The users can expect components such as OS and networking capabilities. IT is a pay-per-use service that may be used to host apps. An example can be Azure Virtual Machine.

Expected Questions for Beginners in Azure Interview

Here are some more questions that you can expect in the beginner level Azure interview:

  • What do you understand by deployment environments?
  • What is Azure diagnostics?
  • What is Azure data lake?
  • What is autoscaling in Azure?
  • What are the different types of backups in Azure?
  • What is Azure SLA?
  • What is the difference between Microsoft Azure and AWA?
  • How is a repository server different than a powerhouse server?
  • How many types of cloud models are there? Explain each of them.

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Intermediate Azure Interview Questions With Answers

The intermediate Azure interview questions will be more technical. Since you will have some previous working experience, therefore be prepared to use your prior knowledge to answer the questions that the interviewers ask.

Here are some intermediate Azure interview questions with answers that you can go through before appearing for the interview.

What Is Azure DevOps in Microsoft Azure?

A question like this can be asked to confuse you between devOps and Azure functioning. Azure DevOps is a methodology that companies follow and implement to automate the entire process in their software development life cycle. However, Azure devOps is a service developed by the Microsoft team.

Sample Answer: Azure DevOps was developed by the Microsoft team, previously known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Azure DevOps facilitates automation by providing specified built-in choices for application deployment. It also employs monitoring software to keep track of projects launched within Microsoft Azure.

Name Two Blobs Used in Azure.

You can also expect concise questions that are too direct. Do not beat around the bush if you don’t know the answer, just be honest about it.

Sample Answer: The two types of blobs used in Azure are page blobs and block blobs.

What Is Azure App Service?

Such questions determine if you are aware of the Azure app services.

Sample Answer: Azure App Service is a fully managed PaaS product for experienced developers that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for web, mobile, and integration situations. Mobile apps may be launched using Azure app services, which are incredibly versatile and widely accessible.

What Do You Understand From Hybrid Cloud?

This is a question that can be common for both beginner and intermediate-level candidates. It will check your fundamentals about cloud computing.

Sample Answer: A hybrid cloud is a mix of internal and external cloud services, combining the use of a private cloud with public cloud services. If we need to retain sensitive information in the local area (private cloud) while also using public cloud services, we can use this type of cloud.

What Is cmdlet in Azure?

Technical questions based on different commands is widespread in Azure interview. It is better to brush up on all the commonly used commands in Azure.

Sample Answer: A cmdlet is a simple command that may be used in the Microsoft PowerShell environment. It is invoked by Windows PowerShell to automate command-line programs.

Here are some other common intermediate Azure interview questions that you might expect in the interview:

  • What are the different types of storage areas in Azure?
  • What is the difference between Azure service bus queues and storage queues?
  • How would you define Azure redis cache?
  • Is there any difference between the Azure and Azure platforms?
  • What kinds of services can you create with service fabric?

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Azure Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Professionals

Since the experienced professionals will come with years of experience, it is evident that the interviewers will ask questions that will test their technical skills and expertise as Azure professionals. As a skilled expert, you should bring your previous job experience to the table while answering the Azure interview questions.

Here are some common Azure interview questions and answers for experienced professionals:

What Is Microsoft Azure Scheduler?

The Azure scheduler is a critical concept for running activities. Through this question, the interviewer would like to test if you can use an Azure scheduler at its optimum level.

Sample Answer: We can use Azure Scheduler to run activities. For example, calling HTTP/S endpoints on any schedule or delivering a message on a storage queue. We can create jobs in the scheduler that rely on services inside and outside of Azure and execute them on-demand, on a regularly repeating schedule, or schedule them for a future date.

How Can You Create an HDInsight Cluster in Azure?

A technical question will test if you know the steps to create an HDInsight cluster. Such questions are among the favorites of the interviewers.

Sample Answer: To create an Azure HDInsight Cluster, enter the Azure portal, pick New, Data Services, and finally HDInsight. Once we are inside the HDInsight, we will have multiple options like Hadoop, Hbase, and Storm.

What is Text Analytics API in Azure Machine?

In the interview, the majority of the questions will be technical.Thus, you must give extra time and attention to such questions when preparing for them.

Sample Answer: The Text Analytics API is classified as a cognitive service. The API may be used to do activities like sentiment analysis and key extraction on unstructured text. The score indicates whether the sentiment is negative or favorable. Positive sentiment is represented by scores around 1, while negative sentiment is expressed by scores near 0.

What is the Azure Migrate tool?

Azure tools can be the favorite topic of interviewers. Before you go in for the interview, brush up on your understanding of them.

Sample Answer: Azure migrate tools are a collection of tools for finding, evaluating, and migrating workloads to Azure. It can handle critical migration situations, including servers, data, databases, online applications, and virtual desktops. It is quite beneficial to Azure cost optimization.

What Are CsPack and CsRun?

A question like this will test your technical knowledge. Be prepared to face such kinds of questions in the Azure interview.

Sample Answer: A CsPack is a command-line utility for creating service package files (.cspkg) and preparing applications for deployment to Windows Azure.
A CsRun is a command-line utility for deploying and managing bundled applications on the Windows Azure computing emulator.

What Are the Different Roles in Azure?

Such questions are asked to test if you possess the necessary knowledge about the roles available in Azure.

Sample Answer: The different roles in Azure are a web role, worker role, and VM role.
Web role- A web role is used to launch a website written in one of the IIS platform's supported languages, such as PHP or .net. It's set up to execute web apps and has been tweaked.
Worker role- Unlike the web role used to deliver the website, a worker role is used to run background tasks.
VM role- The users can schedule tasks and other windows services using the VM role. This role may personalize the machines that operate the web and worker roles.

Between Microsoft Azure ML Studio and GCP Cloud AutoML, which is better?

Given an option to pick between the choices, what would your choice be? The interviewers want to test your ability to choose the best tool for machine learning.

Sample Answer: Between the two, Azure ML Studio is better because it contains classification, regression, anomaly detection, clustering, recommendation, and ranking functions. Azure also has drag-and-drop capabilities that help the process go more smoothly.

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Here are some more Azure interview questions for experienced professionals:

  • What do you understand by virtual machine scale sets in Azure?
  • What are fault and update domains?
  • Do Azure availability sets work with scale sets?
  • What is the use of the Azure active directory?
  • Is there a difference between subscription administrator and directory administrator?
  • Why isn't there an MSDN class library reference for Azure redis cache like some of the other Azure services?
  • How much storage can be used with VM?

Scenario-based Azure Interview Questions and Answers

Some scenario-based questions are also asked to test your presence of mind in a particular situation. The interviewers will ask these questions to check if you have the desired skills for being an Azure professional.

Some of the scenario-based Azure interview questions and answers are mentioned below:

What Will You Do if Your Drive Fails?

Sample Answer: If there is a drive failure, we can ensure that the disc isn't mounted so Azure storage can continue to work normally. We can then replace the drive with a new mounted and formatted one.

What May Be Causing the Cache to Be Disconnected From the Client Application?

Sample Answer: There can be two reasons for disconnecting the cache from the client application. These can be either on the client end or server end. The client end problem can be caused due to application-specific scaling or temporary failures in the network. If the disconnect is from the service side, the primary node of the Azure redis cache service was likely replaced with a secondary node.

Your Standard Tier Application Utilizes the Azure Website Standard Tier. It Makes Extensive Use of Picture Files. However, This Slows Down the Application's Loading Time. What Will You Do?

Sample Answer: I will set up Azure CDN to cache site pictures and content in Azure blob storage since blobs that are regularly accessed throughout their time-to-live (TTL) period benefit the most from Azure CDN caching. A blob is cached for the TTL period before being renewed by the blob service when that time has passed. The procedure is then repeated, which will reduce the application's loading process.

Tips to Crack Azure Interview Questions

You should be honest and thoughtful to crack Azure interview questions while framing the answers. While the interviewer will judge you based on your knowledge, they will appreciate a honest candidate.

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind before appearing for the Azure interview:

  • Your technical skills should be on point. The Azure interview will contain many questions to assess your technical knowledge; therefore, ensure to be thorough with all the technical terms of Azure.
  • Do not beat around the bush if you don’t know any answer. Be honest about it and convey politely to the interviewer that you are unaware of the topic asked.
  • Answer every question with utmost clarity and thoughtfulness. Try not to deviate from what is asked.
  • You can bring out experiences from your previous role as an Azure professional and talk about how you used the technical skills in your field.
  • Learn about the role that you will be interviewing for. It is always a good idea to go through the job description and understand what your part will be once you are hired.
  • Go through your resume and stay consistent with whatever you have mentioned. If you have pursued any relevant certifications, talk about it when asked.
  • If you have worked on any other cloud service like AWS, GCP, or Office 365 but not on Azure, try to mention it in your interview casually. Be confident that if you have worked on one product vastly, the chances are that you will quickly catch up with others in no time.
  • Seek feedback once your interview is over. It will give you an idea to improve and work on yourself in the coming times.

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Key Takeaways

Landing your dream job as an Azure professional will require a lot of preparation. A significant part of your preparation will consist of enhancing your technical skills. Keep in mind the points mentioned below to crack the Azure interview.

  • The questions can be asked based on the level of knowledge you possess. If you are a beginner, most of the questions will be targeted to assess what caught your interest in the first place and your basic knowledge of cloud computing.
  • If you are at an intermediate level, questions will center around Azure and its features.
  • For professionals with experience, the questions can be hardcore technical.
  • Always try to gather information regarding the role you will be interviewing for. It will also give you an indication of how much Azure knowledge you should have.

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