Apart from the STAR method, you can also use other methods for answering different interview questions.

Let’s start with the PAWS method.

The PAWS model is a useful method for answering classic introductory questions like "Tell me about yourself."

The "PAWS" acronym stands for Profile, Academic, Work, and Skills.

  1. Begin by talking about your profile. You can mention how you became interested in the particular field and perhaps point out any relevant community involvement, extracurricular activities, memberships, and personal interests that further demonstrate your commitment to the area.

  2. Then you can go on to describe your academics by talking about your educational background (degrees/diplomas/certifications) and other related training and professional development initiatives/courses that you participated in.

  3. After that, you must highlight your work experiences, internships, volunteer work, and campus involvement relevant to the job and refer to specific technical or transferable skills related to the position.

Let’s look at an example of using the PAWS method:

“I'm a human resources communications specialist with more than five years of experience. For the last three years, I have been in charge of HR communications for the Hartley Company. In this role, I manage a team of three people, and we handle all benefits and policy communications to a staff of 8,000 employees. Prior to this role, I started my career as a human resources coordinator at General Financial, where I learned a lot over two years. When my manager made a move to Hartley, she asked me to come along to run their HR communications side. I've loved my time at Hartley, but I started to think about what's next as there isn't much room to grow in my current position. At this stage of my career, I feel I'm ready to apply my skills to some new challenges at a more global organization, which is why I'm so interested in this position.”

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