How much do UX designers make?

UX designing is one of the fascinating career options for computer science graduates. However, young graduates also wonder about the remuneration of a UX designer in existing market conditions.

According to a report by Indeed, the entry level UX designer salary in the United States is USD 76,658, the mid-level UX designer salary is USD 107,304, and the senior UX designer salary in America is USD 118,932.

In terms of working as a freelancer, a UX designer earns USD 44 per hour in the United States, says a report by The report further states that the hourly user experience designer salary ranges between USD 38 and USD 52.

To clear out all your doubts and queries related to the UX designer salary and factors affecting it, we are answering some career-transforming questions, including:

You can upgrade your UX developer salary by acquiring modern skills, getting industry-specific experience, and building a professional UX designer resume for your next job switch. Of course, you can upgrade your skills and experience with time, but resume-building might be a hassle while changing your job.

Job Responsibilities of a UX Designer

A UX designer deals with improving user experience of a physical or digital product in real world. UX designers create compelling and satisfying experiences of a product for users. Moreover these professionals draw results from workflow analysis and user research.

The general responsibilities of a UX designer includes:

  • Consulting with clients and understand their vision
  • Developing usage scenarios and personas
  • Explaining the user research results to external and internal stakeholders
  • Creating, storyboards, wireframes, screen flows, and sitemaps
  • Conducting usability testing
  • Analyzing user activity and feedback to enhance user experience
  • Creating product prototypes
  • Conducting customer and competitor analysis
  • Assisting content development team

UX Designer Job Description

Have a look at a real time UX designer job description to know the major responsibilities:

We are looking for a UX designer capable of working in a fast paced healthcare company delivering valued products to our clients that support their pharmacy, supply chain, clinical, and other requirements. As a UX designer, you will deal with Business Analysts, Product Owners, and Developers to ensure the delivery of bold ideas and designs.

Your major responsibilities as a UX designer at our company include:

  • Assisting team members to translate business requirements into prototypes and visual concepts
  • Using agile methodologies and customer-driven insights to maintain and design applications/products
  • Creating user task flows, interaction models, UI details, and screen designs
  • Mentoring associate user experience members
  • Assisting in the development and delivery of UX/UI design documentation to aid with team collaboration, communication, and development

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Factors Affecting UX Designer Salary

The UX designer salary in every part of the globe varies according to different factors. To help you grow professionally, we are listing the main factors that can affect your UX designer salary in the United States:

Technical UX Designer Skills

Skills play a vital role in determining the UX designer salary in 2022. Therefore, you need to learn modern UX design and development skills to get the best in the market wages in your preferred location.

Here you can check out the skills that can help you grow as a UX designer and improve your UX design salary:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

Location of a Company

Location is one of the highlighting factors affecting a UX designer salary. A person with the same experience, degree, and skills might get better remuneration at a different location.

You can see the UX designer salary difference in different regions of the United States in the table given below:

Location Average UX Designer Salary Per Year
New York USD 108,388
Washington USD 106,614
Minnesota >USD 100,000
Illinois >USD 100,000
Massachusetts USD 107,363
North Carolina USD 79,492
Florida USD 83,481
Alabama USD 86,500
Mississippi USD 85,624
Missouri USD 85,423
Colorado >USD 100,000

UX Design Experience

Like any other profession, the UX developer salary in America also increases with experience. Hence, we recommend you to have patience and keep working as a UX designer to enhance your experience in this niche and get better wages with time.

You can see the UX designer salary difference based on the experience of a professional in the below-given table:

Experience Level Average UI/UX Designer Salary
Entry Level UX Designer Salary USD 62,419
Junior UX Designer Salary (1 to 4 Years) USD 76,658
Mid Level UX Designer Salary (5 to 9 Years) USD 107,304
Senior UX Designer Salary (above 10 Years) USD 118,932

UX Designer Salary by Job Titles in The United States

User experience design is a niche where you might get different job titles by upgrading your skills and experience.

To be more precise on different UX designer job titles and their salaries, we have crafted this below-given table:

Job Title Average UI UX Designer Salary Per Year
Visual Designer USD 74,102
UI Designer USD 84,351
UX Designer USD 91,396
Art Director USD 92,385
UX Researcher USD 99,564
Product Designer USD 102,885
Senior UI Designer USD 107,931
Senior UX Designer USD 118,919
Creative Director USD 141,957
Design Director USD 147,035
CCO (Chief Creative Officer) USD 174,372

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Certificates to Boost Your UX Designer Salary in 2022

Here is a losit of top 10 certifications that will help you increase your UX designer salary in 2022.

You can opt for any of these certification courses according to your experience level and learn latest UX methodologies without any hassle:

How to Negotiate Your Current UX Designer Salary?

You can only negotiate your current UX designer salary if you have the technical skills required in the modern IT ecosystem. You can negotiate your UX designer salary in two circumstances that can be seen here:

Negotiating in Your Current Company

The best time to negotiate your UX designer salary in the current company is during your annual review. This is the opportunity for you to talk to your employer and ask for a salary increment based on your work and performance throughout the year.

You can consider following these points while negotiation your UX designer salary in the current company:

Showcase Your True Value

Explain your performance and work schedule to your employer or manager at the time of annual review. Try to convince your employer that you are putting in more effort and your work is more valuable than the UX designer salary you are getting in hand.

Stay Flexible With Less Increment

You might feel like asking for a higher UX designer salary than the offered one based on your responsibilities and workload. However, you can compromise with that sometimes, as these responsibilities will benefit you in the long run.

Negotiate With Something Else Than Money

You can also ask for increased benefits other than money. Being a valued employee, you can ask for other perks like a flexible work schedule, vacation, or even funding for further education.

Switching to Another Company

If you are moving to a new company and you want to ask for a higher UX designer salary than they’re offering, you can keep the following points in mind while negotiating with them:

Don’t Be Too Quick to Reveal Your Current Salary

The recruiter will ask for your current user experience designer salary details, but it is not necessary to disclose your salary initially. If you are asked to provide it in the written application, you can leave that column blank or mention that you want to talk about it in person.

Moreover, if the recruiter asks you directly about it, you can say, ‘I hope salary does not matter if I am the right fit for this role’, or, ‘I want you to judge me based on my skills rather than my payslip’.

Start Negotiating at The Right Time

Do not accept the job or sign any contract if you are not satisfied with the interaction designer salary offered by the recruiter. We recommend you negotiate before accepting the job offer. Your actions will not work if you start negotiating your salary after a week of job acceptance.

Don’t Aim For Too High or Too Low

You need to be cautious while negotiating your interaction designer salary. We advise you to keep your skills and experience in mind while negotiating. Do not ask for too much or too little, know your worth according to the current market, and put your UX designer salary expectations accordingly.

Key Takeaways

The best way to increase your UX design salary is gain expereince and update your skillset.

Here are some factrs that will help you gain the best in market UX design salary in 2022:

  • Technical skills, experience, and location of a company determines your UX designer salary
  • Try to showcase your true value while negotiating UX designer salary in your current company
  • You can negotiate on other benefits than your UX designer salary like vacation, flexible work schedule, etc. in your current company
  • Don’t reveal your salary initially and ask for an appropriate UX designer salary based on your UX design skills and experience while switching to another company

After learning about the ways to increase your UX design salary, you might be looking for resume ideas for your next job switch.

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