The Phlebotomist Resume that you need!

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Your resume is the lifeblood of your job search and building a resume can be as stressful as getting your blood drawn.

Being a phlebotomist, your work will predominantly revolve around patients and blood donors.

Trypanophobia or fear of needles is very common so, phlebotomists must know how to deal with uncomfortable and frightened patients.

Phlebotomists are professionals who primarily draw blood from patients in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and blood donor centers.

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for a job as a phlebotomist or looking for a career switch. Either way, you need a fantastic shortlist-worthy phlebotomist resume to help you reach these goals.

And we are here to help you compose an impeccable resume for phlebotomy from scratch.

This is what a flawless resume for phlebotomy should look like:

7 years certified Phlebotomist adept at recommending procedures to patients based on their medical history. Highly proficient at venipuncture to puncture veins for medical procedures or for intravenous injections. Efficient at documentation and cataloging of blood samples. Saved lives of several individuals by performing CPR in emergency situations.
• Specimen Preparation • Emergency Management • Cataloging & Records Management
• Documentation • Processing & Storing of Samples • Sanitation & Hygiene • Safety Compliance • Screening & Hiring
• Training & Mentoring • Counseling Patients
• Venipuncture • Equipment calibration • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    Cataloging & Documentation
    • Established a cataloging system for blood donation bags which increased efficiency by 80%
    • Streamlined documentation of specimens being transported over state lines with 100% compliance of state's policies
    Technical & Emergency
    • Accumulated, processed, labeled, and stored specimens from over a 1000 patients in the last year
    • Performed CPR in emergency situations that saved lives of 20 individuals in life and death situations
    Sanitation & Safety Compliance
    • Upheld state-held sanitary regulations to keep facility clean at all times leading to 100% decrease in sanitary related issues
    • Minimized safety hazards by 100% by ensuring safe disposition of used needles and other safety hazard materials
    Volunteering Initiative
    • Coordinated with local blood drive organization to increase the number of donations by 30% last year
    Screening & Training
    • Trained 50 Phlebotomist Assistants and nurses for venipuncture and equipment calibration
    • Facilitated the screening & hiring of 30 nurses and other hospital staff to meet the hiring needs of the hospital
      • Verified that patients had sufficient nutrition after a donation to make sure that blood sugar levels were maintained
      • Explained surgical procedures to patients before they got underway and counseled them throughout
      • Conducted hemoglobin tests on over 100 patients to make sure that healthy iron levels were maintained in the blood
        • Collected blood and urine specimens from over 50 patients by deploying venous and micro techniques
        • Stimulated communication with patients to provide information regarding blood testing procedures
          • Among the top 5 percentile of the class
          • Certified Phlebotomist & E.K.G. Technician | Abrams College | Modesto, CA | Jul '15 - Sep '15
          • Certificated Phlebotomy Technician 1 License (CPT-1) | Bay Area Medical Academy | San Francisco, CA | Sep '17 - Dec '17
          • Languages: English, Spanish and French