Resume examples 2018 are extremely different in scope for resume examples 2017.

Resume Examples 2017 vs Resume Examples 2018

Recruiters have observed that there is a stark contrast between resume examples 2017 and resume examples 2018.

Resume Examples 2017

Resume Examples 2017

Till 2017, resumes saw an influx of redundant or segmented information. We see in Resume Examples 2017:

  • Lack of detail
  • Nil Formatting
  • Design Oriented
  • Lengthy References Section
  • Limited Skillset

These attributes render a resume unfit for reflecting the nature of the candidate.

So, professional resume examples 2018 started becoming increasingly content-oriented.

Basic Resume Examples 2018

Professional Resume Examples 2018

Resume Skills Examples

Skills in your resume are the functions which you are efficient at.

They are to a resume what keywords are to a blogpost. Important to target the right audience.

Your skills not only summarize your expertise, but also allows

It is not "managing clients extensively" but "Client Relationship Management".

We have listed a few examples of skills for resume. You may find industry specific keywords on our blog on resume key skills.

You shall also find a finesse of your key skills on our online resume builder.

Industry-wise resume examples




  1. Senior Product Manager

2.  Babysitter Resume

babysitter resume


Information Technology

Human Resources



Accounting & Finance