What does an Administrative Coordinator do?

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Administrative coordinators oversee all the clerical and administrative tasks within an organization. These professionals work as the connecting medium between employees, customers, and general administration.

More than 3,363,900 administrative coordinators are currently working in the United States at an average salary of $40,990 per annum. The figures are massive, and you can also be a part of it in 2022

We are elaborating on every aspect of an administrative coordinator job by answering these questions:

What is an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative coordinators perform all the fundamental administrative operations. These operations include meeting arrangements, call scheduling, office management, etc.

Besides, administrative coordinators help company officials develop and deploy company budgets, communicate with staff members, greet guests, and maintain a productive workflow in the workspace.

Administrative coordinators support staff members to ensure the smooth running of daily operations.

Administrative Coordinator Responsibilities

As an administrative coordinator, you must have outstanding administrative and organizational skills.

Here are a few fundamental administrative coordinator responsibilities:

  • Assist senior-level officers and other staff members as required.
  • Evaluating, hiring, and supervising staff members in the company.
  • Develop, check, and deliver required reports to different company departments.
  • Greet visitors and help them reach the respective departments.
  • Schedule calls and organize meetings for every department of the company.
  • Handle general office duties like answering phones, data entry, reporting, and responding to emails.
  • Handel personal databases and payroll by coordinating with the human resource department
  • Develop and implement new processes and policies

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Administrative Coordinator Job Description Example

Have a glance at the below given real-time examples to know administrative coordinator duties in 2022.

These examples will show you different levels of administrative coordinator responsibilities:

Entry Level Administrative Coordinator Job Description

Look at the below-given example of an entry-level office coordinator job description:

We seek an Administrative Coordinator to support and assist our supervisors and project dispatcher. The position is responsible for managing, tracking, and executing regional responsibilities. The perfect fit for this position will ensure training schedules for recruits, communication and consolidation of reports to the supervisors, and tracking & communication of essential metrics back to the management team.

As an administrative coordinator, you will be responsible for:

  • Creating new user accounts.
  • Completing certified payroll reports.
  • Assisting with the onboarding and scheduling of recruits.
  • Coordinating equipment purchases and larger supply, payments, cost allocation, and pickups.
  • Collecting, tracking, and reporting essential metrics.
  • Reviewing, managing, maintaining, and communicating essential regional reports.
  • Assisting with the hotel and travel arrangements to maintain and repair routes.
  • Maintaining equipment logs for ground-level employees.

Mid Level Administrative Coordinator Job Description

Take a look at the example of a mid-level office coordinator job description to see how responsibilities can differ with some experience in this niche:

We are looking for a well-organized, self-starter with mind-blowing administrative and interpersonal skills to perform as the Administrative Coordinator at our University. As an administrative coordinator, you will support all the administrative requirements of the staff members. This position reports directly to the Associate Director of the University.

As an admin coordinator, you will be:

  • Coordinating operational and administrative activities online and in-person, including event logistics, meeting arrangements, organizing filing systems, and online shared drives.
  • Collaborating with staff members, to support various campus activities like student outreach and recruitment, campus-based program hiring, and data management.
  • Assisting with fiscal and budget administration, including invoice processing and procurement.
  • Supporting program-wide outreach, including print-based and digital mailing.
  • Assisting with preparation and management of program reports.
  • Assisting with analyzing space planning, program operations, and facilities-based requirements.
  • Maintaining program databases, electronic filing systems, and program management platforms.

Senior Level Administrative Coordinator Job Description

We are listing an example of a senior office coordinator job description to give you the complete outlook of this professional niche in the United States:

We need a Senior Administrative Coordinator to ensure error-free and smooth operations in the company. The perfect fit for this position will perform and coordinate different administrative activities to support managers and directors of the company. As an academic coordinator, you will fulfill all the contractual obligations with client organizations, including accounting/billing and deliverables. Here, you will also have to provide secretarial support to Directors and/or AVP to complete department work.

The customary responsibilities at this position include:

  • Coordinating & scheduling arrangements for special events and meetings, including catering, facilities, and logistics.
  • Make travel and hotel arrangements if required.
  • Tracking, collecting, and maintaining department-specific information.
  • Coordinating the timely processing, development, and supply of constant reports to operational staff and relevant departments.
  • Revising and drafting processes as required to support effective and efficient department operations.
  • Tracking and monitoring department budget.
  • Researching variances.
  • Creating and maintaining spreadsheets.
  • Creating statistical reports.
  • Preparing and distributing monthly budget reports.
  • Processing invoices, requisitions, and expense reports.
  • Preparing check requests, determining accounting codes, and ensuring precise data entry.

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Administrative Coordinator Skills

You must have all the fundamental administrative coordinator skills to grow professionally in 2022.

Hence, we are listing some impactful administrative coordinator skills of the 21st century below.

You can get them to boost your administrative coordinator career in 2022:

Administrative Coordinator Skills Administrative Coordinator Skills
Customer Service Office Procedures
Data Entry MS Office Suite
Office Supplies Budget Management
Payroll Management Travel Management
Phone Calls Management Scheduling Meetings
Word Processing Human Resource Management
Administrative Functions Report Management

Key Takeaways

An admin coordinator ensures smooth official operations within an enterprise. Hence, you need to be well-organized and responsible to grow as an academic coordinator in America.

Here are some key points that will help you grow as an administrative coordinator:

  • Read and analyze the job description as per your experience level before crafting your resume
  • Learn the essential skills that you do not have as an administrative coordinator
  • Build a professional administrative resume having technical keywords picked from the job description
  • Send your job application with an administrative coordinator resume and cover letter

These steps will help you apply for administrative coordinator jobs easily in 2022. You can check out Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Service Platform to make career-centric documents.

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