It’s no secret that many candidates lie in their resumes or at least exaggerate their skills on paper to look for recruiters.

And recruiters are well aware of that.

Thus to probe if what you’ve shown on paper is really the fact, recruiters can ask you questions based on your resume during interviews.

And if you don’t know your resume inside-out, or if you cannot back up the claims you’ve made in your resume, you will be in hot water.

That is why it is important to review your resume before the interview and have a mental outline of how you are going to answer any questions based on your resume.

When you review your resume, you need to make a mental or a literal note of instances that you’re going to talk about to back up the resume claims about your skills.

How did you achieve the accomplishments you’ve listed in your resume? What skills did you use? What was the situation?

You need to cover all these points to make a solid justification for your claims.

And your resume isn’t the only thing that needs to be reviewed before the interview.

Some HR managers and HR representatives also take the time to Google the candidates to see if there are any red plays on their social media pages or profiles.

Therefore you must also make a point to review and update your social media pages if they can be accessed by the public.

  • Make sure that your Linkedin profile is up to date
  • Presents similar information about your skills and experiences as your resume

You don’t want any discrepancies and red flags to show up when and if the employer decides to review your online presence before the interview.

It’s minor details like these that can either make or break your chances of being in the running for your dream job.

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