Are you an undergraduate specializing in national security studies?

Do you want to stand out in the highly competitive US job market and secure a job in your dream field?

If yes, then crafting a compelling resume that highlights your education and relevant internships is essential.

We will present a resume template specifically tailored for undergraduate students in national security and intelligence studies.

We understand that the field of national security and intelligence is highly specialized, and having the right skills and experience is crucial.

Our resume examples will guide you through the process of creating a strong resume that showcases your expertise and skills, making you an ideal candidate for your desired job.

Sample Resume for National Security Studies Undergraduates

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Allen Cohen
Intelligence Officer
Aspiring intelligence officer, offering in-depth research about individuals using databases and public domain tools. Proficient in maintaining confidential records of subjects and handing over case files to concerned officials. Adept at gathering information by conducting extensive investigations and preparing unbiased reports based on the collected information.
• Information Collection • Investigation • Record Management • Interview Conduction • Research
• Documentation • Report Making • Intelligence Analysis • Data Preparation • Feedback Offering
Bachelor of Arts in National Security & Intelligence
Fairmont State University
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    • GPA: 3.6/4.0
    • Relevant Coursework:
    • American Government | International Law | Statistics | Terrorism | World Civilizations III
    • Business Intelligence | History of National Security & Intel | Intelligence Research | Research in the Social Sciences
    Intelligence Intern
    Kroll Inc.
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      Research & Analysis
      • Aided 20+ intelligence officers by making portfolios of subjects with a special emphasis on social media content
      • Spearheaded research by using databases and 5+ public domain tools to find relevant information about the case
      • Collaborated with 30+ team members to conduct social media analysis within an agreed framework of reputational causes of concern
      Report Making & Record Management
      • Wrote 100+ well-structured, logical, and objective reports in a client-focused manner that addressed central questions
      • Organized ~150 case files and maintained valid research by updating the case with new movements constantly
      • Provided feedback on findings to the case manager in a logical and structured manner to get new insights into the case
      Court Visitor Intern
      State of Fairmont Court Visitor Program
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        Investigation & Information Collection
        • Assisted court visitor in meeting 50+ family members to gather information about the incapacitated people
        • Investigated concerns about 30+ protected people that included wellbeing, finances, and living arrangement
        • Examined records to cross-check facts and maintained confidential records of ~30 victims requiring guardianship
        Interview Conduction & Documentation
        • Interviewed 40+ concerned parties and medical professionals to help ascertain guardianship of the vulnerable groups
        • Recorded responses and drafted ~30 unbiased reports after observation for submitting to the Fairmont court for review
        • Volunteer at Stitching Hearts Worldwide | Fairmont, WV | Nov '20 - Dec '22
        • Collaborated with 10+ volunteers to create 200 quilts for refugees, homeless families, at-risk people in Fairmont
        • Volunteer at Food Bank of the Rockies | Fairmont, WV | Mar '19 - Jul '21
        • Assisted with food sorting, packing, and distribution to provide meals to families and individuals facing hunger in the Palatine
        • Worked alongside a team of 20+ volunteers to ensure that each person received the necessary amount of food and supplies

        When applying for a job or internship in the field of national security and intelligence, highlighting your education and relevant internships is crucial.

        Our resume template emphasizes the importance of showcasing your academic achievements and coursework effectively to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

        Additionally, internships provide practical experience and demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting, making them an essential component of your resume.

        The template also includes an additional section called Volunteer Experience. Any details around extracurricular activities or relevant activities outside academics can always add to the overall presentation of your resume. Especially when you are just starting out.

        By using our resume template, you can create a strong impression on potential employers or admissions committees, whether you are applying for an internship, a job in government or private sector, or graduate school.

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