Do you want to land your dream job as an underwriter?

Underwriters play a vital role in the finance industry as they are responsible for assessing risk and determining the creditability of loan seekers.

But, with the fierce competition and hundreds of talented professionals eyeing the same job vacancy, how can you ensure that your underwriter resume stands out to the recruiters?

Look no further than our guide as we showcase compelling underwriter resume examples to give you a clear picture of what your resume must look like.

These samples showcase a variety of skills and experiences and we will walk you through them to help you draft your own resume using the samples as a reference.

Without further ado, given below is the first underwriter resume example:

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Taylor Johnson
Consumer Loan Underwriter II
Seasoned and customer-oriented senior lending underwriter highly skilled in handling client transactions, credit products, and managing financial statements. Adept at handling customer queries and resolving escalations to enhance customer satisfaction.
• Credit Documentation • Financial Reporting • Loan Processing • Loan Portfolio • Customer Relationship Management
• Underwriting Guidelines • Decision-Making • Compliance Reviews • Credit Analysis • Equity Management
Tools: Grammarly, Hemmingway Editor, Google Office Suite
Consumer Loan Underwriter II
American Express
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    Loan Processing & Financial Reporting
    • Managed portfolio of 20+ loans driving premium experiences for my clients resulting in 11% enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Updated 1k+ customers' loan details in the system to maintain accuracy and retrieve information when needed
    • Optimized loan processing while managing ~200 loan applications per month; increased efficiency by 23%
    Cash-Flow & Credit Analysis
    • Performed cash-flow analysis and introduced improved processes for multiple projects within the Home Equity Group
    • Prepared detailed client financial information to meet strict government and state regulations
    • Organized and submitted loan refinance and purchase applications for 20+ financial institutions
    Loan Underwriter
    Subhadra Local Bank Ltd
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      Customer Service & Compliance Review
      • Evaluated financial strength of individuals and businesses by analyzing financial statements and other credit documents
      • Managed pipeline of 60+ loans to meet strict deadlines while personally guiding clients through the underwriting process
      • Reviewed and ensured documentations were consistent and upheld to company and industry guidelines
      Bachelor in Financial Management
      City University
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        • GPA: 4.0
        • Financial Services and Capital Markets | Coursera | Sep '18
        • Languages: English (Native) and German (Intermediate)

        This candidate has a professional experience of 3+ years and specializes in areas like processing client transactions, credit processing, financial reporting, and loan processing.

        The sample begins with a summary section that provides a brief overview of the candidate's career trajectory in 2 to 3 lines.

        The candidate has experience working as a consumer loan underwriter and his professional experience is crisply presented by highlighting not just the responsibilities but also the accomplishments.

        There is a use of bullet points along with action verbs and quantified achievements.

        The candidate holds a bachelor's degree in financial management and the same has been showcased in the education section along with the GPA, name of the university, location, and corresponding dates.

        Furthermore, to help the resume stand out from other applicants and to prove the candidate's expertise in the field, a certification section is included in the sample that showcases a certification course completed by them.

        Also, the additional section lists the number of languages spoken by the candidate to show some personality in the resume by adding personal detail.

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