What is a Personal Banker?

Personal bankers help people manage their money to balance risk and return based on the current market status. These professionals work under a bank or financial institution to guide every client while investing money.

According to a recent report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, America had a workforce of 275,200 personal financial advisors in 2020. The report further claims that these numbers will get a 5% hike by 2030.

Hence, if you want to become a personal banker in 2022, you need to gain all the modern personal banking skills. You can get a deep insight into the modern skills required to become a personal banker by checking out personal banker job descriptions at online career-building platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor.

To help you analyze a personal banker job description, its perks, and skills effectively, we are answering the following questions here:

The most effective way to grab a banker job is to analyze the targeted personal banker job description and build a professional resume accordingly. You can refer to any personal banker resume sample available online to craft your resume outline.

Personal Banker Job Description Sample

A personal banker job description contains all the responsibilities required by your targeted bank. You can also leverage the Personal Banker job description to pick profile-centric keywords for your Personal Banker resume.

To get a deep insight into the modern personal banker job description, we are showcasing real-time personal banker job descriptions for fresher, Junior and senior professionals below:

Entry Level Personal Banker Job Description

We require a Personal Banker capable of identifying and addressing the customers' financial needs by consultative sales practices. As a personal banker, you need to acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones via different activities. We are looking for someone who can work for processing teller transactions and also as a platform staff member.

The personal banker at our bank will be responsible for:

  • Identifying current and future financial requirements via consultative sales practices
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience by always doing the right thing
  • Maximizing customer relationships by establishing strong working connections with business partners
  • Processing withdrawals, payments, and deposits
  • Minimize losses by following required procedures and policies

Junior Personal Banker Job Description

Take a look at the real-time junior personal banker job description and the responsibilities associated with this profile here:

We are seeking a Personal Banker who can use effective sales processes to proactively recognize and meet the financial needs of prospects or active customers. A perfect fit should be capable of maintaining a focus on closing cold customer leads and strengthening the existing customer relationships via different activities. The personal banker is also responsible for processing all the teller transactions and performing as an active staff member.

The major personal banker responsibilities of this position include:

  • Using consultative sales practices for existing and new customers to recognize future and current financial requirements, focusing on cross-selling bank’s different product offerings
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience in every customer-focused operation or task
  • Maintaining a healthy work relationship with corporate partners to strengthen the customer relationship with the bank
  • Controlling losses by following bank procedures and policies
  • Utilizing approval authorities for approving specific transactions
  • Offering transactional customer service and processing deposits, payments, and withdrawals
  • Maintaining deep knowledge of all the procedures, policies, and products of the bank

Senior Personal Banker Job Description

Have a glance at a real-world example of a senior personal banker job description with major responsibilities mentioned below:

We are looking for a Senior Personal Banker who can deal with customers in a dual role. The perfect fit will offer a marvelous in-branch customer experience by assisting every customer to address their needs, including consumer loan origination, teller transactions, and sales & service, as required. In addition, the Senior Personal Banker will need to offer customer-based solutions related to banking and other financial operations.

Here are the major responsibilities of a Senior Personal Banker:

  1. Transaction Responsibilities
  • Offer recommendable customer service while actively listening for sales opportunities, promote & explain bank products and services, participate in the referral program and strive to hit the goal
  • Effectively leverage modern sales skills including effective listening, identifying needs, adapting to differences in customers, responding to non-verbal and verbal clues, expanding and deepening customer relationships, establishing a clear difference, presenting solutions via product benefits, asking for business, overcoming resistance, nurturing relationships, completing the sale, and establishing new follow-up methods
  • Follow up with existing customers and new prospects to promote services & new products and thank them for current business
  • Work collaboratively with the sales and banking team to achieve sales and customer service objectives
  • Maintain deep knowledge of retail products and services with conversational knowledge of non-retail products. For example, insurance, mortgage, and wealth management
  • Monitor customer relationship status for promoting service quality & business growth
  • Solve problems of customers and office staff concerning every service offered by the bank via collecting information, listening to problems, and reporting results
  1. Operations Responsibilities
  • Perform as a backup to the Assistant Banking Center Manager or Branch Operations Supervisor if they are absent
  • Responsible for all the teller operations if required
  • Maintain cash short and over account as per the bank policy
  • Create Monetary Instrument Logs and Currency Transaction Reports
  • Comply with every Anti-Money Laundering requirement, Bank Secrecy Act, Consumer Protection Law, Privacy of Customer Information Policy, and Bank Policies related to the designated post
  • Open and close the banking center as per the bank security policy
  • Complete annual Bank Secrecy Act (Act), E-learning plan, and additional compliance training assigned

Degree, Training, and Certifications Required to Become a Personal Banker

You will need a bachelor's degree in economics or finance to become a personal banker in 2022. Moreover, it would be great if have also completed courses in estate planning, risk management, investments, and taxes.

Apart from this, bigger financial institutions in the United States might require a master degree in similar niche. They might also require experience in quantitative reasoning, investment theory, risk management, and corporate finance.

You will need a license with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to grow as a successful personal banker in the US. You can get this license after passing a government exam.

Top 10 Finance Schools in the United States

If you are a high school graduate, you can choose any of these below given finance schools in the United States to kickstart your personal banker Journey in 2022.

  • University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA
  • New York University | New York, NY
  • University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • University of California | Berkeley, CA
  • University of Texas | Austin, TX
  • University of Virginia | Charlottesville, VA
  • Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA
  • University of North Carolina | Chapel Hill, NC
  • Indiana University | Bloomington, IN

Top 10 Personal Banker Certifications in 2022

Here you can see the top ten demanding personal certifications of 2022. You can choose any of them to boost your personal banker career:

Personal Banker Salary in the United States

Most people come across the query that, 'how much does a personal banker make?'

Well, according to a recent report by a popular career-building platform named Indeed, the average salary of a Personal Banker in the United States is USD 41,287.

The salary of a Personal Banker also varies according to the location across the entire United States. Check out the salary difference at different locations of the United States in the below-given table:

Name of City Average Professional Banker Salary / Year
Denver, CO USD 51,689
Phoenix, AZ USD 44,420
Los Angeles, CA USD 42,188
Chicago, IL USD 38,558
Houston, TX USD 38,077
Atlanta, GA USD 37,146
Cincinnati, OH USD 36,679
Austin, TX USD 35,522
New York, NY USD 33,648

Key Takeaways

Personal banker job description can help you perform well in the personal interview round. Here are some eteps that will help you leverage the personal banker job description wisely:

  • Analyze your targeted personal banker job description with a focused mind to craft a job-winning resume
  • Pick profile-centric keywords from the personal banker job description to add them to your personal banker resume
  • Personal banker salary varies according to the location of the targeted bank, so choose the location appropriately to get maximum remuneration

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